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“Do you think it’s that easy? One day you will make a mistake and you will get caught. Don’t you care even a bit about your future?”

“What’s the point of worrying about the future if it disturbs your present? I prefer not thinking about it.”

“What present are you talking about? You’re an addict. There’s no coming back from the path you’re on!”

“I can’t help it. It makes me feel good, it’s the only way I can live with myself.”

“And what about everybody else? Did their present not matter to you when they were screaming for their lives in front of you? Did their voice not make your conscious bleed?”

“No. It soothed me instead.”

“Even that little baby girl?”

“Specially, that little baby girl.”

“You do realize you are everywhere in the news, don’t you? Not much time and they’ll know who was behind all those murders. You need to stop for good.”

“I will. Just… not today… I promise I won’t do it tomorrow…” he smiled.

“Alright…” he smiled too.

This whole serial killer tag was too heavy for him… This everyday conversation with the mirror was the only way he could redeem himself.


The reply.

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“How many times should I apologize for what happened? Don’t you see any other way?”

“I am afraid not.”

“Well… try to, I beg you! I’ll confess everything, I’ll go to jail! You’ve got to trust me over this.”

“Sorry, I don’t have time for all that.”

“I’ll give you money, whatever amount you say. We can make this work, think about it rationally!”


“Can you at least speak more!? Tell me what I can do… Is there anything else in your mind apart from a no?”

“I thought me not speaking up was the thing you liked the most about me, what happened now?”

“Listen, I am sorry, I know I was cruel and what I did was wrong, disgusting, and heinous… but how is this going to solve anything?”

“Funny you should ask that. Because for me, that’s the only solution.” Her grip on the gun got tighter, she took her hand towards the trigger and pulled it. He had only raped her, it was the world that killed her soul. This, was her reply.


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She sat in the airport, waiting for him.
It was almost empty, with one or two people appearing every now and then.

“He’s not coming ma’am, the flight couldn’t take off due to bad weather. Maybe tomorrow” The janitor said.

“Maybe tomorrow then.” She said with a dejected face and went away.

“Till when are you going to continue that? It’s been a month” The other janitor asked him.

“I don’t know. Since the day he died, my words seem to be the only hope keeping her alive” He replied.

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The plan.

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Mumbai. Marine drive, 1 A.M.

They say it’s a city that never sleeps,  and they aren’t wrong apparently. Yet there was something unusual about  what George just saw.

“Is that man trying to commit suicide?” He asked himself and went towards him, thinking he could do something about it.

“Hey” George shouted… “Yes, you… what are you doing?”

“Nothing”  that’s what the man said… but he was visibly scared like someone  caught him in the act. He was pretty sure George was a policeman.

George went closer to the guy… “Well your nothing looks like suicide to me sir.”

“No. I swear. I was just trying to look into the sea.” His voice started shaking.

A smile came to George’s face, his voice softened, “You can tell me what’s wrong. Trust me, I can help you”.

There  was something about George that opened up that man… The  expressionless face now started showing some emotions… “You are right.  I was trying to kill myself. I came to this city 3 months back to  become something and now I am a nobody. I have lost everything I had and  I don’t see any way out.”

For a moment George didn’t know how to  react. “I don’t know about you, young man, but I have seen similar  situations back in the day. One thing I know about life is that you  aren’t solving any problems by ending it, you are just choosing to  ignore them for eternity, thereby proving yourself a loser for a  lifetime. What can I call you by the way?”

The guy just looked at George like he wanted him to go on. “Sameer” he said.

“Look  Sameer, if I begin telling how many flaws are there in this self –  destructing plan of yours, we’ll probably need all night. I mean, who  thinks of killing himself on the freaking Marine Drive! But that’s not  what I’ll do… I’ll just say that no matter what your problem is, you  can always solve it with a peaceful mind. Killing yourself won’t take  you anywhere”

“I guess you’re right. What was I thinking! What would my parents do without me! I am so sorry” Sameer looked scared.

“So I believe you’ll be going back home and start a new life where you don’t kill yourself later?” George still had a smile.

“I believe so too. Thanks. You were of a great help to me.” Sameer smiled back.

George  looked at him as he walked… towards his home maybe… George’s mind  imbibed a feeling of satisfaction. After all he had saved two lives  today. Sameer wasn’t the only one who wanted to kill himself tonight.

It  was only after looking at Sameer that George realised how naive his own  plan was.

The vision.

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“David… It’s time to do your homework! Come on in.” Marge said.

“But mom… I am about to win! Just a little more time.”

“But you’re playing alone! No more excuses David… come in!” She shouted.

With a dejected face David came in. “We’ll continue tomorrow” he whispered. He had to give up, after all he couldn’t convince Marge for what she couldn’t see.

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Disclaimer: This is just a representation with no spoilers. The BJP, Congress, AAP and obviously, Game of thrones Fanboys need to read this thing in the right spirit. 

The game of thrones was not new. For decades the songs of the heroics of the brave knights and minds of the smart courtmen were sung. But this time, there was something different, for the throne had never been challenged by so many at once and ruled by someone from a distance.

On one hand, there was The House Bhajpinals, known to give birth to strugglers. The mighty and ferocious warriors who could not stand anything against their religion and clan. Their integrity had been put to various tests but no one in the seven hells could dare to challenge them in their own turf.
On the other hand there was House Gandhions. The family of the royals who had ruled the iron throne for centuries. They were tacticians and strategists. They had a thousand qualities but war skills was not one of them. They were filthy rich and gifted treasurers. Some say that their blood wasn’t pure and that criminals and saints were equally treated in the house. But the world had admired their justice and the equality for one and all.


The two houses were the most powerful of the seven, with each having support from Houses across the lands. Their army extended to millions but they never went to war. The Bhajpinals were all always too old to challenge the rulers called Gandhions, the so called protectors of the realm.
Far across the capital, and thousands of miles away from the north lived the House Krejinwal. They were more of a group than a house as history barely had an account of them. The word was that there was no king but all rebels in the house. Some from the north and some from the down south. Some who used to be royal messengers and some who were arch enemies of the mighty Bhajpinals. They were peasants and artisans, knights and khals.
For years the throne was unchallenged, ruled by generations of wise treasurers who pressed all the rebellions and treasons in the territory. But this time the Bhajpinals had power. And more than power, it was the hate and anger in the people for the Gandhions they wanted to use. They had done it before once. The famous general Atalia who had beaten their queen in a battle of sword to claim the throne for a short lived term, was an inspiration to Ser Namo, who was prepared with an army of a hundred million to march upon the capital and reclaim the throne. This time the word was spread to a hundred small kingdoms and out came all to support.

Image courtesy: Indiatimes.


The Queen had a prince now. King Ra was no less when it came to decision making. He was just poor with words. But he had the support of the powerful houses like House Rajedian and House Basapians in his favor. The greedy and opportunistic generals of the small houses were taken aback by the sudden March of Ser Namo towards their empires. But the queen had something else in mind. She stood quiet as their mutual enemy, the glorious warrior, Arava of the house Krejinwal, saw the power in Namo and decided to challenge him for a battle; a battle so fierce that it would melt glaciers across the seven seas and keep the winters away for a decade.

The Queen’s plans were great, but the prince’s words backfired and Arava challenged both the houses in the capital and with almost no resources and men, managed to win the first of the many classic wars. He beat Lady Shilaka herself who was known to have served the Gandhions for decades. The Gandhions and Bhajpinals knew that Arava had no power but seeing the rebellious nature they feared their own people might turn against them. They saw Arava’s win as a harbinger for an early storm, fighting which they couldn’t risk as that could mean decline of six houses at once and rise of the people. Namo was kind to people, they loved him and we’re awestruck by his rule in the small city of Gajara. The war was inevitable and the rules were clear. 

The throne was up for the one who had the heart of gold and fists of iron. With malignancy and corruption blinding the capital, a reform was needed. The Prince was coming back to senses but even he knew it was too late. His own generals had lost their respect and power. And then came the day. Namo went out with full vigour and fought Arava in a dual and sent his best man to fight the Queen and the prince. The war went for a month and there was blood all over. People were killed and swords were yielded.

And then, as the sun was about to settle in the west and as the day struck the dusk hour, Namo defeated Arava. He didn’t kill him but left him out to starve. Arava was a fighter who could use that chance but not now. The Gandhions lost everywhere to the Bhajpinals or even their minimalistic generals with barely any power in their hands. The Queen and Prince who won their duals were also captured to be humiliated in open court as the Bhajpinals claim their throne and Namo sets out on his journey to rule the seven kingdoms.

As the houses continue to rule their regions, the Bhajpinals call on the war and win some of other houses’ regions too. Arava waits for the chance to strike back as he knows that the Queen is too weak and the prince, not invincible after all. He has four of his knights in the capital to keep a watch as he prepares for an even bigger war. A war that will go on years and a war so big that birds will sing of its glory for centuries to come.

And Namo begins his rule in the capital with all the ambitious plans in mind. No matter who wins, this Game of Thrones goes on to be unpredictably interesting.


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“So I just sit on my chair and write! Is that even rewarding? I mean… I’m not even famous!” He said to his roommate… Disgusted.

“Remember that girl who told you that your writing has inspired her to become what she is today?”


“I may earn more than you but I am yet to change a life. And this is why you should keep writing.”

“You ‘were’ yet to change a life. And you just did.” He smiled… and got back to his unfinished story.


Are you ready?” Steve shouted… “You take more time than girls!” He taunted waiting for Victor inside his messy flat as usual.

C’mon Stevie! We’re late by 5 minutes. It’s not the end of the world! Relax…” Victor said in his casual carefree tone. Almost laughing at Steve’s concern.

Do you really think Jessica will mind me getting late after doing it herself every freaking time?” Victor continued… “I am just a little worried of how things will go!

Really? The super confident, Mr. I-don’t-care-about-the-world Victor Ericson… You’re saying you’re worried about something?

Easy smart ass… I am just worried about her… how she will react to my surprise. I don’t want to ruin her birthday!

So you’re worried if she’ll say a yes or no… right?” Steve asked again.

Maybe… can we talk about this later?” Victor almost nettled.

Let’s just leave and we can decide what to do in the way. And believe me, everything will be fine.” Steve smiled and moved out of the house, pulling Victor with him.


“So… What is the plan?” Steve asked.

It was Jessica’s birthday. Jessica, the love of Victor’s life. She was Steve’s friend from High School, she met Victor in Steve’s birthday party. And Mr. Magnificent Victor didn’t take a second in asking her out. There was something about him that made her say a yes. Since that day they never had a problem. With a friend like Steve, things were just too good to be true. They were together for almost nine years and with every passing year Victor was falling deeper in love with her.

“Well… the plan is simple!” a grin covered Victor’s face.


“We kill the batman!” he laughed.

“Dude! Be serious! And FYI, that was the worst joker mimicry of all times!” Steve shouted.

“Then stop asking lame questions!! What has to be the plan? We wish her, we party, we dance and then you stop becoming a third wheel and leave the two of us alone in a romantic dinner which you have arranged so I can give her the birthday present and propose her to marry me!”  Victor said in a breath.

“Wow! So now I can ask, are you sure she’s going to say a yes?”

“I hope she does. That’s where the girls win over the freaking world, don’t they?” Victor said…

“For all I know, you two are a perfect match. She will say a yes for sure… Just think about it, what would have happened had I not thrown that party!?” Steve reassured Victor.

“I wouldn’t have met her in the first place. So yeah, all in all a good life.” Victor laughed again. He loved teasing people. Specially the two most important people in his life, Jessica and Steve.


It was all arranged. A romantic dinner, a mix tape of her favorite songs in the place she loved the most. Her favorite lilies, both in red and white as she liked.

The place was just right for the occasion, with a romantic ambience, dim lights and a slow music in the background. Her best friend and love… A strong bond of so many years… How could she possibly say a no tonight!

“Well… we’ve waited for two hours! She is nowhere to be seen! Even her phone is off!” Victor said… a little worried.

“It just proves that she is as lazy as you. Congrats, you found your match.” It was Steve’s turn to laugh.

“C’mon man, I am worried. Did you try calling her? Try again please.”

“Alright! Relax…” Steve said as he dialed her number again.

He returned after a few minutes. “Bad news bro! She can’t make it. Her aunt is real sick and she had to go to her place. Sorry!” Steve said as his smile turned into a frown.

“Oh crap!”

“I know you’re worried about her aunt. We can’t even go see her, she lives too far from here.”

“Dude! I am sad that all these arrangements went in vain. I was going to propose to her today!” Victor said, looking at Steve, perplexed.

“Yeah… and a lot of money wasted too…” Steve added.

“No that’s on you. I didn’t spend a penny.” Victor laughed. “Anyway, let’s go. No network here in my phone anyway, I’ll call her when we get home.”

As they were on their way back, Steve stopped the car.

“You stay, I’ll come back in a minute.”

“Sure.” Victor said as Steve went out to soon be out of his sight.

“Hey. I hope you know how much he loves you and needs you. I wish I could change things, but I can’t. I miss you.” Steve said in a very low voice. His face was doleful… he tried to control but that one tear still managed to escape his eye. He stepped ahead and put the lilies near the stone… the stone which said. Jessica Clark (1988 – 2011).

Two years back, on this very day, Victor had planned to propose Jessica as her birthday gift. Steve had made all the arrangements when he got the news that Jessica met with an accident on her way to the restaurant and died on the spot. Composed as ever, Steve managed to bear the news but it was too much for Victor. For him it was a trauma that has held him since that day. His life continued to almost be the same, except for the fact that he could never bring himself to face the truth that Jessica was no more. For him, every year was the same as that year. Life for him, was just a repetitive event.

“Man you took time! Got a secret girlfriend there?” Victor mocked as Steve made his way back in the car.

“No. But I wish what you say becomes true soon.” Steve laughed, hiding everything else beneath that smile… as they rode back towards home.


Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.


Thanks for reading. This story has been published in the January issue of the Storizen Magazine. You can read the awesome mag here:

It was a fine evening, as little Scott came running towards his father, John.

“So what have you wished for this Christmas, Scott?” John asked seeing his happy face.

“I can’t wait for Santa. Can I get a school bag?” Scott asked.

“But why? You already have one!” John wondered.

“But Sam doesn’t. Even Santa didn’t give him anything last year!”

Sam was their maid’s son. John left the home with a smile. Scott had grown up it seemed.


Be a Santa this Christmas!

The shooting star!

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“Look! A shooting star…!” She said… smiling with excitement… close your eyes and wish for something, she said as she did the same.

He closed his eyes as well, wishing for something as she wanted him to.

“What did you wish for?” She asked. “Although I know we wished for the same thing.”

“Is that so? I wished that you clear your interview tomorrow. Your life depends on it. Did you wish the same?” He smiled, he knew the answer.

“Of course. Could there be any doubt! It’s just so much important” She said as she came forward and hugged him.

I am not sorry that I lied, wishing for your job was much more important than my interview. She thought as she sank in his embrace.

I am sorry that I lied… where the hell was that shooting star? Didn’t even see it! He thought as he was still trying to find the freaking star!

shooting star