About The Blog

A lot of things won’t make sense to you, ever. Let this be one of them, and your smile after reading this, another. πŸ™‚

Hey there! I see that you have finally managed to unveil the biggest secret to being awesome! Now this might not be your first visit to this blog, but I’ve heard that every time you read an article here, you add 3 points to your awesomeness total.

So what is ABugInMyMind, the blog, about? It took me 4 years to change the description, but here it is: (Oh, and also, I guess some of you might have noticed, the blog’s name isn’t Crap REloaded anymore, you know, I had to be sophisticated and stuff…!)

You know how you’re tired from your normal routine and feel like reading a small story, this is the blog you come to. When sometimes you just want to have a laugh, or maybe surprise yourself, this is the place. Here you’ll find stories ranging from 30 to 3000 words, articles that will sometime make you laugh and sometimes make you think, and sometimes do both at the same time! (And a bit of a brand promotion sometimes, but trust me, there’s a story in there too.)

If you want to read the best of this blog, I’d suggest take a look at these posts.


Oh, and if you’re an old reader who wants to feel nostalgic, read the description I started this blog with! πŸ™‚

Strange how the lamest personality in the world becomes a cool fun-loving one on Facebook

Strange how people find the best way to protest is to update their status and attend random events

Strange how apple is not only a fruit these days

Strange how people like CHELSEA..!!!

There are many things your heart won’t agree to and here’s my solution: Read this blog, write one like i did; you’ll soon learn that what you did was much worse than any of the points mentioned above (except for the CHELSEA part)

This blog is about usual crap, unusual crap, crap we see and crap that we encounter in daily lives… except for the literal crap I’ll try to talk about every other thing my mind can think of.

PS: If you still feel likeΒ reading this (Really?) then mail me your ideas too. Use of foul language, which is expected, is prohibited. Now go on.

33 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Was surfing the net, juz randomly landed on ur blog.. but now i love this randomness!! Ur work is really awsome. keep going. πŸ™‚

  2. Strange how people like Christiano Ronaldo.
    Strange how people with iphone think of themselves as smart.
    Strange how people like Spiderman more than Amazing Spiderman.
    Even your Chelsea point might not be true but you can’t ignore my Ronaldo point. And ipoint too.

    Strange how they loved me when my movie came out and forgot me 2 months later.

  3. Hi,

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    Waiting for your reply.



    1. Thanks a lot Ashwin. I am really sorry, i don’t know how this comment remained unnoticed for so long.
      I’d love to write something with you. I believe you know what kind of posts I write here, since you liked it πŸ™‚
      Do tell me if you have any idea in mind.

  4. Randomness is Awesomeness..takes a brave heart to take up the pestering bug as a passion..keep up the good work.!

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