And hence, “My EX Fell In Love”!

Writing a book isn’t easy. Well so isn’t eating a whole pack of caramel popcorn but yeah, people do that. So did I (umm… wrote a book, popcorn is still out of my scope).

I remember how a few years back I used to be that careless undisciplined and freaky guy who would always put personal interests and family over any other thing. Years have gone by, things have changed… and now I am… well… the same careless and freaky guy, just a little more undisciplined now.

If you assume that I am going to tell you a story of how “My EX Fell In Love” came into existence after one magical conversation I had with some genius who made me realize my inner writer, then sorry to disappoint you, this didn’t happen. I have always been a guy who loved to write. When the torture of write ups became too much for my school and college teachers to handle, I decided to convert that to a blog and irritate the rest of the world.

It wasn’t even a month since I had created “ABugInMyMind” when I started receiving some superb comments from my friends. And one day when one of my articles got published on some other website, similar response was seen from people I didn’t even know. I won’t say I wasn’t used to such responses since I had been writing one liners and small articles for some popular websites even before that, but to become a blogger and then being praised by people who are good at it was something different.

So the journey went on, and one day someone (yes, I am not going to say the name) randomly said to me “You should write a book!”. I am pretty sure that guy wasn’t in his senses when he said that, but even I wasn’t, so I took that seriously.

Unlike other engineers or many known Indian writers, I unfortunately didn’t have any story of my desperate attempt at a failed love or a heart wrenching breakup. So I made up one freakish tale of my own, took some inspiration from my friends and as they say, I could make them laugh with my poor jokes, so I mixed some of that in it. And when they told me you need a funny title, came “My EX Fell In Love”, the name, in my mind.

I used to ask my sisters about what kind of names would suit a guy who has this and that characteristics and she always used to give me some names along with a weird expression of what I was up to! So yes, Yatharth and Vikalp are my thoughts while Sanchita and Pratishtha is something I got from them. After writing a synopsis and 4 chapters, I told my family that I was writing a novel. And believe me, my mother didn’t faint! She actually praised me.

I kept on writing and a funny tale of Yatharth and Sanchita took shape.

After the basic story was done, I started taking help from one of the, well, only writers in my vicinity, Harsh. He told me how to approach a publisher and everything about it. I did the same, even before my manuscript was done. One day, when I was just doing the usual stuff, i.e., bunking college and sending out some letters my mom wrote to relatives, I got this email. “Congratulations, we have approved your story for final consideration; you can mail us the full manuscript.”

I didn’t jump out of ecstasy, but I did rush home to complete the rest of the novel which took me another month. But yes, I did get a publisher, I got a superb story and a few characters that I actually lived while I was writing them. I still remember how every chapter and scene I wrote used to make me laugh and how I used to speak those dialogues sometimes. Crying is something I never did, and I believe the readers who like the book won’t shed a tear as well, since there is no such instance in it (My bad!)

I wrote not because I wanted fame or money (Writers these days hardly get any). I wrote because I had realized writing was my passion. I could leave everything to write at peace. I wrote because I wanted to see how far I can go.  Will the world, which has always praised my articles when they read it online, like to pay to read what I wrote?

Apparently they did! And till now the reviews have been unbelievably good. So I’d say, though Indian writers have that stereotype image and so does campus love stories, but do not judge a book by its cover, unless it’s mine as my book’s cover is awesome! 😛

The Cover
The Cover

As one of the reviews said, “If you have a few hours and want a good laugh without exercising your brains much, do give “My EX Fell In Love” a try”

You can buy the book online here: ,

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And me, well I am always here:

Enough marketing 😛 Do tell me if you have any thing else you wanted to know (except for the question “is it your story?” 😛 )

23 thoughts on “And hence, “My EX Fell In Love”!

  1. Every time i read you , be it your blog or even a facebook comment, it inspires me to write. You are very witty and humorous. In fact, your simple lines gives a chuckle. Really , awesome………..:D……

  2. Hey….I am also working on one book and want some suggetions for me.
    So if you would like to answer my questions then i am eager to put my questions here.

    and yes….Your book…I am sure would be awesome like your all your posts here are. Actually i have read all of post but never commented on single of them(I dont know why?!)

    So…please let me know here if you are willing to answer my questions regarding to writing.

    1. Well it’s never too late Jitesh. Posts are still there waiting for your comments 🙂
      And congratulations for your book. I am happy to see another budding writer 🙂 Well I don’t think I am the right person to answer any doubts as i am just a beginner myself, but still you can ask me anything. I’ll try my best to answer. Here or on Facebook. Or on email too, 🙂

  3. hello mr. writer…:-)
    i dont whether u 9 me or not but after reading ur cover letter… its like i hv to read this book….
    grt.. krrp going…
    many many congratulations…!!

    1. Thank you Priyansh.
      It would be my pleasure if you read the book, and even better if you give me a review.
      About knowing, a writer knows his reader very closely, if he could make him like his story, so i am halfway there 🙂

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