Pre marital sex, right or wrong? India wants to know!!

Sex! Saying the word alone is enough to make half of us Indians look here and there to make sure no one heard it. From our childhood we're taught thousands of moral values and sciences and what not. But no one tells us anything about the one that shall not be named until we reach … Continue reading Pre marital sex, right or wrong? India wants to know!!

Teddy travelogues, defining a holiday for the little ones.

Before I begin this post, I want you to take a look at this picture. It fills my heart with joy to see a 9 year old writing this well. But apart from that, what I could see in this little note is how happy she was. And why wouldn’t she be? She’s having a … Continue reading Teddy travelogues, defining a holiday for the little ones.

Nissan, your Road to safety.

This is something that happened a few days back. I was walking and a guy came from the opposite side, on his bike and almost ran into me. A few things where I can definitely say he was wrong was that he was driving above the said speed limit, he was driving on the wrong … Continue reading Nissan, your Road to safety.

The reply.

“How many times should I apologize for what happened? Don’t you see any other way?” “I am afraid not.” “Well… try to, I beg you! I’ll confess everything, I’ll go to jail! You’ve got to trust me over this.” “Sorry, I don’t have time for all that.” “I’ll give you money, whatever amount you say. … Continue reading The reply.

Facing your fears.

Fear, the dictionary defines it as “An emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)” and technically, that sounds complete. But there will be a thousand more definitions coming out for it if you ask that to people around you. What is fear? Is … Continue reading Facing your fears.

The challenge for a happier India.

1,200,000,000. Those of you who didn’t get confused while counting the number of zeros might have guessed, the number I just gave is the approximate population of our country. When we say that India is developing, we look at the 50 million people who are well to do and can live a good life, but … Continue reading The challenge for a happier India.