About me

I am Shubham Choudhary. The person behind this literary atrocity.


Before I tell you that I am a published author, you must know that I am a student, a writer, a wit maker, and an engineer.
And as you can see, I am quite a colorful person!!
If someone had to describe me then he/she probably would say that i am a guy who has an opinion on everything.

From politics to sports, from Facebook to studies, from emotions to useless wits..
I try to know about everything as much as i can.

Apart from writing and reading, I like to code, watch too much sitcoms, spend an abnormally large amount of time on my smartphone downloading and trying new apps, sing and even do a little RJing.

You can find my book “My EX Fell In Love” running successfully in all the online and offline bookstores.

I have my own website for all the updates about me and my social profiles. www.ShubhamChoudhary.com

This is my blog for Fun and Frustration. To know more about where i have been contributing and featured, check out the other pages 🙂

I have been interviewed too, by the eminent interviewer Devang Vibhakar. Check out http://www.speakbindas.com/interview-of-shubham-choudhary/

Find more about me and my interviews and more importantly the book reviews, on this blog: www.myexfellinlove.blogspot.com

And in case you feel like tolerating me a bit  more, I tweet 24×7 here: @ShubhamTweets , And I am generally found cribbing here too: Facebook and Quora


23 thoughts on “About me

  1. LoL. You’re a funny guy. I almost wasted 3 hours going through your blog..with 2 papers to write tomorrow. .. (just a measure of how interesting I found it!)

  2. Well written bhaiya…keep inspiring us.::)
    Solicitously waiting for a post from you…:)
    Take Care,
    your interview was fab, motivational and humorous too(the word ‘humor” need to be included 🙂 )

    Harshit Chauhan

    1. Thanks a lot bro..
      I am in no way inspiring (Except to a few people who want to learn the art of sleeping with eyes open)
      I just lead my life with an example of how to stay happy 🙂

  3. as my daily dose n guess of every d other one dats facebook…was just scrolling it up and down i read post on fb abt a book MY X FELL IN LUV found d caption interesting ..so so wil d buk wil be though i hve not read it til….n then started the same thing opening dat in a new tab…again opened a new tab thats of ur interview and then again further and read ur few bolgs found dat u r really a gud writer…..n got too busy reading them dat 2 hrs went lyk a blink of eye………n congrts 4 ur book,placement,n evrythng dat u achieved…

    1. Thanks a lot Sakshi. This is great how you got time not only to read about the book but also about my other profiles and posts. I am pretty sure you’d like the book too, since you liked my blog.
      Expecting more visits from your side. 🙂

  4. Hey!
    First of all, hearty congratulations on the phenomenal success you’ve achieved! Hope we get the privilege of being amused by your wits in another book of yours. 🙂
    I’m a student, just like you, aspiring to become just like you.
    I wont lie, but I recently started following your work. And personally, i feel it to be very enlightening as well as with a subtle amount of humor. I wanna ask you a few things, if possible, related to the context. Is there anyway I could reach you personally?
    Thanks and cheers!

  5. i love how your a hero to all of those fans out there i just wanted to say that you a very realistic guy i like how everyone is positive around im nabhan by the way and also i just read about your successful book “my ex fell in love” but i never got the chance to read it yet ive been wanting to read a romance story because i write romantic poems and i love writing.

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