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The plan.

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Author's choice, Fiction
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Mumbai. Marine drive, 1 A.M.

They say it’s a city that never sleeps,  and they aren’t wrong apparently. Yet there was something unusual about  what George just saw.

“Is that man trying to commit suicide?” He asked himself and went towards him, thinking he could do something about it.

“Hey” George shouted… “Yes, you… what are you doing?”

“Nothing”  that’s what the man said… but he was visibly scared like someone  caught him in the act. He was pretty sure George was a policeman.

George went closer to the guy… “Well your nothing looks like suicide to me sir.”

“No. I swear. I was just trying to look into the sea.” His voice started shaking.

A smile came to George’s face, his voice softened, “You can tell me what’s wrong. Trust me, I can help you”.

There  was something about George that opened up that man… The  expressionless face now started showing some emotions… “You are right.  I was trying to kill myself. I came to this city 3 months back to  become something and now I am a nobody. I have lost everything I had and  I don’t see any way out.”

For a moment George didn’t know how to  react. “I don’t know about you, young man, but I have seen similar  situations back in the day. One thing I know about life is that you  aren’t solving any problems by ending it, you are just choosing to  ignore them for eternity, thereby proving yourself a loser for a  lifetime. What can I call you by the way?”

The guy just looked at George like he wanted him to go on. “Sameer” he said.

“Look  Sameer, if I begin telling how many flaws are there in this self –  destructing plan of yours, we’ll probably need all night. I mean, who  thinks of killing himself on the freaking Marine Drive! But that’s not  what I’ll do… I’ll just say that no matter what your problem is, you  can always solve it with a peaceful mind. Killing yourself won’t take  you anywhere”

“I guess you’re right. What was I thinking! What would my parents do without me! I am so sorry” Sameer looked scared.

“So I believe you’ll be going back home and start a new life where you don’t kill yourself later?” George still had a smile.

“I believe so too. Thanks. You were of a great help to me.” Sameer smiled back.

George  looked at him as he walked… towards his home maybe… George’s mind  imbibed a feeling of satisfaction. After all he had saved two lives  today. Sameer wasn’t the only one who wanted to kill himself tonight.

It  was only after looking at Sameer that George realised how naive his own  plan was.


The happy child!

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Competition Post
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I must warn you before you start, this isn’t a regular funny post like I usually do. But at the same time I am not advertising too. Just that I’ve been falling sick too much lately that I just bought a pack of Dabur Chyawanprash and next thing I see is indiblogger happy hours. One thing leads to another and here you are, reading this gem of a post by me. Am I not awesome? Ok don’t answer that. Although I do want you to answer this. How do you like your kids at home? Healthy and smiling or frail and sad?

It is true that kids are like a battery for the machine called home. And kids falling sick, brings down the energy level of the entire family… not to mention it gets them worried to the core. When the kid is like me, these things happen like every week. Oh yeah, you’re reading the guy who could personally hold the record of falling sick the most number of times in the world, if only he was not too sick to claim it!!

But it’s not all bad, it’s just that I happen to be allergic to more number of things than usual. And when there’s too cold outside, my sick cells crave for more problems! I remember how I used to have that one spoon of chyawanprash everyday in the morning to make sure I didn’t catch a cold. I always thought it was more of a psychological effect than physical, but now that I travel a lot and well, have a little more knowledge about the human body, I can see where I was wrong.

Before coming across this amazing post on Indiblogger, I had a conversation with my mom where she asked me to start eating Dabur Chyawanprash again. I’ve been eating that since I was a little child. Turns out the few days of the year I wasn’t sick, it was thanks to that. Have you thought how much one loses with a sick person in the family? I cannot remember the number of times I was absent from school because I had a fever. Although that’s one thing I never hated. But apart from that, the continuous headaches, cold, the unwillingness to move, not feeling like talking to anyone… now you don’t want that in a kid, do you? I mean, that he’ll do anyway when he hits puberty. Erm… kidding…

Do what Madhuri says man! Isn’t she beautiful!?

As much as I hate taking large pills, once you fall ill, there’s hardly a way to avoid that. But to think about it, when we grow up, the large pills we took as children are big reasons of kidney and liver failures. How about replacing the pills and chemicals with something as natural as Amla and other amazing herbs?

If you haven’t fallen in love with the idea already, I am sure you’re the tough one with an amazing inbuilt immunity. But I’d still tell you this, a small microbe is all it takes to take down the strongest of men. Extra protection is always recommended! So that’s it, I am off to a good health and so is my little nephew, hope you’re too. Before you go, do check this out. A stylish way to give you some health info.