Like a President!!

Hello guys, you have no idea how good I am feeling updating this blog. Recently I did a few experiments with my writing. While the new style of fake interviews was highly appreciated (in conversation with), the foodie post got mixed reactions (Paneer Sizzler). Also my not so usual Birthday post managed to grab good … Continue reading Like a President!!

Fusion Paneer Sizzler: The NEWS dish!

Hola amigos. I hope I find all of you in good health, because you’re gonna need one hell of an appetite to eat what I am going to explain next. In case you’re wondering what is happening, let me tell you, I am the same Shubham who used to write sarcastic articles and weird observations. … Continue reading Fusion Paneer Sizzler: The NEWS dish!

Happy birthday to me, and a thank you to all :)

Every day in the world has something special about it. But there are a few dates which are extremely special. So when I thought about making a blog, I had to decide a date to start it. I did some brainstorming, some discussions, some reasoning, a little calculation and ultimately chose the date when I … Continue reading Happy birthday to me, and a thank you to all 🙂