The world in Future : A Poem

Just out of nowhere this thought popped into my head, so I thought why not carve it into a poem and let you all read what rubbish I think 😛
Have a look.

When robots will be at your service,

When roads will be of steel..

When passwords will take place of passports,

When just by a click wounds will heal..

Vision 22nd century
Vision: 22nd century

When we’ll watch tv on the palm,

When the lcd would be the new stage..

When we would rewind the life,

When humans will control the age..


When you won’t need a number to call,

When we’ll teleport instead of transport..

When colleges will be online,

When Xbox will be the new tennis court..


When dreams will be recorded,

When we’ll travel faster than light..

When we won’t need books to study,

When our buildings will reach Everest’s height..


I believe an age will come when we won’t need to contact anyone but we’ll still love to see a letter..

I know the time is near when love will prevail even though we would have found the fifth form of matter..


We’ll miss the past for sure but love the moment we live..

Just need to make sure, that time we have a legacy to give..


And this one for the sports fans:

Times may come but we won’t forget Sachin, Dhyanchand or Maradona..

Though i feel champions won’t be Djokovich or Barcelona 😛

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