A Day with the future!

This blogpost is a little different. It’s about an experience. Something I, rather, we felt. Remember “Like a dream” the post where I told you the story of my placement? In our first interaction with the company officials, we were told that together, we can make a difference. I was even made in-charge of that small initiative we had to take. How? we didn’t know, but we were definitely ready for it.

Many things were there in our mind, but everything would have been confined to the college campus. Would have been big, but not significant. Then we came up with this amazing idea of going to the place where we can actually make a lasting & meaningful impact; A school. Nothing could be better than telling the little kids- our future; how important it is to respect women in the society.

The government school in our college was the perfect place for this. We took the permission one day prior, made an interactive and interesting presentation, bought a lot of chocolates and went to the school on 8th of March, i.e, the women’s day. The number of children present was beyond our expectations which increased our confidence even more. To accompany the 13 of us, were some friends and a few juniors from our college.


Once the presentation started, the response of the kids was amazing. They were in no way less than any other school kid of their age. In fact they sounded more appreciative and excited with the whole event.

We showed students different photos of female achievers, asked questions about them, told many unknown facts and gave chocolates to everyone who answered correctly.

Then started the best part; two kids showed us a beautiful dance performance which was definitely at the level of professional dancers. A few sang, a few recited good poems, some gave little speeches and some showed extraordinary talents when it comes to reciting mathematical tables (table of 18 for a second class student is definitely tough!)

The evening was concluded by a musical performance from our side for the children (best part, they sang with us! )

Not only were we amazed by the talent, we were happy to see that out of the hundreds, it was the girls who were more responsive and confident in all their endeavors. We could see the face of a confident Indian woman in each one of them.

It was definitely a refreshing change for our materialistic minds where we could see the happiness on every child’s face.

In the end, when we asked about the learning from presentation; one kid along with many of his friends stood up and literally took an oath that they’d respect woman and never do anything that is against the very fact.

When we were about to leave, they asked us if we’d come back. And all of us nodded happily and said “soon”. And I guess we will come back soon. A change that Oracle encouraged us to make; has started. And it won’t stop.

Thanks Pamal and Bhuwan for the amazing photos 🙂

I’d end by saying this. Thanks to everyone there, all those who were and were not oracle recruits. I don’t know what future has for us and how many of us are actually going to join the place and many other things. But I do know one thing… These children are definitely the future of our country and we work on it, it is going to be brighter than ever 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Day with the future!

  1. Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history….gr8 initiative..happy to know my future OFSS collegues know how to be serious and have fun at the same time. btw gr8 blog 🙂

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