Campus Inter-no-view!

Hello everyone.. I know how long it has been since I last posted. Getting into a full time professional life brings a lot of changes in your lifestyle. My manager would soon realize I was an exception to this but yes, last few months have been pretty hectic for me. But that's not the only … Continue reading Campus Inter-no-view!

The Indian Solution!

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. (and hence I am forever alone.) See... How concerned I am to defend our pledge from being violated. And not only me, but many people, in fact every Indian citizen is concerned about our national issues. We all want to see our country rise and we … Continue reading The Indian Solution!

C for compliments, C for confessions… C for crap!

There’s one more word starting with C, but I would prefer decency over that. This post is dedicated to the recent trends of the confession and compliment pages on Facebook. Remember the old times when there were no sophisticated means of communication. People used to sing songs and send letters via pigeons (or at least … Continue reading C for compliments, C for confessions… C for crap!

In conversation with: The relationship guy!

When I talk about the blockbusters this blog has given, three names that come to my mind are In conversation with: A married guy (co-author Anil Sharma), The real resume of a girl (co-author Shubham Khandelwal) and The Facebook relationship (that’s just me 😉 ) All three not only won people’s hearts but managed to … Continue reading In conversation with: The relationship guy!

The Next Indian Generation

Before you go any further, here’s a warning… This article does not make sense. Seriously. There is no way your deep intellectual mind and my verbally diarrheic mood are going to sync at any point. Still, I know you’re a BIG fan of the blog (just say yes, it’s a rule…), so I promise you … Continue reading The Next Indian Generation

12 ways to Perfect straight hair, Not so ‘perfect’ after all!

If you were to ask my friends, I’d probably be the last guy to give any kind of advice on hair and hairstyles according to them. And hence, when I saw this post on Indiblogger to post something about ‘perfect straight hair’ I thought I shouldn’t do it. Since 1) I am a guy and … Continue reading 12 ways to Perfect straight hair, Not so ‘perfect’ after all!

The Gifto’logy

You… yes… you! I am talking to you bozo! Where do you think you are going? Just because I didn't write anything funny for a month, you think you can just unsubscribe! Not that easy buttercup. And because you had such a lame idea of moving away from this blog, not only I spammed you and brought … Continue reading The Gifto’logy

Fusion Paneer Sizzler: The NEWS dish!

Hola amigos. I hope I find all of you in good health, because you’re gonna need one hell of an appetite to eat what I am going to explain next. In case you’re wondering what is happening, let me tell you, I am the same Shubham who used to write sarcastic articles and weird observations. … Continue reading Fusion Paneer Sizzler: The NEWS dish!