In Conversation with: A married guy!

Hello people… In case you’re reading the blog not because I forced you to and spammed you with the link, there’s only one other reason (I hope), you think it’s funny. So I thought, why not introduce you all to a person who is probably the wittiest guy I have ever met. There are many … Continue reading In Conversation with: A married guy!

Life in a local train

Isn't it pretty amazing, there is an athlete hidden in you and you never knew!! Yes, i am talking about you, you disgruntled poor soul. A common man. Now please add all the dialogues said by nasiruddeen shah in "a Wednesday". It will give you a feel and save me some work. Anyway, moving on, … Continue reading Life in a local train

How to take your girlfriend to shopping.

First of all, a whole hearted thank you to my readers. The month of april was a month of co-authored posts, and i was overwhelmed by the huge response i got. Just 4 posts collecting over 3000 views and 50+ shares with over 350 facebook likes and 100+ twitter mentions. Since i have nothing else … Continue reading How to take your girlfriend to shopping.