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It was a fine evening, as little Scott came running towards his father, John.

“So what have you wished for this Christmas, Scott?” John asked seeing his happy face.

“I can’t wait for Santa. Can I get a school bag?” Scott asked.

“But why? You already have one!” John wondered.

“But Sam doesn’t. Even Santa didn’t give him anything last year!”

Sam was their maid’s son. John left the home with a smile. Scott had grown up it seemed.


Be a Santa this Christmas!


The shooting star!

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Fiction, Love, Sarcasm
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“Look! A shooting star…!” She said… smiling with excitement… close your eyes and wish for something, she said as she did the same.

He closed his eyes as well, wishing for something as she wanted him to.

“What did you wish for?” She asked. “Although I know we wished for the same thing.”

“Is that so? I wished that you clear your interview tomorrow. Your life depends on it. Did you wish the same?” He smiled, he knew the answer.

“Of course. Could there be any doubt! It’s just so much important” She said as she came forward and hugged him.

I am not sorry that I lied, wishing for your job was much more important than my interview. She thought as she sank in his embrace.

I am sorry that I lied… where the hell was that shooting star? Didn’t even see it! He thought as he was still trying to find the freaking star!

shooting star