Rate, Review, Get Featured :D

Hmmm, Crap reloaded…things we all observed.. and I said
And Congratulations, Shubham coz I must say that you say them really quite well!
Loved (actually LOLed ) while going thru your site… Keep up the good work Smile

Says Arti from mumbai

great concerned pennings. keep it up.
Said by Pramod lohia from Bihar

Whoa !!! That was something! This one chunk of writing will make sure that I read your blog carefully
Language: Fluid and humorous. You have a natural flow and a style which is interesting to read. It takes a lot to be genuinely witty and you are good at it
Said by Purnendu from chennai

Crisp,smooth-flowing and delightfully funny….I liked it….Thumbs Up!!!!!:-)
Said By Rahul from kolkata 

Gone through your blog
Cool template and blog url is so apt to the content of your blog
Loved I miss my childhood post, and funny one liners
Cool blog 🙂
Said by Valli from hyderabad 

Hi there!!

I know you love this blog, don’t you.. 😉

Well i must tell you, its one of the highest rated blog on blogadda (Atleast between 1-10-11 to 15-10-11) <Claps!!!>

Ok sit down if u stood up for the ovation!
So, now its your turn to rate me..

Did u just liked it 🙂 , Really liked it! :D, Luuvvveeddd it 😛  or u think this is some actual crap! 😐 Tell me..

Comment here, your review, not about a single post, but about the whole blog, my writing, my style, my articles, u liked something special, u want to say something… just anything.. tell me here 🙂

And yes.. if you have to tell something you can’t say here (you know wordpress will mark abusive comments as spam) then mail me, i have specifically wasted 10 minutes making a gmail ID for this..

contact me onShubham.author@gmail.com

And yes..

Rate me on blogadda too http://www.blogadda.com/rate.php?blgid=22009 🙂

If you want me to write something specific or on a topic you want to read, mail me or comment here 🙂
And yes, if you have something you want to show the world through this blog, i.e., you want to be featured here as a guest author, don’t comment, mail me on my email id 😀

Hope you have a nice time here.. keep reading..

19 thoughts on “Rate, Review, Get Featured :D

  1. what you write tickles the funny bone ,the best part about your writing is that you don’t stick up too a formula,while the “preeto” series,dating tips was a total “:P”ian while the others the best pieces of Sarcastic humour,simple mein bole to alag alag kone mein gudgudi karte ho,(bas chelsea ka picha chor do,warna main ek blog bas manU ki burai mein likhunga :P) 😀

    1. thanks.. i wished to do the same with the blog when i started it.. so i am glad that i am successful in that.. 🙂
      and yes.. chelsea is just a way to express humor.. i dont hate them.. haha, JK, i do.. 😛

  2. Being a frequent reader of this blog as per me this is what i call great combo of rom-com’s n serious discussions….be it a current affair or any random topic the description in each is quiet unique to which the common reader like me can quickly relate just as his own feeling are penned down.The word SARCASM is defined in its true way here n POLITICS got all the new meaning here.I will vote the”PREETO SAGA” as the best creation till date in terms of contemporary poems!….looking forward to read more of fantastic writings.

    1. wow.. thanks for the detailed one.. i guess what all u said was basically what i wished for.. and yes, preeto was made to hit hard on the point when all u need is something to pass time, something total fun and senseless.. while with my english poems i try to make it to the elite group as well 😛
      Thanks again, keep reading 🙂

  3. I know its been long when I said I wud but vacations mein kaha tha c! I keep my promise 😀
    so here goes a detailed review n a serious one fr a “not so serious blog”
    1st thot of doing it article wise but den dis way was easier…coz articles pe I hv already cmntd.:P
    Topic picks- dey r mostly d most happening ones…rakhi sawant…sachin tendulkar…oh wait rajnikant! Ver surely presented in a fresh way..n also some analytical ones –facebook dude,5 questions guys cant answer!! Bollywood goes hollywod track!! ..n some jus crap …arey the gud crap! 😀 u’ll njoi reading – preeto!  but dude! Surprise me! I need new.thot,idea!
    Personal touch-family pics ..prsnal life…to an extent…it makes us (readers ) comfortable..:) I like it! D poems! (Hey…dis reminds me..u haven’t mailed me d poem yet ! ) n u my frnd hv it to d perfect lvl 
    Bracket talks- gives tone to d monotonous reading.nice touch haven’t seen in many writers.
    Lingo- too much sms like (not copyng it…it was already written 😛 just postng it now) make it a bit serious …atleast fr serious topics dat u pick…I bit more touch of seriousness wudnt do much of a harm.
    U try breaking thngs to a wayyyyy lower level dan req. I guess u got wat m sayng…a bit holdng on to d relevance wud b better.(anna n manmohan singh) coz den u mite attract a bit more serious readers too! N nt jus random youngsters..N a bit nt so serious tlks fr randoms is nice…like –facebook dude..5 qns etc!
    a bit more crisp n precise writing is wat I mean.
    d abv pnts say dat m surely nt a big fan .! 😛 so u cn trust me!
    Baki fr THE READERS- whn u visit dis blog u wud surely say “dude u jus read my mind !!“ n also “gutsy hai bey! “ n den at sm point may b….damn hes described m as facebook dude..shud b beaten up smday! N also whn gals will plan to punch him …oh u don’t? hvnt u read 5 question guys cannot answer!.go ahead… (den m wid u fr jus d beating part! ;)) dis guy writes from heart wich hits straight to head n den to heart! Dnt b flattered by his wit ‘oh wat m I saying yes hes gud ‘ ! sarcasm at its best…in a very simplified surprising manner.ul njoi d blog ..n ur useless times worth it! 😛

    oye ye to kaafii long ho gaya! 😛

    1. line by line..
      Thanks for the much awaited reply.
      About the articles, well i try to keep them as different and as varied as possible. Since i basically talk about “Things we all observed” i can’t really go too far. But still, point noted 🙂
      About the lingo, i did that on purpose, lately trying to establish my own style of writing. Bracket talks are being noticed, good to know that.
      A bit more seriousness.. i guess i can try for that 🙂
      All the girls who are thinking of beating me up, atleast let me write another article on a “Guy mentality” and then do it 😛

      Last lines k liye again thanks a lot, i know u’re one the most regular readers and oh a comment from the insight “You have the most comments on this blog right now.. closely followed by two” 😛

  4. kar diya… poore paanch star diye hn.., dosti k naate, warna tu bhi zanta h kis layak h tu 😀
    lolz…. (jst kidding, u deserve that(5 star))
    arey mera hi to idea h … chat box dekh apna maine suggest kiya tha tujhe.. :p

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