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Once upon a time, there was a guy who loved to do whatever his heart told him to. He used to travel, write, attend concerts and irritate people with his poor puns, an activity he enjoyed the most. And then came a time in his life when he had to put all that to a pause, because, you know, job and stuff! But as they say, never say never. Well, they actually don’t say that since the day Justin Bieber said it. So that pause finally came to a pause and that guy got to know what his real self used to be like just a few years back.

Now you definitely know that I’m pretentious enough to make sure that I’m talking only about myself here. But what you don’t know is what happened which made me blabber that nonsense. So let me begin from the very moment it started. Indiblogger, one of the best portal for bloggers in India keeps organizing various activities and meets for the active bloggers. I happen to be one of those unlucky people who never had a chance to attend one. So when I saw that there was an event specifically for the people from Mumbai and Pune, I didn’t delay a second and registered. Little did I know that there were hundreds of people registering for the tiny window of 24 people. I said the last line to brag, since I made it to the lucky 24 who were going to be a part of an extravaganza.

So what was that special event you ask? Take a look thy self master!

I felt like the A Team for a moment!

So here’s the deal. You go to the Tata lake house, you test drive the latest Nano, you eat, play and have fun and come back home with a lot of goodies. And that was just a rough idea of the event in my mind and something too awesome was in store for us.

For those who were with me on twitter, you’d know how excited we all were. For those who weren’t, take a look at the awesomeness yourself.


Let me now take a moment and speak about the reason we were all there, the Nano GenX. It was my first time inside a car with auto transmission. So I called shotgun and decided to lead the team, giving the steering to the only female player of our team, Rohini. And man did she break the stereotype! I’d give her a 10/10 when it comes to driving. Coming back to the Nano, I must say the car is one of its kind. I’m not a seasoned reviewer when it comes to automobiles so my take is going to be from a customer’s point of view.

When I want to buy a car, given the kind of place we live in, I’d look for these three things: 1. Mileage 2. Comfort and 3. Technology.
With a mileage of 21+, the Nano GenX beats all the others in its segment out of the waters.
So I’ll just skip to the comfort part of it. When I say comfort, I mean a car that gives me enough leg space to fit in, enough space for my luggage in the back, a decent shock proof ride and an AC that can keep me cool. And let me tell you that by fitting in a 6’2.5” giant like me, the Nano definitely proved that it can accommodate even the mountain. Since we were driving on the streets of Pune in 2 in the afternoon, you can imagine if the AC was bad I’d have gone at it with full force, but it was too good!
So that leaves us with Technology. And it looks like Tata was just accumulating nerds in its backyard to make Nano a techno buzz. It has Automatic transmission and the Easy shift technology and my favorite Creep mode. So if you like to switch gears on your own, simply turn to manual and if you like to make things peppy, go on the sport mode! And if you’re stuck in traffic, just manage the brakes and the creep mode will take care of it. With a mammoth 24l fuel tank and an ePas technology (Electronically powered assisted steering), the Nano is truly a GenX car!

Courtesy : TataNano_Tweets


So that was about the latest Nano. So what did we do in the event? I must have narrated this about a hundred times to different people now, but here I go again. So the event was in the Tata Lakehouse, which is a beautiful place with lots of trees and a serene atmosphere. I was the second person to reach out of the 24 participants. So I waited there and had my breakfast. Things took pace when the bus from Mumbai arrived on scene with all the awesome bloggers who were going to be a part of this event. With a small presentation we were explained everything about the Nano GenX. And then started the real game. We were all divided in teams of 4 and every team had their own Nano to enjoy. There were hundreds of people ready to throw challenges at us from twitter and every team had to complete the challenges in order to win. We were #TheNanoKnights, also called the Team D ( 😛 ) and it was up to Rohini – the charioteer, Lance – the knight, Shubham (Me) – the captain and Pranav – The navigator, to simply kill it.

#TheNanoKnights blurred version 😛

After the flag off, all the teams started on the path that could be tracked live on the Indiblogger website as we went. We kept doing the challenges, some of which you can see here:



Fun, isn’t it?

To make sure no one got tired, we stopped for lunch and refreshments and then got back to our sweet rides and reached the Tata Motors destination. And there I witnessed this awesome track, which Rohini had no issues in covering. And then we went back to the lakehouse where another awesome surprise awaited us.

Apart from the serene environment, this time the Lakehouse had Taal Inc for us! So it wasn’t just a soothing atmosphere, it was some really cool music. And no, we didn’t just listen to it, we literally created our rhythms! Take a look:


Wasn’t it awesome? The best part was, I, along with my 3 awesome teammates and 20 plus bloggers, roamed around the city in a scorching heat doing the weirdest of things including dancing on an open road, didn’t even notice it and simply went on with it enjoying every moment. I could just go on and on about it, but I’ll let my tweets do the talking. And oh, there were cupcakes!

And some too good goodies!

My camera does take some cool pics! 😀

A special mention to the Tata Nano and Indiblogger team for the amazing event and for pulling it off quite successfully just like they always do.

Some moments give your life a whole new meaning, this one reminded me of the one I’d almost forgotten. If you remember the line I began this blogpost with, that pause is now over! 🙂



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“Do you think it’s that easy? One day you will make a mistake and you will get caught. Don’t you care even a bit about your future?”

“What’s the point of worrying about the future if it disturbs your present? I prefer not thinking about it.”

“What present are you talking about? You’re an addict. There’s no coming back from the path you’re on!”

“I can’t help it. It makes me feel good, it’s the only way I can live with myself.”

“And what about everybody else? Did their present not matter to you when they were screaming for their lives in front of you? Did their voice not make your conscious bleed?”

“No. It soothed me instead.”

“Even that little baby girl?”

“Specially, that little baby girl.”

“You do realize you are everywhere in the news, don’t you? Not much time and they’ll know who was behind all those murders. You need to stop for good.”

“I will. Just… not today… I promise I won’t do it tomorrow…” he smiled.

“Alright…” he smiled too.

This whole serial killer tag was too heavy for him… This everyday conversation with the mirror was the only way he could redeem himself.

The plan.

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Mumbai. Marine drive, 1 A.M.

They say it’s a city that never sleeps,  and they aren’t wrong apparently. Yet there was something unusual about  what George just saw.

“Is that man trying to commit suicide?” He asked himself and went towards him, thinking he could do something about it.

“Hey” George shouted… “Yes, you… what are you doing?”

“Nothing”  that’s what the man said… but he was visibly scared like someone  caught him in the act. He was pretty sure George was a policeman.

George went closer to the guy… “Well your nothing looks like suicide to me sir.”

“No. I swear. I was just trying to look into the sea.” His voice started shaking.

A smile came to George’s face, his voice softened, “You can tell me what’s wrong. Trust me, I can help you”.

There  was something about George that opened up that man… The  expressionless face now started showing some emotions… “You are right.  I was trying to kill myself. I came to this city 3 months back to  become something and now I am a nobody. I have lost everything I had and  I don’t see any way out.”

For a moment George didn’t know how to  react. “I don’t know about you, young man, but I have seen similar  situations back in the day. One thing I know about life is that you  aren’t solving any problems by ending it, you are just choosing to  ignore them for eternity, thereby proving yourself a loser for a  lifetime. What can I call you by the way?”

The guy just looked at George like he wanted him to go on. “Sameer” he said.

“Look  Sameer, if I begin telling how many flaws are there in this self –  destructing plan of yours, we’ll probably need all night. I mean, who  thinks of killing himself on the freaking Marine Drive! But that’s not  what I’ll do… I’ll just say that no matter what your problem is, you  can always solve it with a peaceful mind. Killing yourself won’t take  you anywhere”

“I guess you’re right. What was I thinking! What would my parents do without me! I am so sorry” Sameer looked scared.

“So I believe you’ll be going back home and start a new life where you don’t kill yourself later?” George still had a smile.

“I believe so too. Thanks. You were of a great help to me.” Sameer smiled back.

George  looked at him as he walked… towards his home maybe… George’s mind  imbibed a feeling of satisfaction. After all he had saved two lives  today. Sameer wasn’t the only one who wanted to kill himself tonight.

It  was only after looking at Sameer that George realised how naive his own  plan was.

Hey you… Yes, I am talking to you. The twenty-something-not-so-sure-about-where-life-is-going person. I can see a thousand thoughts running through your mind, a million wishes waiting to get a chance and a zillion doubts ready to take over when you finally get that chance.

Isn’t it true that if given a hundred percent freedom of being what you want, you’d still change your career probably ten times? Or are you the absolutely figured out person who knows exactly what he wants to do? Well, I am not. I believe now you may be ready to admit that even you are not. Let me make it easy, no one is. Before you move forward, I’d just say, this isn’t a how to post, this isn’t a fun post, it’s just my experience which I believe can be useful for you.

There is no one who will do exactly the same thing if you remove all the constraints he is facing. And if someone says he will, he is probably more confused than you are. Since he isn’t yet exposed to the things apart from what he is currently doing.

A majority of us is in its early twenties. Starting their career or about to finish college. Most of those, with plans. Plans to have a great career, a great life and fulfilling all the dreams. While some plan to continue studying, some find a job they couldn’t hate more, some take time to figure out what’s next and some, as they say, struggle. And I ask, what is struggle? Aren’t we all doing that in our lives? Isn’t it that phase of life where anything we’re doing is just a stepping stone to what we actually want to do?


Image curtsey:

I am not talking about you or me here, it’s about all of us. Some of us were toppers in schools while others did average. Some managed to score too well in college and some barely managed to pass. Some got what they wanted right when the placements began and some had to wait till the very end. Some topped the charts in CAT and some kept saying MBA after job. Some wanted to become the biggest CAs the country ever saw and some tried their hands in photography. Some prepared hard for IAS and decided to quit after two failed attempts. There’s a struggler in every one of us.

I see one of the strugglers preparing hard to be just as famous as he used to be in college, alas, he isn’t able to. He has big plans, and they take time, but the constant feed of the ‘more famous’ people in his Facebook timeline makes him desperate to do it fast and sometimes he loses patience and begins to think maybe he is not good enough. There’s one more guy I see, whose uncle earns in millions. He plans to reach there one day, and blames his sucky job for not giving him time to do that. There is one guy who writes, and sees every movie as an excuse of writing its review, he plans to make it big too, just that the people around him are too dumb to understand his plans.

Are you one of those? There are more. The “I will do an MBA when I am 27” guy, the “I want to become the team leader soon” guy, the “I will write a great book, till then this job” guy, the “I am preparing for IAS” guy, the “I have a girlfriend, I’ll just get married” guy, the “I just want to have fun… yolo.. swag” guy, the “always crying about how good college was” guy, the “I will do an MBA or IAS or maybe this job or maybe become a chef” guy, the “I want to have a government job and settle down” guy, the “One day I’ll have the biggest startup” guy and the very common “I don’t know what the fuck is happening” guy!

And then there’s a combination of many such guys in one. That’s the deadliest. You want to say you aren’t in those? I’ve heard that a little personal touch helps people open up. So let me tell you, I too am in that list. I’ve been a school topper who barely passed in college, always wanted to have a big startup, wrote a book and still dreaming to write that one thing that I’ll always be proud of, have a good job in hands and still confused about what to do in life and sometimes feel like giving it all up and go to the Himalayas. It’s just that I do what I want, no matter what. <And that Himalayas thing takes a lot of guts!>

What I want to convey is, no one is wrong. No one is over ambitious. No one in the list is too crazy to think about it and NO ONE, will ‘definitely’ be wrong in doing this. If you’re in the building phase of your career and you’re in that list, it is normal. You have all the right to be impatient, to watch movies, feel bad about life and then feel awesome right in the next second, feel like singing loudly or put on the best headphones, crying remembering your glorious past or feel proud thinking about an amazing future, love someone and hate someone… you have every single right to do all that.


Image curtsey:

You won’t be wrong if you want to become a journalist after doing everything that could never lead to that, you won’t be wrong if all of a sudden you realize that MBA was never your dream but just a trend you followed, you won’t be wrong if you somehow realize you actually love your job and want to continue, you won’t be wrong in giving up money over family and/or comfort, and you definitely won’t be wrong in choosing money either, if that’s what your heart asks you to do.

Just remember, at the end of the day, if your loved ones know you’re happy and you know they’re happy, if you did at least one thing that took any of your million goals forward even a tiny step, you’re doing fine. You could do better and you will, but this isn’t bad.

This phase may be the confusing one and may be the worst of all, but there will be a time when you come out of it and that time you will be something. People on Facebook can wait, your relatives may shut up without an answer, the world may do just fine without you showing off, but a little patience will take you at just the right place. Keep calm, do what you want. Enjoy this little phase of life called struggle. 🙂

Are you ready?” Steve shouted… “You take more time than girls!” He taunted waiting for Victor inside his messy flat as usual.

C’mon Stevie! We’re late by 5 minutes. It’s not the end of the world! Relax…” Victor said in his casual carefree tone. Almost laughing at Steve’s concern.

Do you really think Jessica will mind me getting late after doing it herself every freaking time?” Victor continued… “I am just a little worried of how things will go!

Really? The super confident, Mr. I-don’t-care-about-the-world Victor Ericson… You’re saying you’re worried about something?

Easy smart ass… I am just worried about her… how she will react to my surprise. I don’t want to ruin her birthday!

So you’re worried if she’ll say a yes or no… right?” Steve asked again.

Maybe… can we talk about this later?” Victor almost nettled.

Let’s just leave and we can decide what to do in the way. And believe me, everything will be fine.” Steve smiled and moved out of the house, pulling Victor with him.


“So… What is the plan?” Steve asked.

It was Jessica’s birthday. Jessica, the love of Victor’s life. She was Steve’s friend from High School, she met Victor in Steve’s birthday party. And Mr. Magnificent Victor didn’t take a second in asking her out. There was something about him that made her say a yes. Since that day they never had a problem. With a friend like Steve, things were just too good to be true. They were together for almost nine years and with every passing year Victor was falling deeper in love with her.

“Well… the plan is simple!” a grin covered Victor’s face.


“We kill the batman!” he laughed.

“Dude! Be serious! And FYI, that was the worst joker mimicry of all times!” Steve shouted.

“Then stop asking lame questions!! What has to be the plan? We wish her, we party, we dance and then you stop becoming a third wheel and leave the two of us alone in a romantic dinner which you have arranged so I can give her the birthday present and propose her to marry me!”  Victor said in a breath.

“Wow! So now I can ask, are you sure she’s going to say a yes?”

“I hope she does. That’s where the girls win over the freaking world, don’t they?” Victor said…

“For all I know, you two are a perfect match. She will say a yes for sure… Just think about it, what would have happened had I not thrown that party!?” Steve reassured Victor.

“I wouldn’t have met her in the first place. So yeah, all in all a good life.” Victor laughed again. He loved teasing people. Specially the two most important people in his life, Jessica and Steve.


It was all arranged. A romantic dinner, a mix tape of her favorite songs in the place she loved the most. Her favorite lilies, both in red and white as she liked.

The place was just right for the occasion, with a romantic ambience, dim lights and a slow music in the background. Her best friend and love… A strong bond of so many years… How could she possibly say a no tonight!

“Well… we’ve waited for two hours! She is nowhere to be seen! Even her phone is off!” Victor said… a little worried.

“It just proves that she is as lazy as you. Congrats, you found your match.” It was Steve’s turn to laugh.

“C’mon man, I am worried. Did you try calling her? Try again please.”

“Alright! Relax…” Steve said as he dialed her number again.

He returned after a few minutes. “Bad news bro! She can’t make it. Her aunt is real sick and she had to go to her place. Sorry!” Steve said as his smile turned into a frown.

“Oh crap!”

“I know you’re worried about her aunt. We can’t even go see her, she lives too far from here.”

“Dude! I am sad that all these arrangements went in vain. I was going to propose to her today!” Victor said, looking at Steve, perplexed.

“Yeah… and a lot of money wasted too…” Steve added.

“No that’s on you. I didn’t spend a penny.” Victor laughed. “Anyway, let’s go. No network here in my phone anyway, I’ll call her when we get home.”

As they were on their way back, Steve stopped the car.

“You stay, I’ll come back in a minute.”

“Sure.” Victor said as Steve went out to soon be out of his sight.

“Hey. I hope you know how much he loves you and needs you. I wish I could change things, but I can’t. I miss you.” Steve said in a very low voice. His face was doleful… he tried to control but that one tear still managed to escape his eye. He stepped ahead and put the lilies near the stone… the stone which said. Jessica Clark (1988 – 2011).

Two years back, on this very day, Victor had planned to propose Jessica as her birthday gift. Steve had made all the arrangements when he got the news that Jessica met with an accident on her way to the restaurant and died on the spot. Composed as ever, Steve managed to bear the news but it was too much for Victor. For him it was a trauma that has held him since that day. His life continued to almost be the same, except for the fact that he could never bring himself to face the truth that Jessica was no more. For him, every year was the same as that year. Life for him, was just a repetitive event.

“Man you took time! Got a secret girlfriend there?” Victor mocked as Steve made his way back in the car.

“No. But I wish what you say becomes true soon.” Steve laughed, hiding everything else beneath that smile… as they rode back towards home.


Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.


Thanks for reading. This story has been published in the January issue of the Storizen Magazine. You can read the awesome mag here:

Disclaimer: All the things I have ever talked about on this blog, I really mean them. In case I have knowingly and on purpose hurt anyone’s feelings, I am really sorry for your poor luck and bad hairstyle (yeah I just felt like adding that.)

Well hello people! You know today’s a special day now don’t you? I turn two today. *Claps* *Birthday songs* *Cheers* Thank you thank you. So I was talking to one of my friends and he told me that the blog is about humor and I have not been writing on that for a long time now. So I thought why not get back to the old track on the special day? So here it is, an article to help every poor soul on this earth (AKA: FriendZoned guys).

This one tells you, how to know if it’s really a date or not. (And how not to panic if it really is!). So you like her. Hang out with her. She likes you too, as a ‘friend’! How merciless and heart wrenching, is it? But there is 0.341% chance that you can still get a girl who isn’t going to put you in the friendzone, ok, 0.0341%, but don’t be sad, chance is still there right! Just read this.

How often does that happen? You and her, chatting up as usual, laughing and all when all of a sudden you drop in the idea of ‘watching the man of steel show together’ or maybe ‘trying the new double cheese pizza by dominos’ and to your surprise, without a slight delay she says yes. Now that puts you in doubt, is it a date? For you it is, but is it for her? Situation is even worse when she asked you out and you have no friggin idea if that was ‘asking out’ or asking out (you know the difference, right?).


  1. Study the place you guys will be going to. See, saying yes to a ‘man of steel’ show is like accepting your friend request on a social network, not your proposal. It just means she likes Superman, not you. Also applies to Batman, Spiderman and any other man with superpowers. (Not the Indian Ra.One, Marry her if she is ready to watch that with you!)
  2.  So it is a movie, but you are going to have a pizza too after that. Now that tells something, doesn’t it? Yeah… her taste in good food! You bozo! What kind of a girl would go for a pizza on her first date? (The cool one, I know, but since she is going out with you, we’ve already established she is insane.)
  3. To know for sure she is not into you, you could try some advanced ways. Try asking her to choose a shirt for you to buy. Now a not so close one would be trying to avoid that. A too close ‘friend’ would mock you for your bad choice and then go ahead and choose some. And the kind you want, ‘close’ in a different way, would be ready to choose, but not vehemently and would go for formal wear (Mark… My… MWords.)
  4. While many guys find it attractive, I find it extremely anti-feminist that the guy has to pay. But yeah, she went out with you and you had to pay means three cases.

A:  She didn’t offer. : Either a great friend or a freeloader, my money is on latter, a phrase which btw, would never be said by her.

B: She offered and you rejected but she insisted hard and then settled for ‘she pays the next time’. : You sir, are SuperStupendousOutrageouslyFriendZoned. Ask yourself, do you WANT a next time?

C: She offered so sheepishly that you had to say no and pay. : She is the one, man! She is the one!

5. While watching a movie together with a friend is followed by some casual remarks and a normal bye, a date like this is generally followed by awkward silence, random chat and super awkward moments where you lead for a hug and she expects a handshake (even worse when you were going for a kiss.. what.. no.. never happened with me, just saying… what? no..! you suck!).

What I am saying is, just sense what she is going for and if it is anything more than a handshake and she says ‘call me’, she is definitely in!


6. Just call her and tell her you really liked it and would like to do it again. There can be a few possible replies.

  • Like:

A. Really, same movie, again! (She isn’t into you, she is funny, give me her number!)

B. Sure, but this time with our dates. (Got it? Go bang your head now.)

C. Not really, I got bored. (She is… well do I need to spoon feed thou?)

D. Ah, yeah why not. This time you chose the place. (Highly unlikely, and I only said this to cover everything. But yeah, you scored!)


           7 . If aforementioned ways weren’t enough, ask her directly. Although I’d recommend some witnesses and at least one protective gear while you do that.

That’s it. Like those? Did you now…? really? Well, in case you did then don’t forget to leave a comment. In case you didn’t, leave one anyway, you wasted quite a lot of time coming all the way till here.

Once again, happy birthday to me and to the launch of Apollo XI, the thing that put Neil Armstrong on moon if you remember. This was post number 74 , and the blog has now crossed over 55,000 views. Thank you 😀

A story in two versions, from a son and a mother’s angle. 100 words each, read on 🙂


“So what’s in dinner today?” He asked his mother.

The way he had worked and not eaten anything the entire day just to earn that daily wage of 100 rupees was too much to do for any normal person.

She served the three chapatis and potato curry on a plate to him. This was the only thing she could afford making in such a small budget.

Disappointed, he looked at her, finished it and went to sleep in a sad mood. He wanted to ask for some milk, but didn’t, thinking that she might have given it to his sister.




“So what’s in dinner today?” Her son asked.

She gave him the potato curry and three chapatis.

He has worked so hard, I wish I could make something better!” She thought.

Suddenly his expressions changed showing his disappointment with the food.

She almost cried inside but made sure it didn’t show. She wanted to offer him some milk, but couldn’t as she didn’t have enough money to buy it.

He went to sleep. She went to sleep too, skipping her dinner. For two days she hadn’t eaten anything, but her son just had dinner. Maybe she’ll make him something better tomorrow.


“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” – Erich Fromm

This post was pending from a long time. Needed to create a vibe since I wanted this to reach as many people as it could.

Devansh, a friend, a reader and an honest follower is my co-author in this one.

Here’s a little preview:

“Be the change you want to see”, if everyone started following this simple line, most of the problems would be solved. While I have always said this, I’ve never seen this happening around me. Blaming the government is something we consider our birthright.
‘India is a store house of problems’- I’ve lost count of how often I’ve heard these words. No solutions though, just bare criticism, as to how poor we are, how corrupt our system is & how many years will it take for us to be able to compete with the rest of the world. But ironically, none of these is incorrect. So I also started blaming the government for not only not being able to solve problems, but becoming a hindrance in the way of others who wanted to.

Just when I was having one such discussion with a friend, he told me about some initiatives his state government has taken up. Before I tell you, I’ll say that this is in no way any kind of promotion or a news making stunt. But just something I really liked and would love it if others follow it too. 

This post is different in many aspects.  As the full post is not on my blog but on my YouthDiaries website.

Read the full post here: 

For the first time the whole blogpost can be found on Facebook too:

Many thanks to Devansh for being my co-author in this. Would love to create more such posts with you. You can read more of Devansh’s posts here : 🙂

“I am sorry, but the bridge can’t get the foundation it needs there, it might even fall”

“But we need it, it will be a gold mine.”

“I can’t risk people’s lives”

“Why don’t you give me your bank account number?”

And the bridge stood there for a year.
110 died later when it collapsed.


An attempt in the 55-Fiction Genre. Hope you like it.

Today… or well, tonight… the bug won’t speak. I’d just say a very happy women’s day to all the females out there. Congrats, you managed to spend one more day safe and sound. This post, is for you and by you.

3 days back, I had this idea of an ‘all’ readers post. And then I started asking all the female readers of my blog one simple question, “What does being a woman mean to you?” And I am glad to have received some superb answers. Although I had promised I’d feature all of them, but some answer didn’t actually answer the actual question so I had to keep them out.
Moving on, here is the question:

What does being a woman mean to you?


And here are the answers:


Being a woman doesn’t only mean possessing feminine features and a delicate physique. For me it means being strong, self-reliant, confident and independent. Being a woman i have learnt many things, the biggest one being to be able to stand up for myself and my rights and question where i feel i have been wronged. To me, it also means to help other women emancipate themselves by presenting a good example of yourself in front of them and help them experience the joy of their womanhood.

–          Surbhi Sharma


Being woman means conveying such ideas and principles through my writings,personality and deeds that every woman starts feeling proud about her existence and adopt feminism,every man starts respecting each woman just the way he respects his mother and every rapist spend his every second with guilt in his heart.

–            Ankita Sharma


Being a woman means getting separate place in metro trains, long queues, admission quotas and now even separate banks! 😀

–          Gargi Trehan (One of my co-authors from the past)


Being women”… LOL! Most of the time people want me to be a puppet and I have to be one, otherwise there are consequences. So, I don’t know if i can answer this question because I rarely hold any experience in “Being women”.

–          Harshda Mangal


Happy women’s day.
Being a woman means a lot. Being strong… Mentaly n emotionaly.. Heap of patience, tonns of love, Billions of problems, yet a smiling elegant face. Being a woman means ‘ME’. Dedicating dis day to all the women n specially d best 1 in my life, my mom. Some lines for her. By her stupid daughter :p
It won’t be an exaggeration, that my mom is my priceless possession.
Who lends me the knowledge of etiquette.  My mom is the best flower inside a buqette.
All her life she has been so ethical. From day till my mom remains mechanical.
Even a computer is having a motherboard. Me n my mom is having a feeling cord..
My mom’s face gives me blue. Ever i broke she was the only glue..
Every morning her fragrance is in my room, she always prays to make me bloom…
The best place i ever found is your lap, you motivated me with my future map…
Without u m a little weak, as m habitual with u to get stick..
Mom, for me u r the idol of god,
much much higher than any lord..
Mom, you are in my heart’s mantel piece.. Because it’s so secure to stay with that ease. LOVE YOU MAA.

–          Neha Rai


Being a women is like a surprise gift which has been surprising me through different Stages of my life and will always do , it’s like a special feeling of being unique, beautiful… Feels proud that we play so many diff. roles in one life, which comes along with their own responsibilities…. God has blessed us with immense will to face the troubles. A woman can be described in million ways as they say, no one can describe a woman completely…. All this make me feel absolutely wonderful!!!!

–          Gargi Joshi


Being woman to me is like having the love of my parents, my brothers and my friends. It’s like a multitasker doing all the jobs in one go. (With mistakes obviously 😉 )
Being woman means loving being the drama queen and the emotions and the tears and laughter and throwing tantrums. And last but not the least; I love the line, Ladies first! 😉

–          Viji John.


According to me being a woman is just not a female gender. It’s a feeling. Feeling of love, care, concern, power, strength, self-respect, defence.

–          Shweta Dewanda


“I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants. ” the words are Whitney Houston’s. And i agree!

–          Sharmili Adhikari



Being a woman for me is a blessing. Through all the hardships and difficulties that I have faced as a woman, I always find a ray of hope to pull myself through it and face the world filled with newer and greater challenges as well as beauty.
But I must say, you have asked a very tough question here. There are so many aspects that a woman goes through that I doubt any woman can actually sum it up in a few sentences.

–          Ramya Hegde


waiting child

Being a woman for me today means. Opening your own doors, Balancing choice with obligation, the world is yours. if you’re bold enough to take it.
Not expecting a thank you. You do something because either it’s expected of you, ’cause no one else will, or you just want to.
The sky is the limit. I can walk on the moon (if they ever send anybody there again), run for president, become one of the richest people on earth – whatever the imagination conjures up is within our grasp…except of course – equal pay.

Working in a man’s world, while still living in a woman’s world

Having to establish that you DO have a brain and you CAN work a camera with the best of them, even if you are wearing high-heeled boots.
Being a woman sometimes means having the responsibility without the authority.
Being a woman today means going beyond what your mother thought was possible.
Feeling confident that I can do anything, be anything—until some guy exerts his male privilege when I least expect it.

Tirelessly juggling multiple jobs to serve many constituencies—study, family, employees, community—with as much energy, love and grace as one can muster.

–          Vandana surana.


Being a woman feels strange (Yes it does!). God has blessed us with three hormones – Estrogen, testosterone and Progesterone. When these hormones are varied to absurd levels, a woman is formed. Seriously.
Coming to the point, Women Often Complain about being beautiful decorative items, miserable objects of pity and sympathy. They blame male dominated society for this condition. But if I do that, I’ll be lying. In the past 21 years of my life, i have never faced any kind of rejection due to my gender. Instead, I was highly privileged.
Separate lines, reservation (Die, you General Category Boy, DIE!),mMore options in clothing line and accessories etc. etc. The actual victims of male chauvinism cannot even put their feelings publically, maybe it’s a matter of pride for their men. In my close circle, whenever girls are asked to write about “how they feel about being a woman”, they always write about how women are the best creations of god because they are capable of giving life (But I’m not going to do that). Whenever they are about to lose a debate with men, they try to act superior and say that men owe their life and love to women. Honestly, it’s not true. And dear Mr. Sperm, You are important too, no one can challenge that. Women only lack in physical strength and these boundations are self-imposed. Wake Up you sleeping beauties, today Womanhood is appreciated, respected and celebrated. Just Practice a little bit of ‘NUT – Cracking’ daily and everything will be equalized. Happy Women’s Day.

–          Akanksha Sharma (Yep, my first co-author ever on this blog)


Feminism to a women is a feeling that comes from within. A happiness, a confidence that spreads warmth to her heart, brings sparkle to her eyes and a secret beguiling smile to her lips.

Being a women is beautiful.

–          Kshama Pandey


Having the luxury of being the powerful charming one and in case that doesn’t work, being the sympathy gainer! It’s a win win game.

“Ladki hone ka fayda na ho to ladki hone ka kya fayda”

–          Pragya Vedprakash


Being a woman means to accept yourself exactly as you are as you give yourself permission to grow and evolve. It also means putting yourself first on your to do list…

–          Swati Goyal (My beloved sister)


To me, being a woman means that I end up sacrificing a lot to gain little but making that little count so that my lot doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

–          Anjali Mariam Paul


And the last one,

Woman = Beauty + Agility + Flexibity + Responsible + Unconditional Love + Nurturer of life. Only a woman knows you, your heart, your needs and how to take care of it all.

–          Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay



This is it. It was amazing reading all the responses. From the core of my heart, thanks to all and a happy women’s day, again 🙂

I keep my promises. There are two surprises, from my choice, Anjali Mariam Paul wins one of them. Do comment your favorite quote or message me, I need to declare the people’s choice too 🙂