Resolutions I plan on keeping in 2019

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

“A pen is mightier than a sword” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Why is Gamora” – Drax.

These are just few of the quotes that have impacted my life and made me what I am today. It was my resolution to not be a pushover and be myself in 2018, my friends are telling me that I was able to follow it, and I agree with them. Now that we’ve established that I’m so very good at keeping my resolutions, let me tell you something about the things I’m planning to do in 2019.

CnH New Year

1. Exercise – The morning of 31st December included, I did a total of zero bench presses in 2018 as opposed to the planned 10. So, for the first resolution, I’ll be changing my approach towards exercise and not plan to do it at all. I can already feel my brain cells getting orgasmic at the thought, but let’s move to 2.

2. Relationships – There’s nothing more important in life than love, unless it’s a PS4, which is sort of like love. I’ll be getting one for myself, do let me know if any of you have a resolution of helping the needy and poor.

3. Food – I’ll eat it.

4. Work – I’ve realized that I haven’t been giving my 100% at work in the past few months. The realization itself feels a heavy one and I feel like I should take a break to recharge. I think I’ll use the carry over leaves from last year.

5. Time management – I am a management student, this is what I do. You give me anything, even a pet dog and I’ll manage the crap out of it. That said, I’m planning to manage my time in the most limitless ways possible, and I’m starting with Limitless Season 1.

I hope you found this worth your time, if you didn’t, well there’s nothing we can do about now, can we? Here’s wishing you a happy new year, may you find more happiness, love, money, and confirmed railway tickets in your life.

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