Marks matter, and here’s why. 

So the CBSE results are out again, and as the divine souls of Social Media would have it, marks don't matter posts are trending all over our timelines with full vigor. This isn't very different from the 'Happy Mother's day (and it's opposite, I hate people who post Happy Mother's day) posts', or the 'Arvind … Continue reading Marks matter, and here’s why. 

My interview experience with IIM-L

Continuing my MBA interview experience posts, this one is about IIM Lucknow. Every year the criteria for calls changes, so I'd not go into that. The earlier posts in the series can be read here: IIFT, XLRI, MDI. IIM Lucknow, one of the top 5 management colleges in the country and arguably the 4th best IIM … Continue reading My interview experience with IIM-L

My interview experience with IIFT

Preparing for CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT and a thousand other exams is a story of almost every engineer who is either too specific about his targets or is essentially aimless. But that's a conversation I'd never have on this blog (What else would you expect from an engineer turned writer turned IT employee turned management … Continue reading My interview experience with IIFT An initiative by Indiblogger.

It’s been long since I last wrote a blogpost, and a lot has happened in that duration. I plan to write a lot in the coming months, but all of that I’m saving for later. This post is for this one particular place that I love, a website to which I owe most of my … Continue reading An initiative by Indiblogger.