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Him and her.

Posted: April 2, 2015 in English, Poems
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If you liked A Facebook Relationship, this is one more such attempt. Hope you like it too 🙂

Happy, she put on her favorite dress, the finest lipstick she had. Sad, he threw the shoe away, and lay down on the bed.

Happy, she made the best Pasta ever, he’d like it, she thought. Sad, he forgot to bring the roses she thought he’d already bought.

Happy, she had a lot to talk about, confused where to start. Sad, he wanted to keep quiet and listen to Mozart.

Happy, she wanted to hop on him as he came, and kiss him the best way she could. Sad, he just wanted to hug her, and kiss her back if she would.

Happy, she had a news to share, and an idea in mind. Sad, he’d even say no to sex today, proving the first of his kind.

Happy, she called him, waiting for him to respond. Sad, he didn’t notice his phone, and her calls of which he was fond.

Happy, she saw him as he entered the door, but the energy wasn’t there. Sad, he saw her jumping like a kid, even in his despair.

Happy, she wanted him to be happy too, but something seemed wrong. Sad, he could see how excited she was, maybe he could play along.

Sad, he still smiled, knowing she wanted him to. Sad, she toned hers down, knowing he didn’t want to.

Happy, he kissed her first, assuring her his love and care. Happy, she held his hand, telling him she was there.

Also, I was recently told that posting a good comment adds two healthy years to your life. No harm in trying, right? 🙂


The reply.

Posted: December 14, 2014 in Fiction, Issues
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“How many times should I apologize for what happened? Don’t you see any other way?”

“I am afraid not.”

“Well… try to, I beg you! I’ll confess everything, I’ll go to jail! You’ve got to trust me over this.”

“Sorry, I don’t have time for all that.”

“I’ll give you money, whatever amount you say. We can make this work, think about it rationally!”


“Can you at least speak more!? Tell me what I can do… Is there anything else in your mind apart from a no?”

“I thought me not speaking up was the thing you liked the most about me, what happened now?”

“Listen, I am sorry, I know I was cruel and what I did was wrong, disgusting, and heinous… but how is this going to solve anything?”

“Funny you should ask that. Because for me, that’s the only solution.” Her grip on the gun got tighter, she took her hand towards the trigger and pulled it. He had only raped her, it was the world that killed her soul. This, was her reply.

I believe technology is the second best thing for the mankind, right after Mom’s home-cooked food. It lets us do things in a blink of an eye, technology, not the food. But to want more is being human.

Sometimes I like to hang out with my friends just to catch up with what’s going on in their lives. Those are the times when I don’t want to worry about my life’s problems or the regular work. Sometimes, I’d just have a pizza in peace. And let’s not even talk about the time when the Football world cup is going on. But the thing with life is that it is ruthless. No matter who you’re talking to, your phone could just run out of prepaid balance, your internet may go down, your phone or laptop battery may get discharged, your DTH connection may be interrupted… the list is just unending.

So the point here is, after all that I am getting through this amazingly advanced technology, why do I feel I am losing on so much? The answer seems to be simple… ‘Because just having a smartphone or a laptop does not mean you have the best technology with you’. Behold, in comes Asus T100!

Now I never tell people how much I am in love with internet. Well, ok sometimes I do. But just imagine its power. You can pay your bills, watch your favorite match, stay abreast with the news, chat with your family and friends and a lot more things, all while eating a pizza! You’re feeling hungry? I am sure there’s an app for that. Feeling bored? Voila, app for that too. (That’s why Mom’s homemade food precedes technology. There’s no app for that 😦  ).

But no matter how great the software is, how speedy the internet is, there’s no point if you have to sit at a fixed place to use it or the hardware is just not good enough. With tech savvy and erm… Crazy people like me, you just need to have the best thing possible. Talking about the best, how about something with a small size that you can carry anywhere, compatibility with the best of windows, a battery that will run longer than you can imagine, speed that you’ll feel proud of and wait for it, a feature of conversions as per your wish… yep, a laptop, no, a tab? You got it! It really is Ultraportable!


You wouldn’t want that now, would you? GO OUT! Your tablet will stay with you.


I am a 23-year-old blogger who works in the IT industry, loves football and lives away from his family. So no matter where I am, I want to stay connected so that I can chat with my friends anytime, pay my bills, write immediately whenever an idea comes to my mind, make sure my favorite match moments aren’t missed and obviously, I need that all without the constant thought of running out of battery. And that’s what keeps me hooked to my favorite devices. May it be a phone or a laptop. But alas, they all have their limitations, which, let’s face it, none of us likes.

A gadget like the Asus T100 would be a boon for me. With its powerful processor and hulk sized battery, I am sure I’ll not have the power problem. Its portability options give me the chance to take it on the go wherever I want and still stay connected, not to mention its Office, Entertainment and internet options give me a range of things I can do. I am assuming when I have my hands on it, Mom’s food will be the only thing left that I’d miss. I wish Asus could do something about that too. But hey, I’ll video chat with her and learn how to cook, for as long as I want! I mean, it’s not like the battery is going anywhere… or I need to care about the bulky size and not take it to the kitchen! It’s slimmer than Scarlet Johansson for crying out loud!

I heard about it and the idea of this post came to my mind. One thing is for sure, I am definitely going to try this amazing master-piece of Asus. In case you’re intrigued, don’t hold it, go directly to this ( ) and take a look, trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed, to say the least. Although I don’t take any guarantee of heart racing or skipping a beat. Here’s a pic of this stunner.

Isn’t that beautiful?


Posted: March 9, 2014 in Fiction
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“So I just sit on my chair and write! Is that even rewarding? I mean… I’m not even famous!” He said to his roommate… Disgusted.

“Remember that girl who told you that your writing has inspired her to become what she is today?”


“I may earn more than you but I am yet to change a life. And this is why you should keep writing.”

“You ‘were’ yet to change a life. And you just did.” He smiled… and got back to his unfinished story.


Hey you… Yes, I am talking to you. The twenty-something-not-so-sure-about-where-life-is-going person. I can see a thousand thoughts running through your mind, a million wishes waiting to get a chance and a zillion doubts ready to take over when you finally get that chance.

Isn’t it true that if given a hundred percent freedom of being what you want, you’d still change your career probably ten times? Or are you the absolutely figured out person who knows exactly what he wants to do? Well, I am not. I believe now you may be ready to admit that even you are not. Let me make it easy, no one is. Before you move forward, I’d just say, this isn’t a how to post, this isn’t a fun post, it’s just my experience which I believe can be useful for you.

There is no one who will do exactly the same thing if you remove all the constraints he is facing. And if someone says he will, he is probably more confused than you are. Since he isn’t yet exposed to the things apart from what he is currently doing.

A majority of us is in its early twenties. Starting their career or about to finish college. Most of those, with plans. Plans to have a great career, a great life and fulfilling all the dreams. While some plan to continue studying, some find a job they couldn’t hate more, some take time to figure out what’s next and some, as they say, struggle. And I ask, what is struggle? Aren’t we all doing that in our lives? Isn’t it that phase of life where anything we’re doing is just a stepping stone to what we actually want to do?


Image curtsey:

I am not talking about you or me here, it’s about all of us. Some of us were toppers in schools while others did average. Some managed to score too well in college and some barely managed to pass. Some got what they wanted right when the placements began and some had to wait till the very end. Some topped the charts in CAT and some kept saying MBA after job. Some wanted to become the biggest CAs the country ever saw and some tried their hands in photography. Some prepared hard for IAS and decided to quit after two failed attempts. There’s a struggler in every one of us.

I see one of the strugglers preparing hard to be just as famous as he used to be in college, alas, he isn’t able to. He has big plans, and they take time, but the constant feed of the ‘more famous’ people in his Facebook timeline makes him desperate to do it fast and sometimes he loses patience and begins to think maybe he is not good enough. There’s one more guy I see, whose uncle earns in millions. He plans to reach there one day, and blames his sucky job for not giving him time to do that. There is one guy who writes, and sees every movie as an excuse of writing its review, he plans to make it big too, just that the people around him are too dumb to understand his plans.

Are you one of those? There are more. The “I will do an MBA when I am 27” guy, the “I want to become the team leader soon” guy, the “I will write a great book, till then this job” guy, the “I am preparing for IAS” guy, the “I have a girlfriend, I’ll just get married” guy, the “I just want to have fun… yolo.. swag” guy, the “always crying about how good college was” guy, the “I will do an MBA or IAS or maybe this job or maybe become a chef” guy, the “I want to have a government job and settle down” guy, the “One day I’ll have the biggest startup” guy and the very common “I don’t know what the fuck is happening” guy!

And then there’s a combination of many such guys in one. That’s the deadliest. You want to say you aren’t in those? I’ve heard that a little personal touch helps people open up. So let me tell you, I too am in that list. I’ve been a school topper who barely passed in college, always wanted to have a big startup, wrote a book and still dreaming to write that one thing that I’ll always be proud of, have a good job in hands and still confused about what to do in life and sometimes feel like giving it all up and go to the Himalayas. It’s just that I do what I want, no matter what. <And that Himalayas thing takes a lot of guts!>

What I want to convey is, no one is wrong. No one is over ambitious. No one in the list is too crazy to think about it and NO ONE, will ‘definitely’ be wrong in doing this. If you’re in the building phase of your career and you’re in that list, it is normal. You have all the right to be impatient, to watch movies, feel bad about life and then feel awesome right in the next second, feel like singing loudly or put on the best headphones, crying remembering your glorious past or feel proud thinking about an amazing future, love someone and hate someone… you have every single right to do all that.


Image curtsey:

You won’t be wrong if you want to become a journalist after doing everything that could never lead to that, you won’t be wrong if all of a sudden you realize that MBA was never your dream but just a trend you followed, you won’t be wrong if you somehow realize you actually love your job and want to continue, you won’t be wrong in giving up money over family and/or comfort, and you definitely won’t be wrong in choosing money either, if that’s what your heart asks you to do.

Just remember, at the end of the day, if your loved ones know you’re happy and you know they’re happy, if you did at least one thing that took any of your million goals forward even a tiny step, you’re doing fine. You could do better and you will, but this isn’t bad.

This phase may be the confusing one and may be the worst of all, but there will be a time when you come out of it and that time you will be something. People on Facebook can wait, your relatives may shut up without an answer, the world may do just fine without you showing off, but a little patience will take you at just the right place. Keep calm, do what you want. Enjoy this little phase of life called struggle. 🙂

Isn’t it pretty amazing, there is an athlete hidden in you and you never knew!!

Yes, i am talking about you, you disgruntled poor soul. A common man. Now please add all the dialogues said by nasiruddeen shah in “a Wednesday”. It will give you a feel and save me some work.

Anyway, moving on, i was talking about an athlete hidden in all of us. Well actually most of us, atleast in those who keep travelling in those local trains. Now you know what i am talking about right?

I always knew you’re smart. So i was thinking about the plight of the people who have to travel in a local train. I realized it the moment i saw hundreds of people struggling for a place in a local three years back, and blogged it today (Yes, i am that slow!!)

So let’s tell you a few things you should know while you travel in a local train in India.

1) The boarding style in a local train

Fast and crisp, if you lose it, loss of limb is expected. How a man with a suitcase and tie does it is commendable!

2) Once you’re in

Search for a place to.. Well.. Adjust yourself. Those who get to sit in a local are known as “people with luck of gold”. Those who stand are lucky as well and rest are lucky that they atleast get to exist inside a local train.

3) Holding yourself

In a moving local, you have to keep in mind a lot of things. Hold properly your bag, your wallet, your phone, your hands, your legs and well a lot more! You never know “kahan se kya ud jaye”!

4) The unknown stops

When you can’t even breathe properly, having an idea of stops is crap! So be ready, in every local train, once in every while, you’ll experience 50 kg of asses in your front and 50 kg of fronts on your ass.

5) In case you spot a seat

Defy gravity, jump more than jones, run faster than bolt because this IS your chance. Become the Ethen Hunt for a while and don’t let anyone else overpower you at this one. Yes, you have spotted the jackpot my bwouy!!

6) Time to say bye

I know, this was the journey of your life. And after this you hopefully safely and in one piece have landed to your destination. Now make space for those who rush in and make sure no one steps on you in the process. Get out (preferably while train is standing) though you need a lot of precision for the same.

My air fares are less than local trains these days, please travel in my plane!!!

Things I just told are those to which people exclaim for sure. Those who travel in locals exclaim because they never knew they do all this. And those who don’t, well they never knew as well!

But one thing from the core of my heart, these locals are the veins of Indian system (exaggeration). People who travel in them are like warriors (super exaggeration) and i am awesome (true story)!

Hope you liked it, next time I’ll tell you the story of a kingfisher airplane. (Get your tongue back in.)

21st It Was!!

Posted: November 4, 2011 in In The Bug's Mind
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Sometimes you expect too much from life and you don’t get it… sometimes you get what you didn’t even expect…

latter has been my case most of the time… but I give its credit to my attitude of never expecting too much and trying for the best… Works for me!

This blog post is not something I wished I would post on a blog, but now I want to, coz this is more like a dedication to my friends, who gave me surprises all the day and decorated my day with joys.

B’days have always been there, before this one I had celebrated 20 of them! But why this one was special… simple… it was the 21st!!! An age where everything is legal..
Internationally allowed to drink liquor, allowed to get married legally and many more things… were off my chart 😛
but 21 has always been my favourite number and getting to 21 on 21 was no less than a dream! 😛

So I thought what I can do to make this day special for me… I know I am good at making the b’days special for others but when it comes to me.. Well what can I do… can’t throw myself a surprise party right! 😛 and frankly, over the last twenty years, never got a surprise party so it was kinda tough to expect as well.

The day before was filled of dilemmas… confused about the party place, sad that my best friends might not be able to attend it, afraid of the b’day boms and happy about the fact that it was near..!!

Made a rough sketch and decided a place and invited a few friends who Facebook calls my “Close Friends” . Was still not convinced that it’s enough.  Many of my good friends out of town and many not sure about their presence in town on the date!

But anyhow.. Planning proceeded and day went by and came the time when everybody who was close to me was observing the clock so that they can make a call the moment it struck 12!  Some even called at 11.30 itself… though how good that felt can’t be described. As usual, race for the 12’ o clock timing was won by my sis who has always been punctual enough with this thing. But this tym, thanks to my 2 other phones, two more friends got that chance 😀

But the real surprise awaited outside… the doorbell rang and I thought who it can be!
Trying to hold the phones in both the hands I ran towards the gate, where I see Mitin… my childhood best friend holding a cake and saying happy birthday. I couldn’t believe my eyes as he was the same friend who said I won’t be able to attend your party. Before I could welcome him in, as I got hold of the cake, 4 more of my closest friends, divanshu, shubham, ankur and ashish came in. Surprising as most of them live 5-10 kms from my home and it was 12 midnight.








Before I could understand what the whole thing was, I could see the phone blinking and flashing “32 unread messages” All will be of happy birthday, I guessed and left the phone aside, but my phone addiction wasn’t hidden from the friends who made sure that the battery was now disconnected! And we all went in the Porch to make sure no one was disturbed while we continued. As I cut the cake and gave the first piece to my mom, friends were ready with their bits to decorate me… after a face painting marathon, started the kick ass ceremony. Needless to mention, I could barely walk after the first 10 but still the 21st kick gave some sort of joy to me 😀

It was almost 2 in the night when I said bye to them and thanking for the most amazing start I ever had on a b’day given that I had my family in it and I’ve not been a hostler ever.  I came back and saw around 30 missed calls alerts and whoa! Countless messages. Feeling glad, I started replying to them all.
It was just a start. We decided the time and place for party, a lounge where none of us had been earlier. As I prepared myself for some more beating and party time, I kept getting calls. Surprisingly, for the first time, got a call from many people I never expected. Getting around 200 wishes on Facebook and people who I didn’t expect, dedicating hugs and cakes to me! It all made me think like “is it just me or the destiny actually wishes this day to be better than ever before”

As it went on, I got a call, and then excited, I ran for an emergency party with a few friends few of who had to leave for home afterwards… and boy!! Can anyone eat a chicken burger faster than Ajeeta Banarjee!!
Some good friends who couldn’t meet me, wished me on phone… but the most surprising calls were from my childhood friends from school (as most of them didn’t even have my number) and other than swati, kalpesh, megha, rajat, shefali, manisha and akash… two people who I would mention here, “Tarun” and “Abhishek”  my two so-called very good friends whose calls made me think “They do have outgoing activated!”

Amidst the numerous calls messages and wall posts, all in my mind was “I shouldn’t be late in my own party” as it was a part of my habits and hence reached only 45 minutes after the decided time 😛

All my best buds waiting there for me and another surprise, an awesome card made by an awesome friend “mona”.

I wasn’t even done admiring that when I get two text messages. Surprisingly both of them contained a gift for me. While one was a little poem dedicated to me by “Pragya” the other one was an instruction to check my mail where I found another poem made by “Shubham”
I somehow managed to get emotional at that part, reason, even though I have made and dedicated 100s of poems, this was the first time someone dedicated one to me (strange but true 😛 )

This is the poem as you can see above, the one by shubham was a Ppt, you need to go here to check that out..

Till now, the celebration was almost over and we had already made the day the best ever! But yet I was feeling a little incomplete. “It’s the 21st and I need to do something unexpected” I thought (dont know why i was stuck on that)… and all of a sudden my mind worked (rare case) and a thought occurred to me “How about a trip to delhi…” As I had already talked about it to many of my friends and wasn’t really doing anything the next couple of days, so I asked my friends about that and to my surprise, even they were ready. So at 11 we decide to leave for delhi the next morning at 7. And the whole night went on in packing and booking the tickets.

And even after returning from an amazing Delhi trip, I got another surprise party at home…

Didn’t expect b’day night to go like that but it was freaking awesome!
And oh… the traffic dept loves me, I got a challan on my b’day too while returning home 😛

Many people I knew, forgot the day… many of my friends didn’t fulfil my hopes… but those who were there with me made the day unforgettable… and what else do you expect from life.


Before you read here’s something I want to say.
This one is just out of emotions… Remembering those days, seeing old friends and watching those beautiful old pictures, sometimes has an effect.

I would like to dedicate this one to all my friends in hostels, far from their homes and a few who really are feeling homesick these days… and also to those who will be far from their families in future (Which includes me too)

Don’t go for the rhyme (Which is “abcbdd” by the way) and just try to feel, who knows you might like it as well 😉

I remember the time when papa was the most powerful man in the world…
I remember the time when I actually used to sleep in nights..!
I remember how I used to snuggle into my sister’s arms…
And how afraid I was of heights…
I remember when I didn’t know what clever or cunning meant and everything I knew was good…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I remember the time when mom’s lap was the snuggest bed for me…
I remember how small things made me happy which now I can’t describe…
I remember how precious a small pencil could be…
And how ecstatically I expressed things I used to imbibe…
I remember how everyone spoke the language of love to me and no one was misunderstood…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I remember how an outing meant everyone together…
I remember how our love wasn’t restricted to Mother’s and Father’s day…
I remember the taste of the food mom made especially for me…
and how I never laughed when instead of happy, someone said gay…
I remember how playing in streets was in our routine and we were the champs of the neighbourhood…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I remember how I used to rise early and go to school…
I remember how polishing the shoes was also a duty…
I remember the assembly, the periods and the friends…
with whom how a treat meant a pack of chips and a frooty…
I remember how we didn’t care for the future and how we scribbled on those tables of wood…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I don’t say I want to relive those days…
Neither do I complain against the life I live…
But I just wish things were simple again…
and we could live freely, without worries and see what pleasure it can give…
What all I want is an unassuming life although with all its excitements, and would steal those moments, if I could…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!


Ps: The Thought For This One Was Strengthened After I Read This By One Of My Favourite Authors 

“Another Belief Of Mine: That Everyone Else My Age Is An Adult, Whereas I Am Merely In Disguise.”—Margaret Atwood