“Do you think it’s that easy? One day you will make a mistake and you will get caught. Don’t you care even a bit about your future?” “What’s the point of worrying about the future if it disturbs your present? I prefer not thinking about it.” “What present are you talking about? You’re an addict. … Continue reading Redemption.

The reply.

“How many times should I apologize for what happened? Don’t you see any other way?” “I am afraid not.” “Well… try to, I beg you! I’ll confess everything, I’ll go to jail! You’ve got to trust me over this.” “Sorry, I don’t have time for all that.” “I’ll give you money, whatever amount you say. … Continue reading The reply.


She sat in the airport, waiting for him. It was almost empty, with one or two people appearing every now and then. “He’s not coming ma’am, the flight couldn't take off due to bad weather. Maybe tomorrow” The janitor said. “Maybe tomorrow then.” She said with a dejected face and went away. “Till when are … Continue reading Hope.

The vision.

“David… It’s time to do your homework! Come on in.” Marge said.“But mom… I am about to win! Just a little more time.”“But you’re playing alone! No more excuses David… come in!” She shouted.With a dejected face David came in. “We’ll continue tomorrow” he whispered. He had to give up, after all he couldn’t convince … Continue reading The vision.

If the Game of Thrones was based on the Indian Politics.

Disclaimer: This is just a representation with no spoilers. The BJP, Congress, AAP and obviously, Game of thrones Fanboys need to read this thing in the right spirit.  The game of thrones was not new. For decades the songs of the heroics of the brave knights and minds of the smart courtmen were sung. But … Continue reading If the Game of Thrones was based on the Indian Politics.