5 texts a day… keep hatred away!

Hello government, You suck!!! Just when i was ready to post about the 5 message limit, you extended it to twenty!!! :/ But guess what, this is MY blog... I'll post whatever I want. So go ahead. 😛 So this is my take on the recent ban on text messaging. After Christopher Nolan’s ‘ban’e, this … Continue reading 5 texts a day… keep hatred away!

Independence… Or well… maybe!

It’s definitely not my 66th blogpost, but I so wish it was. Anyway, this is going to be a long one so let’s switch to the subject straight away. This is my third (kinda) serious post after Daughter’s day: Time to rethink and Republic Day. Yes, I am serious on all special days (except for … Continue reading Independence… Or well… maybe!