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Before you go ahead, I must warn you, this post is just a rant. But then again, I must have forced you to read it, what choice do you have!

This month has been good for many reasons. To start with, I completed my first year on Quora this month. And just when I thought I wasn’t getting enough visibility, my Quora stats touched a million views. That’s 1 followed by six zeros by the way, took me a while to believe. Not only that, I got my 1000th follower as well this month, which is not much compared to some users but for my mom it was something to laugh about for more than 10 minutes! June 2014 also marks the beginning of the World cup Football, my love for which is not a secret. And to add to it, my performance in office too was less dismal as compared to last few months.

But that isn’t why I write this post. There has been something much closer to my heart and more important than anything else for me. Something that marks the onset of my writing which has nothing but improved in the recent years. And this June of 2014, that very thing, ABugInMyMind, crossed a 100,000 views. Now pageviews is something highly controversial and most bloggers tend not to be affected by it. But when it is about something so dear to you, why not post about it, right?





ABugInMyMind is not just a blog, it has been way more than that for me. A platform to tell people my thoughts that have no value anywhere else, a place to display my otherwise useless creativity and most importantly, a place where I go to when I want to take a small break from this world (the other option would be a coma which I wouldn’t prefer). Next month, i.e, July 2014, it will complete 3 years in the world of blogging. Not a long time for a blog of course, but yet it makes me feel old.

I’d take this moment to thank all the readers, friends and followers, in short all 3 of you who were supportive in this journey of writing. Kidding, there are more people of course, 5! Now being realistic, the blog has indeed made its place in the blogosphere with thousands of social media mentions and over 600 followers. The numerous posts that were recognized time to time are just a mark of the love the amazing friends of mine have shown to it. I can only hope that as life puts me to different tests, the blog continues the way it goes and does not stop. The last few months haven’t been productive for me in terms for writing, but here it is, a promise that it ends now. Not the writing, the drought. I’ll make sure the blog never runs out of new posts and write more frequently to get that old taste back.

It’s about time to end this blob of rants and free you from the clutches of this deceptive display of jactitation. Although before you go, why not take a look at my Quora profile. I am working on making it better bit by bit.

Again, thank you for this.

Again, thank you for this.


I believe technology is the second best thing for the mankind, right after Mom’s home-cooked food. It lets us do things in a blink of an eye, technology, not the food. But to want more is being human.

Sometimes I like to hang out with my friends just to catch up with what’s going on in their lives. Those are the times when I don’t want to worry about my life’s problems or the regular work. Sometimes, I’d just have a pizza in peace. And let’s not even talk about the time when the Football world cup is going on. But the thing with life is that it is ruthless. No matter who you’re talking to, your phone could just run out of prepaid balance, your internet may go down, your phone or laptop battery may get discharged, your DTH connection may be interrupted… the list is just unending.

So the point here is, after all that I am getting through this amazingly advanced technology, why do I feel I am losing on so much? The answer seems to be simple… ‘Because just having a smartphone or a laptop does not mean you have the best technology with you’. Behold, in comes Asus T100!

Now I never tell people how much I am in love with internet. Well, ok sometimes I do. But just imagine its power. You can pay your bills, watch your favorite match, stay abreast with the news, chat with your family and friends and a lot more things, all while eating a pizza! You’re feeling hungry? I am sure there’s an app for that. Feeling bored? Voila, app for that too. (That’s why Mom’s homemade food precedes technology. There’s no app for that 😦  ).

But no matter how great the software is, how speedy the internet is, there’s no point if you have to sit at a fixed place to use it or the hardware is just not good enough. With tech savvy and erm… Crazy people like me, you just need to have the best thing possible. Talking about the best, how about something with a small size that you can carry anywhere, compatibility with the best of windows, a battery that will run longer than you can imagine, speed that you’ll feel proud of and wait for it, a feature of conversions as per your wish… yep, a laptop, no, a tab? You got it! It really is Ultraportable!


You wouldn’t want that now, would you? GO OUT! Your tablet will stay with you.


I am a 23-year-old blogger who works in the IT industry, loves football and lives away from his family. So no matter where I am, I want to stay connected so that I can chat with my friends anytime, pay my bills, write immediately whenever an idea comes to my mind, make sure my favorite match moments aren’t missed and obviously, I need that all without the constant thought of running out of battery. And that’s what keeps me hooked to my favorite devices. May it be a phone or a laptop. But alas, they all have their limitations, which, let’s face it, none of us likes.

A gadget like the Asus T100 would be a boon for me. With its powerful processor and hulk sized battery, I am sure I’ll not have the power problem. Its portability options give me the chance to take it on the go wherever I want and still stay connected, not to mention its Office, Entertainment and internet options give me a range of things I can do. I am assuming when I have my hands on it, Mom’s food will be the only thing left that I’d miss. I wish Asus could do something about that too. But hey, I’ll video chat with her and learn how to cook, for as long as I want! I mean, it’s not like the battery is going anywhere… or I need to care about the bulky size and not take it to the kitchen! It’s slimmer than Scarlet Johansson for crying out loud!

I heard about it and the idea of this post came to my mind. One thing is for sure, I am definitely going to try this amazing master-piece of Asus. In case you’re intrigued, don’t hold it, go directly to this ( ) and take a look, trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed, to say the least. Although I don’t take any guarantee of heart racing or skipping a beat. Here’s a pic of this stunner.

Isn’t that beautiful?