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As soon as you hit the age of 13, you become a teenager and with that begins a never ending war between your age and your mind. As we grow up, in that phase of age there are multiple challenges that we face, the most common one being… board exams! I know, but here I am going to talk about something less difficult and more annoying; Pimples. They’re very common in that age and mostly go away with time, but sometimes when they don’t, they can be a real pain.

I remember how much pain my sister had to go through to get rid of the pimples. That constant pain, going to different doctors, trying hell knows how many home remedies, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and what not! It was like a maze with apparently no exit door. I was a kid when she went through all of that, so I couldn’t appreciate her efforts in that, but soon when I had to go through it myself, I could imagine how difficult it would have been on her.

Pimples just change your looks a bit, or at least that’s what it looks like, but to think about it, they can put down someone’s confidence and bring about a change in personality. Pimples, aren’t just spots on your face, they can also be painful and can sometimes make your life really hard. There’s so many remedies available that people on the internet won’t stop bragging about, Apricots, orange peels, Aloevera, wheat grass juice and thousands of different kinds of Facepacks and lotions… In my experience, or more correctly, in my sister’s experience, they all need something else with them to work, and that is strength. No orange peel or fruit is going to get them out overnight, what you need is a determination that will get you through that face and a will to do it yourself. I do remember seeing her prepare the different solutions and try those on her face, and jump happily when the marks got even a bit lighter. (I may be exaggerating a bit here, I am almost double that age now, can’t help it!)

The point here is, she managed to win it. So did many others. But I am sure they wish they had a better way of doing it which didn’t involve so much of work. Well, I can’t say I’ve used it myself, but from what I’ve heard from the one experienced person at my home, the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash seems to do it. The word pure neem reminds me of my own experience with these real life antagonists known as pimples. I was around 16 when I got a lot of them. Before they could become a permanent decoration of my face, my sister warned me to take care of them. But I couldn’t do all that she did! Not that I couldn’t handle it, I was just lazy. So my mom told me that Neem leaves are very good for blood purification, which is basically what we need to cure pimples. I didn’t think twice and started eating fresh neem leaves every morning. Yep! When every other 16 year old was having bed tea, I started my mornings with 5-10 bitter neem leaves. The surprising part is that went on for over a month till my pimples were almost gone (I don’t know that happened because of the leaves or with time, but I like to believe it was the leaves.), and I didn’t mind eating those; which also gave my parents a reason to believe that I was the soul of a devil.

Erm… coming back to the point, I’d not be endorsing something if I had a slight doubt that it wouldn’t be something right. But after listening to so many, I can safely say that this is definitely right. If you too have Pimples, you don’t need to make your face an experimental site or start your morning on a bitter note, just use Garnier Pure Active and you’ll be fine.

                                    Credits to AnimationExpress for the pic. Sunny paji for the win!

Also, check out this amazing blog where you get to know many things about skincare. Being a lazy ass that I am, I am not sure if I’ll be able to follow the workouts part, but knowing the female readers of the blog, I’m sure they’ll love that: ( )

Do tell me if you had any of such troublesome experiences, maybe we’ll complain about it together in the next post. And also, tell me your experience with Garnier Pure Active too if you’ve used it! 😀



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She was there in my hometown, but she went away before I could see her. I went after her to Pune, but alas, I was too late to track her down. But then, finally, it was Mumbai where we met. I am talking about the latest Tata Bolt in case you thought it was something else. I met her in the Bolt arena in Phoenix Mall, Mumbai. And you can’t blame me, when a car looks like that, you’ve got to see it up close!

Coming to the point, I am not what you may call a car fanatic, but I do have my fair share of watching top gear and writing car reviews every now and then. So needless to mention, when Blogadda gave me a chance to check out the all new Bolt, I couldn’t let it go!

With a 1.2 litre turbocharged MPFi petrol engine, speed sensing autolocks, dual airbags, fully automatic AC with touchscreen, extra cabin space, geo responders, amazing finish, masculine rugged looks, amazing connectivity features and superb range of colors, this is just the car a person like me dreams of.

I went to the bolt arena with my friends and the people there were supportive enough to explain us the features, although in no way we looked like in a condition to buy this thing of beauty, I’d definitely not mind winning one though!

Here’s a pic of my friend Sagar with the Bolt.


Let mine remain secret for a while 😉

Here’s another one with the less enthusiastic Nitesh, he was probably mesmerized by the features I told him before we reached the arena.


So as I already gave a small preview of what features are packed in the all new Bolt, what stole my heart is yet to be told. So here’s the top 5 reasons I loved the bolt.

First and the foremost is the connectivity. When you start looking at it, Bolt is literally packed with everything you could ask for when it comes to the connectivity.

There is a CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™ which already puts it ahead of the league, but just to make it beat the crap out of all others, Tata gave this one an advanced voice command recognition to make calls, change tracks, and control the AC. Just imagine, you could practically spend the whole journey talking to your car! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

There’s a lot of other connectivity features too, not on my list but others will definitely like the video playback and touchscreen options!

Second on my list was the safety. Driving on the Indian roads, you need to make sure you’re prepared for all kinds of situations. And bolt gives you Dual airbags and speed sensing autolocks on all doors.

There’s also a rear wiper, to make sure you don’t lose visibility on those foggy days.

Next up or third is performance. Yes, I agree that this would be number one for most people, but given that if I ever get this car I’ll be driving this in heavy traffic conditions, a powerful engines isn’t a big part of my priority list. But still, it is there. And in the bolt, it is hands down the most distinguishing feature.

The revotron 1.2T engine is something that… well… I can’t fully explain. So I’ll the website do this job.

The powerful Revotron 1.2T delivers the best-in-class** power of 90 PS and torque of 140 Nm between 1500-4000 RPM. The built in MULTI-DRIVE feature lets you switch between three different driving modes: Sport, Eco and City, giving you the power of 3 engines in 1.

Fourth on my list comes the price. Being a hardcore Baniya, this totally could have been first for me, but I secretly wouldn’t care about the price if a car is this good (and I have that much money! ). Plus price isn’t really a car’s feature, except when it is this low! Read on:

Different versions of Bolt are there starting from a price of 4,65,000 to 7,40,000. When I first took a good look at all the features, I was expecting this to be beyond my scope, over a million bucks or something. But at this price, it is definitely a steal deal. Go baniyas!

Before I tell you about the fifth feature that I liked the most, Let me tell you that I am 6’2” tall and the length of my legs are the reason most of my friends throw me out of their cars. Erm… moving on… the Bolt has such a cabin space that this would never be a problem. According to most review websites, Bolt offers the class leading cabin space which means it is the best in its category.  ( )

We’re done with the 5 things I like about the bolt, I am sure by now you’re in love with it too. Tell me your favorite features, check this out :

Also, you should already be knowing that This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda. 🙂

Before I begin, let me wish all the readers out there a very happy girl child day. Thanks to many people’s wondrous habit of female foeticide, we don’t have a lot of women in our country compared to the male population, respecting them shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Just think about it, while I talk about the subject this post is about. So the Valentines week is near. People fall in and out of love and spend a good amount of time desperately trying to get into and then maintaining relationships every day, this is the week where we kind of get a license to do it. Now that line might have made it look like I hate this whole concept… but I don’t. I just had to say something offensive in the beginning, I learned that in the writing class I’ve been taking. Remind me to ask for my money back.

Although being an engineer, talking about love doesn’t really suit me, but the readers of this blog would know, that is pretty much all I had when I started. Love has multiple stages from the time it begins to the time it grows full-fledged inside you… kind of like cancer… just that the latter might have a cure we’re yet to find. If you have passed out of college, you probably have already experienced those thoughts about your crush that take you to an entirely different world… that one look that gives you the chills and a touch that puts butterflies in your stomach. The first time you dare to ask him/her out and every moment till you get the answer seems like a thousand years. It has happened to almost every one of us. Many succeed and many don’t, it’s like the circle of life. So, what exactly should one do? Close up, the well-known brand put many people to this task where they have to explain how they would propose their crush on the Valentine’s Day. And here I am, sharing my thoughts on this.

Since we live in a tech savvy world, getting someone’s number is not a big deal anymore. And so isn’t proposing someone on phone. And just to be clear, my earlier post 5 ways to ask her out was a joke post, so please don’t try chasing her with a dog, using cow tails or anything like that as well. Here’s what I think I’d do.

First logical step would be to get a hint, at least be half sure that she’ll like you back. This goes for girls too, although there’s barely any chance a guy would say no if you showed enough courage of asking him out, a girl making the first move, that’s pure gold! Next step is to start on the right foot, figuratively. If you’re already in good terms with here, go out for a movie, probably the one you know she’ll like for sure, like any Leo Dicaprio movie. If you don’t know her very well, I’d still suggest the movie, just let her choose. In my view, Coffee is too obvious, Malls are too full and Parks are too cheesy, hence the movie. Once you’re out of the movie you could go for a coffee, or a pizza, yes, pizza!! Erm… back to normal… What happens after that is probably what will be the decisive factor. Insist on taking a walk, maybe a short one, but do it. Here comes the important part, depending on how bold you can get. There could be a thousand things one can do at this moment.

Walking her through a road where you’ve already put sign boards asking her out, this time as your date… Getting a card delivered that contains your proposal, when the waiter brings the bill, seeing her expressions reading the card could be the finest moments of your life till that time… If you don’t mind involving people, making a toast also sounds like a great idea, of course you have to be an avid risk taker for that, but hey, high risk, high returns! One way that I really like is this… it’s not too bold, involves a backpack and a lot of flowers. You need to make sure that you got her favorite flowers. Now on the walk that you’re taking, make up an excuse to give her the first flower… as you continue walking, take out the second… and after a few steps, the third… Sounds creepy but after the second flower it starts becoming fun… After a number of flowers, say 10, give the eleventh one with the question that you’ve been dying to ask. There’s a very good chance it will be a yes, and with her hands filled with flowers, you at least won’t get slapped even if that’s a no! It will be even better if flowers are combined with her favorite chocolates.

Hands down, this has to be the cheesiest post ever on the blog. I can already see the female following of the blog running away. As much as I made sure that at no point I involve my personal relationship status or my history of crushes interfere with the ideas in the post, the last one would be my way of doing it. Not to mention that this will just be a beginning 😉

Do check out close up’s cupid games ( for more such styles and ideas, go ahead, propose your crush this valentine. Be bold!

Close Up Cupid Games.

PS: Check out your very own Kanan Gill taking this challenge:

If there was ever a Nobel Prize given for extraordinary contribution to the field of littering and garbage mismanagement, it can be safely assumed that we Indians will win it… every year… till the doomsday (Which will probably happen after an epidemic that spread due to unmanaged waste in our country!). Don’t get me wrong, I am not writing this to blame anyone. Neither is this a complain post or something that tells you ten ways to manage waste. This time I am doing the opposite; I am going to tell you the best ways to become the Great Indian Litterbug! We always have the Clean India Campaign to tell people otherwise, right?

So starting with the obvious question, who is the Great Indian Litterbug? And what can I do to become one?

Well, to answer what you can do, I’ll just say ‘Continue.’ Yes! Just keep doing what you do. Some garbage here, some spitting there, a little pee on the wall and a lot of plastic bags that aren’t too small. Just spread it like a wildfire. To answer who is the Litterbug, I believe this video will do a better job.

A litterbug is no special man. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become the litterbug. All you need is perseverance and that ‘never say yes’ attitude. Did you somehow feel like throwing that banana peel in the dustbin? NO! Is there a public toilet nearby that you could use? Hell no! What about the germs? Go ahead and do it against the wall. It is open air… there can never be too many germs in there.

So how can you, yes you… become the litterbug? The answer lies somewhere in the following steps of what I call “The game theory of Littering”. Follow them and spread the dirt… I mean word.

  1. Point and shoot.
    Just the way Abhinav Bindra did it when he won the gold for India. The only difference is, you’re pointing the whole world except the dustbin. Play it your way, the whole city is your arena, literally!! Got an empty pack of chips? Or maybe an ice cream stick… Just think of it as a game. You miss the dustbin, you get 10 points. Plus there’s just so much trouble in finding the dustbin and walking towards it that you won’t have to take now.
  2. Paint it red.
    Are you a regular tobacco user? Bingo! I knew you were the one. No worries if you’re not, I’m sure you know at least one person who is; pass the baton. Even relays get you golds. Now imagine you’re in the Tomatino festival. Now get the Sexy Katerina Kaif out of your mind and imagine a shirtless Abhay Deol doing it just that instead of Tomatoes, he’s spitting tobacco to paint it red. And instead of a handful of people, you’ve got like a million walls to paint. Go ahead, leave no wall unstained as that may make people think of you as a person worth talking to. We simply cannot let that happen.
  3. Innovate.
    The most important part of any sport is innovation. How much a player is able to create the situations in mind and figure out new ideas to handle them is what separates him from others. Same goes for the Great Indian Litterbug. Innovate your way into the waste. If your friend simply throws the empty polybags on road, you play it one step ahead, you throw it on empty roads where nobody threw it before. Start marking your territories and find new places to mess up. I’d also recommend making your own taglines. So many companies are already supporting the littering campaign. While Mcdonalds says “I’m lovin it”, Nike is asking to “Just do it.”
  4. Take the leap.
    You know how they have the concept of Bonus line in Kabaddi; Unless you take the leap, you won’t get there! So go ahead, dive in. Make at least 5 people spread the mess and make sure they spread it like a wildfire. Make some posters. Use brand new sheets and even if you make a tiny mistake, throw that sheet away on the road, not in the dustbin. Stick those posters on city walls, specially where it says that sticking posters is prohibited. Let the law pay for your deeds, who cares about the rules anyway.

If you closely follow everything that I’ve said above, no one can stop you from being the biggest messmaker around. You’ll be the Great Indian Litterbug. Your name will be written with sewage waste in the history books. You’ll be the mark of smell and your sayings will appear in every hospital out there! Be the one, our country needs you.

PS: This post was a work of satire, in case that wasn’t pretty clear already. We all know how important cleanliness is, specially when it comes to the masses. To know more about the Great Indian Litterbug, check this out