The Indian Solution!

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. (and hence I am forever alone.) See... How concerned I am to defend our pledge from being violated. And not only me, but many people, in fact every Indian citizen is concerned about our national issues. We all want to see our country rise and we … Continue reading The Indian Solution!

A Day with the future!

This blogpost is a little different. It's about an experience. Something I, rather, we felt. Remember "Like a dream" the post where I told you the story of my placement? In our first interaction with the company officials, we were told that together, we can make a difference. I was even made in-charge of that small … Continue reading A Day with the future!

What being a woman means!

Today… or well, tonight… the bug won’t speak. I’d just say a very happy women’s day to all the females out there. Congrats, you managed to spend one more day safe and sound. This post, is for you and by you. 3 days back, I had this idea of an ‘all’ readers post. And then … Continue reading What being a woman means!