The Christmas present

It was a fine evening, as little Scott came running towards his father, John. “So what have you wished for this Christmas, Scott?” John asked seeing his happy face. “I can’t wait for Santa. Can I get a school bag?” Scott asked. “But why? You already have one!” John wondered. “But Sam doesn’t. Even Santa … Continue reading The Christmas present

The Letter.

I wonder why I didn’t say it enough earlier. Probably you always made it look like it wasn't required. David thought to himself. That’s what he wanted to write. He didn’t have enough courage to say it. It was hard for him to pen down on all his feelings. Not only was it the first time he … Continue reading The Letter.

A Day with the future!

This blogpost is a little different. It's about an experience. Something I, rather, we felt. Remember "Like a dream" the post where I told you the story of my placement? In our first interaction with the company officials, we were told that together, we can make a difference. I was even made in-charge of that small … Continue reading A Day with the future!

What being a woman means!

Today… or well, tonight… the bug won’t speak. I’d just say a very happy women’s day to all the females out there. Congrats, you managed to spend one more day safe and sound. This post, is for you and by you. 3 days back, I had this idea of an ‘all’ readers post. And then … Continue reading What being a woman means!

A Republic Reality

It's been quite a long time I posted anything. And I am not proud of that. But I am happy that I have a lot of people noticing the same. While I could have written about the gangrape case, nirmal baba, indian cricket team, the army issue and a thousand other trending topics, I chose … Continue reading A Republic Reality

Like a dream!

Engineers' day it is, hence the post 😀 Most of my posts have been personal more or less. So here’s one more. This one is by far the closest one to my heart. I remember saying the same last year after my b’day. And I say it again… I could not be happier with the … Continue reading Like a dream!

Independence… Or well… maybe!

It’s definitely not my 66th blogpost, but I so wish it was. Anyway, this is going to be a long one so let’s switch to the subject straight away. This is my third (kinda) serious post after Daughter’s day: Time to rethink and Republic Day. Yes, I am serious on all special days (except for … Continue reading Independence… Or well… maybe!