My name is NEWS and I am not about Anna!

Hi… you know me right… why wouldn't you!! You start your day with me, and most of you even end your day with me. Sometimes I make you happy and sometimes I am the reason of your sadness. Sometimes it’s just me and you… I am not your newspaper or TV! I am the news which you … Continue reading My name is NEWS and I am not about Anna!

Bollywood goes on the Hollywood track

I am an Indian. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country. I think this pledge should be modified now. We need to insert a line in it saying “I will always watch Bollywood movies with full energy and excitement regardless of its story and script, and I will try to make … Continue reading Bollywood goes on the Hollywood track

Exclusive footage of Manmohan Singh!

On the occasion of the 64th Independence Day, the Govt. has decided to declare the whole week (15th – 21st ) as independence special week in India. Under the special arrangements made by the government for this week, the biggest one is Exclusive footage of Dr. manmohan singh. Other benefits include 1 paisa relaxation in … Continue reading Exclusive footage of Manmohan Singh!

England decides to gift the fourth test to India!!

According to not-so-trusted sources, it’s now widespread news that the English cricket board has decided to gift the fourth test match in the on-going series to the Indian cricket team. The board president said “we have already won more than what we expected… while we are tired and all the players need some rest, we … Continue reading England decides to gift the fourth test to India!!

Sansani – Not so funny

Gaur se dekhiye is aadmi ko.. iske masoom chehre pe mat jaiyega… asal me ye ek vahshi darinda hai… Oh c’mon! Give me a break. This is what all the news channels are showing these days.  A guy who eats stones, a lady who can see future, a child who remembers his previous birth!!! Where … Continue reading Sansani – Not so funny

Are u a facebook dude

Well here’s your guide to become a dude on Facebook.. Umm.. ok a quick question. Do you know who hina rabbani is? If yes then move on, you’re the right person to read this… So people always ask me that what this word actually means. What should they do to become a DUDE… Since you’re … Continue reading Are u a facebook dude