8 Facebook statuses I will never understand!!!

You’re on facebook, everyday you face things!! So this is basically about what status people put up these days on this popular and overrated social networking platform.

So the status means what you feel and want to tell the world, at the same time, what the world wants to know, and a part which people generally tend to skip.

PS: Unlike my other articles, this one is kinda straight forward and short, hope you like the change πŸ™‚

Have a look.

1) Shocking thing, i still can’t believe it happened!

Comment: what??

Reply: sorry, can’t tell on fb.

Then why the hell did you tell it on the first place!

2) Thanks XYZ for being in my life, i love youuuuuu!

Isn’t there an option called wall post or private messaging on Facebook!!

3) I enjoyed so much today.. Thank you ramesh and suresh for a lovely time.

Now that is a complete double meaning status. By a girl, it means a question.. was there a threesome?? And by a boy… boy! Don’t even ask!

4) I hate justin beiber.We all do, but guess what, he’s rich, he has a girlfriend better than yours and he’s more famous than you ever will be. So face it and don’t show what a loser you’re publically.
5) I think Sachin should retire.Wow, you just said a million dollar opinion! But frankly, neither bcci nor Sachin is reading that. Such statuses only tell how much misused a Facebook status can be!

6) Your cousin/mom/brother/father/sister is the first one to do blah blah and it’s a week to celebrate love and followed by another 400 characters.

Really!! You really think people read that. All they do is to like and that too because you’re a hot girl and he’s a despo.

7) A song. Yes, people putting songs as their status.

You know when kapil sibbal said he would filter Facebook updates, he said it because he was tired of reading “tu hi meri shab hai” and “tujhe bhula diya” as people’s status. How irritating it can be. Especially when your ex updates “I’m in love” as her status! (no more questions please.)

8) Spam!!

Yes, i saved the best for the last. “Check out who deleted you” and “see who visits your profile” such statuses have crapped my timeline many times. Why would you even click on such links at the first place? People never understand and this makes me want to, well, log out!!

So these were the 8 statuses i think shouldn’t be there or should be completely banned on fb.

I know there’s more. Like the photos, the likes, the viral links and the weird troll updates. But what’s more irritating is that this article contained nothing from them and you still read it. Ha! Sucker!

Sorry, there’s more… I think Facebook shouldn’t be used the way it is and people are getting addicted to it and it shouldn’t get so much attention. Anyway, don’t forget to like my article on Facebook please.

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