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So the CBSE results are out again, and as the divine souls of Social Media would have it, marks don’t matter posts are trending all over our timelines with full vigor. This isn’t very different from the ‘Happy Mother’s day (and it’s opposite, I hate people who post Happy Mother’s day) posts’, or the ‘Arvind Kejriwal is a retard (and its opposite, AAP is the future of India) posts’. 

It sounds very easy to become subject experts on Facebook or Twitter, since big studies are just a Google search away, and one can always take his time coming up with well crafted replies (much like this blog post.. Umm.. Well.. Oops). But being someone who finds Facebook activism a waste of time (personal opinion, because I’ve observed that we simply vent our anger, and barely achieve anything out of it), I usually keep myself away from online debates. But when we talk about CBSE results, or anything like that, we’re talking about an age group that can very easily be influenced, so I felt this needs to be said. 

To put it in a concise manner, ‘Marks do matter’, if you’re investing your time and money in something and not achieving anything of it, you did fail, and don’t let these comforting thoughts tell you otherwise. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that marks are the only things that matter, or that you should go on cramming up facts to go on a factual diarrheic mode in the exam and score well, but if you plan to do something in life that will take your marks into account, please don’t let others tell you that it’s okay to fail, unless you are phenomenally good at taking risks. 

We have all kinds of people in our society. Those who don’t study and those who do. Those who take the road less traveled and those who don’t. It’s not a shame in doing any of that, it’s a choice one consciously makes. It’s not a shame to fail either, we’re only human. But the shame lies in the fact that even before failing, you make your peace with the fact that it’s okay to fail. And that’s where the problem begins. I’ve been both a topper and a failure in my life. And I don’t feel proud of my failures. I also know that I could take those risks, because that’s the path I’d consciously chosen for myself, but maybe it’s not the case with you, maybe you need those marks, so before you tell yourself that marks don’t matter, give it a shot, maybe they do. 

I agree, our education system is all sorts of wrong. We produce more engineers every hour than Mexico produces drugs. It doesn’t give the kind of encouragement that is needed to arts, sports, research, entrepreneurship… But then, there are thousands of people who still passionately take them up and are good at them. And they may or may not be scoring well, point is, it won’t matter to them. What it shouldn’t be is the other way round. Where a poor score in engineering or a failed start-up or a dead end IT job pushes you into these things. And you keep telling yourself that marks don’t matter, failures don’t matter. Because they do, and here you’ll find hundreds of people doing better than you. 

So if you’re young, yet to start your career, or even if you’re old but open to hear an opinion apart from yours, consider this. Try to be good at what you do, or take a risk and don’t do it, instead do what you’re good at. Yes, marks do matter, if you don’t know where you’re going, if you do see yourself making your career in a traditional field competing with a million more, these marks do matter. It’s not the end if you didn’t score well, but be prepared to work harder, this isn’t the time to relax. 


If there was ever a Nobel Prize given for extraordinary contribution to the field of littering and garbage mismanagement, it can be safely assumed that we Indians will win it… every year… till the doomsday (Which will probably happen after an epidemic that spread due to unmanaged waste in our country!). Don’t get me wrong, I am not writing this to blame anyone. Neither is this a complain post or something that tells you ten ways to manage waste. This time I am doing the opposite; I am going to tell you the best ways to become the Great Indian Litterbug! We always have the Clean India Campaign to tell people otherwise, right?

So starting with the obvious question, who is the Great Indian Litterbug? And what can I do to become one?

Well, to answer what you can do, I’ll just say ‘Continue.’ Yes! Just keep doing what you do. Some garbage here, some spitting there, a little pee on the wall and a lot of plastic bags that aren’t too small. Just spread it like a wildfire. To answer who is the Litterbug, I believe this video will do a better job.

A litterbug is no special man. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become the litterbug. All you need is perseverance and that ‘never say yes’ attitude. Did you somehow feel like throwing that banana peel in the dustbin? NO! Is there a public toilet nearby that you could use? Hell no! What about the germs? Go ahead and do it against the wall. It is open air… there can never be too many germs in there.

So how can you, yes you… become the litterbug? The answer lies somewhere in the following steps of what I call “The game theory of Littering”. Follow them and spread the dirt… I mean word.

  1. Point and shoot.
    Just the way Abhinav Bindra did it when he won the gold for India. The only difference is, you’re pointing the whole world except the dustbin. Play it your way, the whole city is your arena, literally!! Got an empty pack of chips? Or maybe an ice cream stick… Just think of it as a game. You miss the dustbin, you get 10 points. Plus there’s just so much trouble in finding the dustbin and walking towards it that you won’t have to take now.
  2. Paint it red.
    Are you a regular tobacco user? Bingo! I knew you were the one. No worries if you’re not, I’m sure you know at least one person who is; pass the baton. Even relays get you golds. Now imagine you’re in the Tomatino festival. Now get the Sexy Katerina Kaif out of your mind and imagine a shirtless Abhay Deol doing it just that instead of Tomatoes, he’s spitting tobacco to paint it red. And instead of a handful of people, you’ve got like a million walls to paint. Go ahead, leave no wall unstained as that may make people think of you as a person worth talking to. We simply cannot let that happen.
  3. Innovate.
    The most important part of any sport is innovation. How much a player is able to create the situations in mind and figure out new ideas to handle them is what separates him from others. Same goes for the Great Indian Litterbug. Innovate your way into the waste. If your friend simply throws the empty polybags on road, you play it one step ahead, you throw it on empty roads where nobody threw it before. Start marking your territories and find new places to mess up. I’d also recommend making your own taglines. So many companies are already supporting the littering campaign. While Mcdonalds says “I’m lovin it”, Nike is asking to “Just do it.”
  4. Take the leap.
    You know how they have the concept of Bonus line in Kabaddi; Unless you take the leap, you won’t get there! So go ahead, dive in. Make at least 5 people spread the mess and make sure they spread it like a wildfire. Make some posters. Use brand new sheets and even if you make a tiny mistake, throw that sheet away on the road, not in the dustbin. Stick those posters on city walls, specially where it says that sticking posters is prohibited. Let the law pay for your deeds, who cares about the rules anyway.

If you closely follow everything that I’ve said above, no one can stop you from being the biggest messmaker around. You’ll be the Great Indian Litterbug. Your name will be written with sewage waste in the history books. You’ll be the mark of smell and your sayings will appear in every hospital out there! Be the one, our country needs you.

PS: This post was a work of satire, in case that wasn’t pretty clear already. We all know how important cleanliness is, specially when it comes to the masses. To know more about the Great Indian Litterbug, check this out

Sex! Saying the word alone is enough to make half of us Indians look here and there to make sure no one heard it. From our childhood we’re taught thousands of moral values and sciences and what not. But no one tells us anything about the one that shall not be named until we reach class 10 to study that infamous chapter on reproduction. While we have people who advocate sex education in schools, we also have people (and in a greater amount) who think about it as something wrong against our culture. They probably forget that it was us Indians who wrote the Kamasutra.

You must be wondering why all of a sudden the bug is talking about this. Should I stop reading this blog at work or at least tag it NSFW! Well, at least a few of you must’ve wondered. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with the way we grow up. Something so casual becomes such a big taboo. Don’t worry, the bug is safe, in fact I’d say you recommend this to your manager too. No? Well it was worth a try.

Coming back to what I was saying. How many of you think Pre Marital sex is okay? In my experience, 50 percent girls, 10 percent guys and 110 percent parents think it is absolutely wrong. Since I first heard someone saying that it was wrong, I’ve been wondering why. Does it cause some king of abnormality within us that post marriage sex won’t? As much as I know, being a virgin is not an eligibility criteria for any kind of government or private job, neither does it disqualify anyone from playing any sport. So why is it so hyped? Why in so many societies pre-marital sex is considered a crime! I’ve heard different opinions on this, ranging from valid to utter senseless.

As an example, few of the reasons given by girls who think pre-marital sex is wrong referred to the emotional attachment. According to them, once you’ve done it, you get emotionally attached to the other person in a stronger way. Considering myself a zero on ten in understanding female psychology, I’ll say this reason might hold. But I believe that sex isn’t something that you need to be attached so strongly to someone. It is definitely an important part of that relationship but withholding it just because you don’t want a stronger attachment fearing you might get ditched, what does that tell you about the relationship? One more reason, and the most common one was, saving myself for someone special. I only have one question for people with this reason. What if you have to take a divorce and the next person you meet is actually ‘the one’? Surprisingly, I also have known some guys who don’t think pre-marital sex is okay. Which is weird because males, in general, are emotionally less complex and they find it easy to keep the physical and emotional part separate. And also we’re desperate and as they say, we just want one thing. Well… they say it! Generally the reason guys don’t find it okay is either they see others doing it but not themselves, or they’re still living in that patriarchal world where males rule and having a virgin wife is like a right for them.

Personally, I don’t get it. I could never understand the reasoning when someone a) takes an interest in anyone else’s personal life and judges them on the basis of who they have sex with and when! And b) thinks that getting involved physically with someone will change anything post marriage. In the second case, maybe it will, you two will be more comfortable with each other and chances of the marriage going all the way will be more. Taking the Indian parents’ logic in loop and then thinking of the same, which one do you think is better? 1. Sleeping after marriage with someone you just met or 2. Sleeping before marriage with someone you love/like/find it okay to be involved with.

This is something that could go for pages and we can’t reach a hardcoded conclusion. There’s always fors and againsts. But if you see the scale, I guess the logic in fors surely outweighs the againsts. I can only say that one shouldn’t force his/her opinion on someone. Even if that someone is your own son/daughter. The world is evolving. Sex isn’t a taboo anymore. There’s billions of people in the world and that gives you a billion reasons to why people do it. For me, pre-marital sex is just as normal and just as okay as post marriage. As long as you have your partner’s comfort and consent and it isn’t forced. I can’t stress enough on the last line folks, keep it in your pants.

Now here’s something for you guys, the awesome writer Poonam Uppal’s book, a passionate gospel of true love is now available on Flipkart. You shouldn’t be waiting if you liked what I wrote above. Check it out:

One thing I failed to mention in the article (Thank you, Vitasta) was that no matter what your principles say and what anybody else makes you think, it is important to practice safe sex, whenever you practice it. Having or not having pre-marital sex may be up to you but you need to make sure that you’re not destroying your or someone else’s future in that. Don’t fall prey to your urges and get STDs, use protection.

This is something that happened a few days back. I was walking and a guy came from the opposite side, on his bike and almost ran into me. A few things where I can definitely say he was wrong was that he was driving above the said speed limit, he was driving on the wrong side and more importantly, he was driving on the footpath. Now this isn’t something very strange or new, this happens every day in the busy and populated cities like Pune and Bangalore.

Road accidents are a primary cause of deaths in our country. Every day thousands of people become the victims of someone road rage and stupidity. What we fail to understand in our over-confidence that we’re smart enough not to die, someone else may not be that smart, and that if we make a mistake, someone else might have to pay for it. And this is just a beginning to what we can say is one of the most haunting sides of our country. Road safety, something we learn when we’re kids and conveniently forget as we grow up. I remember asking a very simple question to a group of my friends once, ‘Which side of the road should we walk?’. Now those of you who said left, are definitely not right. Sadly, more than 80% of my friends gave a wrong response.

This post is dedicated to The Nissan Safety Driving Forum., and the amazing job these guys are doing to promote road safety in India, something we desperately need. There’s definitely a lot of scope when it comes to improvement in safety standards and security measures we can take on roads. Here are a few things I think are really needed to improve road safety.

First, a little something about NSDF in their own words:

The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., conducts the Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities. The program began as an annual activity in 2012. In its initial phase it covered three main Indian cities – New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – and since then has gradually expanded to several additional cities across India.

This year, NSDF would reach 8 new cities – Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi. The overall reach and engagement levels have phenomenally grown and NSDF has effectively reached close to 2 lakh citizens. It continues to stay committed to its core objective of promoting safe driving behaviour in India.


I believe in the concept Nissan very ardently promotes, Safety begins with me. So I’ll keep my points strictly to what you and I can do as individuals to improve road safety.

  1. To begin with, follow the three simple rules, or what I call them, Lifelines.

    A. The audience poll: You know what the audience says? Never cross a red light. NEVER!! You know why? Because more than yourself, you’re causing a trouble for the audience, i.e., the other people on the road. Once you break a signal, other may follow suit, you will disrupt the traffic and create a havoc. Sometimes, even a single speeding vehicle on the green light will hit you hard enough to switch off all the lights!

    B. The Phone-a-friend: Simple, never phone-a-friend when you drive. Nopes, not even the hands-free. When you talk, you tend to concentrate on the subject instead of the road causing abnormal speed changes and disturbing other drivers. And same goes for drinking. If you call any friend right now and ask him what’s the one thing he’s seriously consider before letting you drive, I can bet his answer would be to see if you’re drunk or not. Trust me, DO NOT drink before/while you drive. Nothing good can come out of it. I know you’re the experienced legend who won’t make a mistake but even a slight delay in applying breaks may become fatal for some poor innocent soul out there. You may not care about your life, but you also have no right to take someone else’s, right?

    C. The expert advice: Every expert, yes, every single one of them, has this to say, “If you don’t wear a helmet/seatbelt, your chances of receiving a serious injury practically multiply. Imagine hammering a coconut with all your strength. Now imagine the same but this time the coconut is in a safe-box. I guess I conjured a decent imagery right there for you.

  2. Once you’re up to mark with the three rules, one thing is for sure, you’re almost 70% safer than an average driver in our country. Most of them fail to do the basic things like following the rules! I know I made that number up but to think about it, I might only have under estimated it. So what next? Well, get yourself acquainted with the rules. At least the important ones, unless you’re a professional driver in which case ALL of them! Here are the important ones:
  3. Did you know that every vehicle has an optimum speed limit with which you can save almost 30% fuel and drive safely? Sure you did! The point is, why you still didn’t follow it? I’d never understand what difference would driving at 80 kmph make in a 16 km ride when you could drive at 48 kmph and reach in 6-7 minutes more, considering the traffic. It’s basic math. Are you bad at math? Being a professional, I can say that in most jobs, 6 minutes don’t make that much a difference. And it’s definitely better than never reaching.

    Credits: Wikihow.

  4. Now getting to the innovative part. We could all preach on how to do what and how everyone should follow rules. That’s not it. A major part of our responsibility is to make sure others do that too. Spread the word. Use the social media. There is a good chance that your friend who is browsing twitter while driving will stop doing that once he sees your tweet. Jokes apart, I personally think that people these days read more Facebook than newspapers. Probably you could teach them a thing or two there.
  5. Innovating part version two. Helping the government. Many people may find it surprising but there’s always a feedback box in Government websites. Use it. Tell your state traffic administrators what they could do better. Talk to the traffic police. Be an aware citizen. You get where I am going with this, right? Shelling out 200 Rs. to save yourself the calamities of wearing a helmet is plain stupid. You’re spreading corruption and stupidity both at the same time. Get a proper freaking receipt, it won’t cost you as much as you think.
  6. Last, but not the least, drive safe vehicles. Don’t just research the mileage and cost, check your car properly before buying. Make sure it is perfect according to the safety standards. Check out the Nissan Quality, and see how every vehicle they make is custom made for your safety.

Making the roads safer for you, Nissan.

Now that I am making it too long, I should end it. But with a simple message. I won’t tell you your life is important. You know it better. But mine is. And I’d hate it if someday I or someone like me dies because someone else was driving recklessly. So for my sake, for your friends’ sake, drive safely. Have a good safe day! 🙂

The reply.

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“How many times should I apologize for what happened? Don’t you see any other way?”

“I am afraid not.”

“Well… try to, I beg you! I’ll confess everything, I’ll go to jail! You’ve got to trust me over this.”

“Sorry, I don’t have time for all that.”

“I’ll give you money, whatever amount you say. We can make this work, think about it rationally!”


“Can you at least speak more!? Tell me what I can do… Is there anything else in your mind apart from a no?”

“I thought me not speaking up was the thing you liked the most about me, what happened now?”

“Listen, I am sorry, I know I was cruel and what I did was wrong, disgusting, and heinous… but how is this going to solve anything?”

“Funny you should ask that. Because for me, that’s the only solution.” Her grip on the gun got tighter, she took her hand towards the trigger and pulled it. He had only raped her, it was the world that killed her soul. This, was her reply.

1,200,000,000. Those of you who didn’t get confused while counting the number of zeros might have guessed, the number I just gave is the approximate population of our country. When we say that India is developing, we look at the 50 million people who are well to do and can live a good life, but to think about it, the 50 million, as big a number as it sounds, is just a small fraction of our population. What about the rest of us? There are people who can’t afford a car, then there are people who can’t afford any vehicle, then we have people who struggle to manage the basic necessities like food-shelter-clothing and then we have people who can only dream of having 2 meals a day. The sheer numbers of the children who sleep every night without a proper meal are disturbing. The only time they see a plate full of rice is their dreams. And that makes me think, what are we doing wrong? What is something we can do, given the oh-so-busy life we all have, to make sure that the kid you just imagined, would get to eat enough so that he can be the future our country dreams of.

I come across many organizations that do various things for kids to make sure they get to study and live a healthy life. And that, in my opinion, is one of the most important things that need even more serious attention from our government, right in line with stricter safety measures and well… lesser scams. Akshaypatra is one such organization, the name of which I am pretty sure most of the readers have heard. Their aim for an India where no child goes hungry and every child is educated. Tough nut to crack, I know, but I also know that with a support of 1200 million people, nothing is impossible. And who wouldn’t support this cause? Imagine a hunger free India, where every child is well fed and gets to learn just like a normal child from a well to do family would. What changes do you think there will be? No child labor, every kid able to read and write and demand his rights, no child sex abuse, a tending to zero crime rate in child trafficking, an aware India, a better India… sounds like I am advertising for a 3 BHK plot in heaven, I know, but it is achievable.

Long back, our first prime minister said that kids are the future of this country. He wasn’t wrong. But apparently there were more hungry kids back then, therefore their future became this kind of present where we still struggle with so many problems. I honestly believe that if we come together and take the matter into our hands, it is a matter of days when this problem is gone. I am writing this post to feed a child. This is just a beginning, a micro one at that. We can do more… a lot more. For starters, we could reach out to the government schools near our location and see if such cases are there. I am sure there are many who can spare a few thousand bucks and maybe shop one time less… trust me, that’s all it would take for you to sponsor a child’s meal for a full month. Doesn’t sound a like a bad investment, right? There are organizations ready to do the job for you, they just need your support. Physically, monetarily, with ideas, or with a combination of those, you could be the torch bearer to the change our country needs.

Here’s a video that ought to make you think deeply about this.

And oh, one more 🙂

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda. Are you ready to do this?

I am sure many of us are familiar with the quote “In India, It’s not okay to kiss in public, but you can piss in public.” Although it was said with humor but there is a good amount of reality in it. And to think about our so many villages where there is still a long way to go to have proper furnished dwellings and sanitation systems, the heart cringes a little.

Recently I got an email from Domex, it said something about how one click of mine could help contribute towards a cleaner and healthy India. I didn’t know too much about this problem at that time except the fact that our villages do face problems of open defecation and it needs attention. But then I did some research and found some staggering results. In our villages this problem is not just widespread, it is one of the biggest cause of diseases and safety issues. 597 million people, which is almost half our population face the lack of sanitation facilities and do not have proper toilets to use! This amount is more than the population of many developed countries.

This was enough to make me think that we seriously need to do something about it. And being a blogger, spreading the word is the first thing I wanted to do. Needless to say I am glad that Domex and Indiblogger gave me that chance. The #ToiletForBabli initiative by Domex is a great way to tell the people like you and me about the hazards our people living in villages face on a daily basis. Starting with the basics, this is something that won’t take more than a minute of yours. You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Thank you Indiblogger.

There are more ways to help of course. Some that I could think of being; donating to the cause so that the people there can live in a safer and healthier environment, visiting one such village yourself one day to see the problems being faced by them, spreading the word so much that the government takes a step themselves. Do tell me what you can think of, I believe together we can bring the change everyone talks about.

I know this blogpost wasn’t the usual fun and crazy, but I also know that if I have even one person realizing the gravity of this situation through this, I did my bit.

In any case, do support the initiative and share it. Help Babli, she’ll be very happy 🙂

This post was pending from a long time. Needed to create a vibe since I wanted this to reach as many people as it could.

Devansh, a friend, a reader and an honest follower is my co-author in this one.

Here’s a little preview:

“Be the change you want to see”, if everyone started following this simple line, most of the problems would be solved. While I have always said this, I’ve never seen this happening around me. Blaming the government is something we consider our birthright.
‘India is a store house of problems’- I’ve lost count of how often I’ve heard these words. No solutions though, just bare criticism, as to how poor we are, how corrupt our system is & how many years will it take for us to be able to compete with the rest of the world. But ironically, none of these is incorrect. So I also started blaming the government for not only not being able to solve problems, but becoming a hindrance in the way of others who wanted to.

Just when I was having one such discussion with a friend, he told me about some initiatives his state government has taken up. Before I tell you, I’ll say that this is in no way any kind of promotion or a news making stunt. But just something I really liked and would love it if others follow it too. 

This post is different in many aspects.  As the full post is not on my blog but on my YouthDiaries website.

Read the full post here: 

For the first time the whole blogpost can be found on Facebook too:

Many thanks to Devansh for being my co-author in this. Would love to create more such posts with you. You can read more of Devansh’s posts here : 🙂

“I am sorry, but the bridge can’t get the foundation it needs there, it might even fall”

“But we need it, it will be a gold mine.”

“I can’t risk people’s lives”

“Why don’t you give me your bank account number?”

And the bridge stood there for a year.
110 died later when it collapsed.


An attempt in the 55-Fiction Genre. Hope you like it.

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. (and hence I am forever alone.)
See… How concerned I am to defend our pledge from being violated. And not only me, but many people, in fact every Indian citizen is concerned about our national issues. We all want to see our country rise and we constantly keep thinking about what to do for it. Not that we do something, but oh hell… Who does? We at-least think!

So I was thinking what are the real national issues that are bugging us. And as a savior for the poor souls, I am here with a solution! Since I am intelligent, thoughtful, free and kind (and I didn’t have anything better to do).

1. So the first issue that strikes my mind is… When is Sachin Tendulkar going to retire?

Every freaking Indian is concerned about this. How the hell can this guy play at 39. He is too old. People can run a country at 80, but they should not, in any condition, play cricket at 40.
So I have the answer. He is going to retire soon. Just that he has this one condition. He’ll retire the day Mumbai Indians beats Chennai Superkings in an IPL knockout match. So… umm… I am not really hopeful with this.

2. This might be the oldest issue around. Even older then Sharad Panwar!
When will Salman Khan get married?
We Indians cant see a guy happy, can we?
The answer to this is simple. Why would he get married. All you get after marriage, he has it already, plus no disadvantages since he is technically single! So in case you were delaying your marriage just because you waited for Salman, cut it, you’re overage anyway.
3. Is Narendra Modi the next PM? Or is it Rahul Gandhi?

Frankly, do you really care? What you really should be worried about is that, how many times is Hina Rabbani going to visit our country this year! 😉

4. Next thing that bugs every Indian out there is this one girl. When, in the real world, will Poonam Pandey strip!?

No no, don’t look here and there, you read my blog alone anyway to save yourself from the embarrassment after being caught.
So, let me answer this with a question. Have you heard about the love and the cookie theory?

Just assume there is a button that says push to get a cookie. But a bird shits on you when you push. Would you push it again? Yes, coz you’re hopeful you’ll get a cookie. This happens 99 times until the 100th time when you actually get the cookie and even though you’re covered in shit, you’re happy. That cookie is love!

Coming back, consider Poonam Pandey’s striptease that cookie. Stay calm, you’ll get it. Till then, tackle the shit.

Credits: Some blog :P

Credits: Some blog 😛

5. I’ve seen people getting worried about a lot of things. Their job is in danger, the wife threatens to leave home everyday (and never actually does), their children won’t listen to them and the landlord can throw them out anytime… but the real problem for them is, “Will Ram Kapoor get his fortune back?”. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, please google ‘Bade Achhe Lagte hain’)
Just wait for probably 500 more episodes and you might get the answer.

(And to read how Ekta Kapoor and people like her are destroying Indian television, please read The sas bahu saga of India.


When we have so much to think, we probably divert ourselves by thinking on these issues and giving out lame solutions that no one really cares about. The strange and probably ironical fact is, by keeping these things in headlines, we not only encourage them, we also avoid what should actually be the real news.

So I’d end by saying this, instead of worrying about the winner of Nach Baliye and Big Boss, please do a little brainstorming on how to save petrol, maybe that will help you!

Keep reading 🙂