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You’re on facebook, everyday you face things!! So this is basically about what status people put up these days on this popular and overrated social networking platform.

So the status means what you feel and want to tell the world, at the same time, what the world wants to know, and a part which people generally tend to skip.

PS: Unlike my other articles, this one is kinda straight forward and short, hope you like the change 🙂

Have a look.

1) Shocking thing, i still can’t believe it happened!

Comment: what??

Reply: sorry, can’t tell on fb.

Then why the hell did you tell it on the first place!

2) Thanks XYZ for being in my life, i love youuuuuu!

Isn’t there an option called wall post or private messaging on Facebook!!

3) I enjoyed so much today.. Thank you ramesh and suresh for a lovely time.

Now that is a complete double meaning status. By a girl, it means a question.. was there a threesome?? And by a boy… boy! Don’t even ask!

4) I hate justin beiber.We all do, but guess what, he’s rich, he has a girlfriend better than yours and he’s more famous than you ever will be. So face it and don’t show what a loser you’re publically.
5) I think Sachin should retire.Wow, you just said a million dollar opinion! But frankly, neither bcci nor Sachin is reading that. Such statuses only tell how much misused a Facebook status can be!

6) Your cousin/mom/brother/father/sister is the first one to do blah blah and it’s a week to celebrate love and followed by another 400 characters.

Really!! You really think people read that. All they do is to like and that too because you’re a hot girl and he’s a despo.

7) A song. Yes, people putting songs as their status.

You know when kapil sibbal said he would filter Facebook updates, he said it because he was tired of reading “tu hi meri shab hai” and “tujhe bhula diya” as people’s status. How irritating it can be. Especially when your ex updates “I’m in love” as her status! (no more questions please.)

8) Spam!!

Yes, i saved the best for the last. “Check out who deleted you” and “see who visits your profile” such statuses have crapped my timeline many times. Why would you even click on such links at the first place? People never understand and this makes me want to, well, log out!!

So these were the 8 statuses i think shouldn’t be there or should be completely banned on fb.

I know there’s more. Like the photos, the likes, the viral links and the weird troll updates. But what’s more irritating is that this article contained nothing from them and you still read it. Ha! Sucker!

Sorry, there’s more… I think Facebook shouldn’t be used the way it is and people are getting addicted to it and it shouldn’t get so much attention. Anyway, don’t forget to like my article on Facebook please.


Relationships these days are different, Well at least for some!
So just this thought crossed my mind and here comes an imagination (Which I guess, might be true for many as well 😛 )
Have a look 🙂


I saw her face, was like GOD’s blessing,

couldn’t see more, thanks to her privacy settings..

I don’t generally do it, still added her with a nice message,

hoped she’ll like it and open her heart’s passage..

Came her reply, she asked me who,

A series of messages then followed through..

Adding and chatting then continued all along,

Sometimes just a hi and sometimes dedicating a song..


Her style was different, an attitude decent,

Beautiful she was, like the moon crescent..

We talked a lot, sometimes shared a joke,

sometimes a like, at times a post, and the “all the time” poke..!

 Relationship@facebookIt was going well, should ask her to meet, or at least the number, i thought,

didn’t really feel the need but it was worth giving a shot..


But One day we fought, couldn’t resolve it all,

thanks to a spam, something bad I had posted on her wall..

I apologised, didn’t poke her all day,

But she put an emotional status which got a 50 likes in its way..

I was clueless, didn’t know what to do,

then came a time when i was drunk, messaged something which i can’t undo..


You have many guy friends, they like all your updates, i had said,

What am i to you, just a “poke buddy”, I guess I was mad..

She was furious, blocked me as a result in pain,

I made many new profiles to see her, but alas! All in vain..


It was one nice phase, that ended just like it was created,

I don’t think I’ll see her again, my profile was DEACTIVATED!

Just out of nowhere this thought popped into my head, so I thought why not carve it into a poem and let you all read what rubbish I think 😛
Have a look.

When robots will be at your service,

When roads will be of steel..

When passwords will take place of passports,

When just by a click wounds will heal..

Vision 22nd century

Vision: 22nd century

When we’ll watch tv on the palm,

When the lcd would be the new stage..

When we would rewind the life,

When humans will control the age..


When you won’t need a number to call,

When we’ll teleport instead of transport..

When colleges will be online,

When Xbox will be the new tennis court..


When dreams will be recorded,

When we’ll travel faster than light..

When we won’t need books to study,

When our buildings will reach Everest’s height..


I believe an age will come when we won’t need to contact anyone but we’ll still love to see a letter..

I know the time is near when love will prevail even though we would have found the fifth form of matter..


We’ll miss the past for sure but love the moment we live..

Just need to make sure, that time we have a legacy to give..


And this one for the sports fans:

Times may come but we won’t forget Sachin, Dhyanchand or Maradona..

Though i feel champions won’t be Djokovich or Barcelona 😛


Oh sorry, first the thank you note. I get carried away!! 😐

Anyway, very big thanks from the bottom of my heart for making my previous article “How to identify a Tharki in the crowd” a big hit. It got the maximum shares till date and was featured on some super popular portals as well 😀

So I HAD to come up with a part two, since the last one dealt with Tharki boys and left a question, Can Girls Be Tharki? So here I am answering that. Read on.

While there are almost 50% chances of every guy becoming a Tharki and almost 60% actually are, stats are a little different in girls. The chances are reduced to 40% and quantity to 30. True Story!
Here’s why. The thing is, sex ratio in india favors boys statistically. So girls enjoy the scarcity. In engineering colleges and other similar institutions, amount of girls is almost one fifth of guys. So clearly, chances of desperation and frustration are more in guys. Most of the times, girls with such symptoms are found in girl colleges or colleges with absolutely hopeless guys, aka, many engineering colleges.

Some quick myth busters to tell you what are NOT the symptoms of a Tharki girl.

  • So she sent you a friend request. Think again, it was just a request, not a marriage proposal, she isn’t a Tharki.
  • Ok, she asked for your phone number, so what? She might actually need it! Again, false alarm.
  • She proposed you? Congrats, unless you’re a Justin beiber fan, she ain’t a Tharki.
  • She said she needs a guy to be set up with and has indirectly hit on you many times? OK, this is a true alarm, and beware, because she IS a Tharki!!!

There are many differences between Tharki boys and Tharki girls. While a boy will send desperate messages like I stated in my previous article, a girl won’t do that. Boys can be eve teasers, slang passers and even criminals, girls don’t do that. Girls generally don’t use stuff like “Wil u bcom mah frnds” in their messages!!! And moreover, a girl won’t propose you right away even if she is a Tharki unlike a despo boy.

Always Be mine!!!!

Always Be mine!!!!

So what do this kind of girls do? Nice question. Here’s what.

  • A Tharki girl will always complain of not having a boyfriend. Why she hasn’t one? Simple, she’s a girl and still she is desperate which is NOT normal!! Clearly there’s something that’s keeping guys away.
  • She will not only hit on you but won’t mind talking/going out with other friends of yours.
  • Finding ease in guys’ company is normal for girls, but ONLY in guys’ company!! Tharki alert!!
  • She has been in 10 relationships in last 3 years and proposed 7 guys out of those 10. MAHATHARKI!!!

So now you know how to and how not to identify if a girl is Tharki.
Here are some more tips.

  • While talking to a girl, ask her “What do you think about Raj/Rohit/any mutual friend”
    If her answer is anything like this “Why? You want to set me up with him?” you have stumbled upon a big time Tharki!
  • Tell her that some friend of yours needs her help. If without asking her first sentence is, “Give him my number”, congrats, you found a Tharki.
  • Go to a gift shop and ask her to pick a soft toy. Now this is a long shot and not very accurate, but studies show that if she picks up any superhero instead of cartoon character, she’s a Tharki. (Hey studies show that!!!)

So I guess we are almost to the end, I would again give a gyan tip here.

Every girl is born with a sense of superiority and obsession about her intelligence and looks over the poor world and that’s not common in boys. This is the reason why it is easy to find a Tharki boy while Tharki girls are like salt in flour. Still, you will find many and it becomes even more important to identify them. Lack of demand (While there’s a lot for others), lack of opposite sex (Mainly because of female dominated surroundings) and realization that the first line of this para isn’t actually correct, might lead to formation of a Tharki girl.

So that’s it. This time I didn’t have a co-author since no guy wanted to take part in identifying a Tharki, they were all pissed off about proving them a Tharki with the last article. Still, I hope u liked it, and actually you’ve reached the end so who cares even if you didn’t! 😛