My EX Fell In Love

Any info you need about my debut in the world of literature, it is here 🙂


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The Cover

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Javed Akhtar: “Seems nice. Good work!”

Javed akhtar with Shubham Choudhary's book My EX Fell in love

Tarun Tejpal (Founder: : A nice work at such a young age.

Ravinder Singh (Author: I Too Had a Love story): Cover does justice to the genre of the book. Good job.

By Debdatta Sahay (b00k r3vi3ws) : (4 stars)

By Soumya Mukherjee: (4 stars)

By VaultOfBooks: (Grade: A)

By Vinay Ravindranath: (4 stars)

By Yatin Gupta:

By YouthDiaries:

By Deepak Karthik:

By Harshit Chauhan:


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Saumya Snehil:

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Himani Vashishtha:

2 thoughts on “My EX Fell In Love

  1. I think the book was really nice; decent story- with full of fun and confusion college life brings… Liked the fact that you didn’t stretched the story.. 🙂 And LOVED Yatharth’s Dad; He is so amazing!!! And i enjoyed Samantha’s dialogues. Overall, great work there.. Do write more books.. 🙂 🙂

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