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You must be wondering if I’ve started doing book reviews on ABugInMyMind… Well, the answer is no. But I had to make an exception for two reasons, one, it was about time I post something good and two, my original book review blog is kind of taken down temporarily… well, mostly the latter. 😀

Coming to the review, Ravi Subramaniyan, also called the John Grisham of India, decided to bring a change and deviated a little from his usual style of writing gripping thrillers based on a banker’s life. This time it’s a story of love, fame, betrayal and deceit, based on a banker’s life. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ravi’s style of writing, in fact “Bankster” is one book that I’ve recommended to almost all of my reader friends, but this change in form of “The bestseller she wrote”, didn’t really appeal to me in a way his other books did. Although, as a standalone book it’s still great, but that’s a cost you have to bear when you’re an author everybody looks up to.


Here are a few details about the book:

Title: The bestseller she wrote.

Author: Ravi Subramaniyan

Paperback: 392 pages

MRP: INR 295/-.

Publisher: Westland (19 October 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9385152386

ISBN-13: 978-9385152382

Back cover:

Paperback king, Aditya Kapoor’s life is straight out of a modern man’s fantasy. His literary stardom is perfectly balanced by a loving wife and a spectacular career. With everything he touches turning to gold, Aditya is on a winning streak.

Shreya Kaushik is a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful, and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a bestselling author.

What happens when their worlds collide? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Can real ambition come in the way of blind passion? Can trust once broken, be regained?

Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian, delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protégé.

The Bestseller She Wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption.



The back cover blurb does intrigue one to read the book, I’ve got to give it to the author for that. The story begins with Aditya, who is married man with a son, is a successful author and a successful banker. He goes to IIM Bangalore to deliver a talk where he meets Shreya, and thus begins a story, at first with an argument which later turns Shreya into a big fan of Aditya.

Ravi has tried to be a lot different from his style, especially in the first half with all the love bits. But he very much compensates for it in the next half with the signature thrilling style and twists and turns that will not let you put the book down.

If I go too much into the story, I might give away some spoilers which I don’t want to. So I’ll say this, if you’re a fan of Ravi’s work or want a light read for the weekend, this book is definitely a good pick. But I’d rather you not have too many expectations from it. Normally this book would be a 3.5/5 for me, but having read other books by Ravi, I’d give this a 3/5.


I’m pretty sure that most of you already know where to buy this book. In case you don’t, here you go: Amazon.

You can also know more about the book and the author through these links:

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You guessed it right, this is yet another post for my little nephew and my recent gift to him. 🙂

I was told that when I was a kid, I loved massages, erm… I mean, unlike most babies, I didn’t cry my lungs out when it was massage time. I used to smile instead! And it was kind of similar sight when I saw my nephew getting his first massage. Enjoying like he was born for it. So when blogadda came up with the activity #FirstLove with Dabur Massage oil with olive and almonds, I just had to sign up for it. I wanted my nephew to get what’s been trusted by so many for over years.

So let me tell you first about the awesomeness that this new avatar of Dabur oil is, all experienced real close. 😀

One of the most trusted brands in India – Dabur has launched a new massage oil for babies that is designed to give the most benefits to the delicate skin of babies. The good news is that it is free from harmful parabens and paraffins which are detrimental to a baby’s health. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is enriched with the natural goodness of olive and almond oil. This oil nourishes the baby’s skin and regular massage with this oil is known to help develop the baby’s muscle fast and enhances quicker bone formation. The Oil has also been dermatologically tested for skin safety.”

And unlike many products that mention something and give something else, ahm ahm, I found out that every word in the above lines is true to the fact.

Let me first show you some of the pics where my neighbour’s little kid enjoyed the pampering with Dabur Oil And following that is my own nephew.




Aren’t they looking happy? And well, just so you know, this massage has such a lasting effect on the kids that he is happy all the time. Look at him.


Well that’s partly because he enjoys bathing too, unlike me. 😛

So how do I feel after doing this? Too good, I must say, after all I gave him something that will nourish him and help him grow into a smart and intelligent boy, kind of like his uncle. And that’s not it, this oil is actually better than anything else that we’d used for this purpose. It isn’t rough for his skin, he smiles even more now that he likes the light fragrance that is coming out of it and most of all, my sister likes it, and I guess a mother’s approval is the most important, isn’t it? So I’m happy that cherry is happy. And I want to thank Dabur and Blogadda for not only giving me this opportunity but giving me some extra bottles that I could gift to our neighbor too (Who, by the way, are also permanently switching to this oil now!)

This is it for now. In case you have a baby (Or planning to have one 😛 ), you know which is the best thing you can offer your child right after your love 🙂

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at


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She was there in my hometown, but she went away before I could see her. I went after her to Pune, but alas, I was too late to track her down. But then, finally, it was Mumbai where we met. I am talking about the latest Tata Bolt in case you thought it was something else. I met her in the Bolt arena in Phoenix Mall, Mumbai. And you can’t blame me, when a car looks like that, you’ve got to see it up close!

Coming to the point, I am not what you may call a car fanatic, but I do have my fair share of watching top gear and writing car reviews every now and then. So needless to mention, when Blogadda gave me a chance to check out the all new Bolt, I couldn’t let it go!

With a 1.2 litre turbocharged MPFi petrol engine, speed sensing autolocks, dual airbags, fully automatic AC with touchscreen, extra cabin space, geo responders, amazing finish, masculine rugged looks, amazing connectivity features and superb range of colors, this is just the car a person like me dreams of.

I went to the bolt arena with my friends and the people there were supportive enough to explain us the features, although in no way we looked like in a condition to buy this thing of beauty, I’d definitely not mind winning one though!

Here’s a pic of my friend Sagar with the Bolt.


Let mine remain secret for a while 😉

Here’s another one with the less enthusiastic Nitesh, he was probably mesmerized by the features I told him before we reached the arena.


So as I already gave a small preview of what features are packed in the all new Bolt, what stole my heart is yet to be told. So here’s the top 5 reasons I loved the bolt.

First and the foremost is the connectivity. When you start looking at it, Bolt is literally packed with everything you could ask for when it comes to the connectivity.

There is a CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™ which already puts it ahead of the league, but just to make it beat the crap out of all others, Tata gave this one an advanced voice command recognition to make calls, change tracks, and control the AC. Just imagine, you could practically spend the whole journey talking to your car! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

There’s a lot of other connectivity features too, not on my list but others will definitely like the video playback and touchscreen options!

Second on my list was the safety. Driving on the Indian roads, you need to make sure you’re prepared for all kinds of situations. And bolt gives you Dual airbags and speed sensing autolocks on all doors.

There’s also a rear wiper, to make sure you don’t lose visibility on those foggy days.

Next up or third is performance. Yes, I agree that this would be number one for most people, but given that if I ever get this car I’ll be driving this in heavy traffic conditions, a powerful engines isn’t a big part of my priority list. But still, it is there. And in the bolt, it is hands down the most distinguishing feature.

The revotron 1.2T engine is something that… well… I can’t fully explain. So I’ll the website do this job.

The powerful Revotron 1.2T delivers the best-in-class** power of 90 PS and torque of 140 Nm between 1500-4000 RPM. The built in MULTI-DRIVE feature lets you switch between three different driving modes: Sport, Eco and City, giving you the power of 3 engines in 1.

Fourth on my list comes the price. Being a hardcore Baniya, this totally could have been first for me, but I secretly wouldn’t care about the price if a car is this good (and I have that much money! ). Plus price isn’t really a car’s feature, except when it is this low! Read on:

Different versions of Bolt are there starting from a price of 4,65,000 to 7,40,000. When I first took a good look at all the features, I was expecting this to be beyond my scope, over a million bucks or something. But at this price, it is definitely a steal deal. Go baniyas!

Before I tell you about the fifth feature that I liked the most, Let me tell you that I am 6’2” tall and the length of my legs are the reason most of my friends throw me out of their cars. Erm… moving on… the Bolt has such a cabin space that this would never be a problem. According to most review websites, Bolt offers the class leading cabin space which means it is the best in its category.  ( )

We’re done with the 5 things I like about the bolt, I am sure by now you’re in love with it too. Tell me your favorite features, check this out :

Also, you should already be knowing that This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda. 🙂

1,200,000,000. Those of you who didn’t get confused while counting the number of zeros might have guessed, the number I just gave is the approximate population of our country. When we say that India is developing, we look at the 50 million people who are well to do and can live a good life, but to think about it, the 50 million, as big a number as it sounds, is just a small fraction of our population. What about the rest of us? There are people who can’t afford a car, then there are people who can’t afford any vehicle, then we have people who struggle to manage the basic necessities like food-shelter-clothing and then we have people who can only dream of having 2 meals a day. The sheer numbers of the children who sleep every night without a proper meal are disturbing. The only time they see a plate full of rice is their dreams. And that makes me think, what are we doing wrong? What is something we can do, given the oh-so-busy life we all have, to make sure that the kid you just imagined, would get to eat enough so that he can be the future our country dreams of.

I come across many organizations that do various things for kids to make sure they get to study and live a healthy life. And that, in my opinion, is one of the most important things that need even more serious attention from our government, right in line with stricter safety measures and well… lesser scams. Akshaypatra is one such organization, the name of which I am pretty sure most of the readers have heard. Their aim for an India where no child goes hungry and every child is educated. Tough nut to crack, I know, but I also know that with a support of 1200 million people, nothing is impossible. And who wouldn’t support this cause? Imagine a hunger free India, where every child is well fed and gets to learn just like a normal child from a well to do family would. What changes do you think there will be? No child labor, every kid able to read and write and demand his rights, no child sex abuse, a tending to zero crime rate in child trafficking, an aware India, a better India… sounds like I am advertising for a 3 BHK plot in heaven, I know, but it is achievable.

Long back, our first prime minister said that kids are the future of this country. He wasn’t wrong. But apparently there were more hungry kids back then, therefore their future became this kind of present where we still struggle with so many problems. I honestly believe that if we come together and take the matter into our hands, it is a matter of days when this problem is gone. I am writing this post to feed a child. This is just a beginning, a micro one at that. We can do more… a lot more. For starters, we could reach out to the government schools near our location and see if such cases are there. I am sure there are many who can spare a few thousand bucks and maybe shop one time less… trust me, that’s all it would take for you to sponsor a child’s meal for a full month. Doesn’t sound a like a bad investment, right? There are organizations ready to do the job for you, they just need your support. Physically, monetarily, with ideas, or with a combination of those, you could be the torch bearer to the change our country needs.

Here’s a video that ought to make you think deeply about this.

And oh, one more 🙂

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda. Are you ready to do this?

How many times does that happen in your life that you want to do something and out of nowhere an opportunity comes up giving you just that chance? I don’t know about you but in my case that number isn’t very large. But thanks to this stupendously amazing blog that I have, I got a few such chances this month. This is an account of something Blogadda and Quikr did for me this week. Being the kind of guy who rarely wins stuff on his blog, this was a refreshing change!

My relationship with Blogadda goes way back… I remember that time in 1857 when I used Blogadda to promote my posts about the Revolution… erm wait… we’re talking about the present birth! But five spicy Saturday and tangy Tuesday picks isn’t bad huh. So even in past two years, Blogadda people have been quite generous to me. But this time it was something different. Diwali had just gone and I was slowly getting back to blogging. I had just written “The plan” and went to Blogadda to submit my story like always. What I saw there was the Quikr contest… a contest where all you need to do is to buy something and they’ll pay you for that. Not to mention if the post is good, (like this one *coughs*) you’re in for even more awesomeness and awards!

So I applied and just the next day I got a call that I was shortlisted for the contest… amazing, no? Now comes the herculean task of buying something. As much as this contest sounds like a woman’s paradise, I am not very good at choosing stuff quickly. But as they say, behind every successful man, there’s a shopaholic sister. So my sister came to my rescue and suggested that I do something that I had been waiting for a long time. What’s that thing, you ask? It was buying a TV for my home. What!? You don’t have a TV!!! Well, we do, but it just isn’t the good old CRT. And apparently my parents’ love for their old TV hadn’t killed itself, the TV did though.

So here’s the thing. I needed a TV to gift it to my parents, one that gives the feeling just like the old one used to give. With the job and everything I just never got the time to go out and search… and hell knows how many shops I would need to visit to buy a TV at a reasonable cost! Sounded like a lot of work and being an engineer, it was strictly against my ethics. So here’s something I need, and here’s an opportunity, mix them up and what do you get? Wasting hours online to find a good product. Or at least that’s what I thought. And like Chandler would say, “could I BE more wrong!”

Quikr Advertisement

The original advertisement.

I had seen a lot of ads of Quikr on Television but I never checked it. Maybe the Indian mentality of “used products are always bad” stopped me. But to prove all this wrong, one experience seemed enough. When I went to Quikr, first thing I did was to select my hometown and find a TV according to my requirements. This is the page I set my mind upon: .
I was amazed to see that in every category so many ads were posted like every hour! I talked to around 7 people about my requirements and finally settled on one. It was not only close to my home but under my budget and in a great condition too! After I talked to the person who posted the ad, I gladly used my negotiating skills (How I wish they were useful in my company!) to bring the price down further and feel good about myself. Once it was done (which took less time than it takes me to make an omelet).

Once this is all done, guess what happened next? I’ll let the picture speak for me this time.

It's not the best gift, but the perfectly timed one for sure. Damn I can speak a lot!

It’s not the best gift, but the perfectly timed one for sure. Damn I can speak a lot!

I am yet to believe that this whole thing took barely two days. And most of the things I did were online. I could say I wanted to promote Quikr but with this experience I am pretty sure their work is promoting them. With such a gigantic user base, they don’t really need me to promote them. Now that this one is done, I have made a list of things I am buying next. I’ll just tell you all a few things to keep in mind if this is your first time buying/selling on Quikr.

As a buyer, don’t believe everything the seller says, do your research. Don’t pay up first and try to buy only from ads that look authentic. Rest assured, your experience will be awesome!

As a seller, make sure your number is verified and your ad has images, not to mention a good language. These were the things I noticed before buying something myself. Above all, be real, don’t cheat and keep the website just the way it is.

To end it, here’s the contest link, for those who were wondering:

Stay tuned to Blogadda, they just never run out of these things. And in case you want to know what I am up to these days, make sure you have liked this and followed me on Quora 🙂

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