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Every day in the world has something special about it. But there are a few dates which are extremely special. So when I thought about making a blog, I had to decide a date to start it.
I did some brainstorming, some discussions, some reasoning, a little calculation and ultimately chose the date when I was free. 😛

It was 16th of July last year; a random thought of telling people what I think converted my Facebook statuses to a blog. I had been blogging for a year before that but that was for commercial and official purposes. This was MY blog. Something where I don’t have to worry what I post. Only after making the blog I realized the significance of the date.

16 July, a date when the Apollo 11 was launched with Neil Armstrong inside it. A date when Shaun Pollock, Katrina kaif, Aruna asaf ali and the Iraqi constitution was born!! Not at all bad huh!

The blog wasn’t named ABugInMyMind initially. It was first named NowThatsCrap. But then I shifted the word to its title and it became Crap REloaded!!! At first I posted nothing but my old jokes… for a month no one knew about the blog except for 1-2 people. But then through the blog, my first post at at Faking News forums and then NewsThatMattersNot got published.

Since then, the blog has come a long way.  I don’t give much importance to page views (21,000 Ahem 😛 ) but apart from that, statistically speaking:

51 posts, 45,000+ words, total of 350+ Facebook shares, 1000+ twitter mentions, over 4000 Facebook likes, exactly 100 WordPress likes, 50+ WordPress followers and over 250 total followers, daily 50+ Google search results and over 100 mentions on different websites are not bad.
The bug also won many awards in which most noticeable are the two Spicy Saturday picks by blogadda. Check this page out for more: Hall of Fame.

But above all this is what I got personally from this writing… Courage to tell the world what I feel, to be confident enough to write my own book and to finally have found my passion!

Special thanks to my friend Mona for designing this pic 🙂

So this is a thank you to all my readers for making this something I could be happy about.

The bug’s Fanpage has over 400 fans on Facebook. Plus the messages I keep receiving regarding it and the excitement and response I get when I ask for a co-authored blog post is uncanny.

If I start taking the names of people who have been with me in this journey, it will take ages to finish this post. But here are a few who have always shown their love via their comments. My blog’s top 5 comment makers: Smita Ojha, Tripti Goel, Gargi Trehan, Aayush Agarwal, Pragya Vedprakash.
I can’t describe the love I have received from the Indiblogger family in form of their indivine votes and comments. Few bloggers like Deepak, Saru, Pramod, Seena, Akshay, Debjyoti have been my inspiration, while I have always felt competition from the bloggers like Anil, Soumya and Rahul.

There are almost 50 more names that I could say who have always read my posts, shared their views, liked and sometimes criticized and have been the true readers… but I think all of them know their place and importance so I am confident it’s not going to make a difference. So I’d just thank my Co-Authors till date… Akanksha (My first co-author), Gargi Trehan, Anil Sharma, Ashish Jhanwar, Shubham Khandelwal, Shailesh Yadav. You can check all the posts here.

Oh my god did I just make it like an award acceptance speech for no reason? Well, that’s what happens to a person who has nothing better to do. So here’s one promise, I’ll keep writing. Crap as I say. And in case you don’t like it, feel free to make me better with your comments. It’s time to eat the cake I have bought.

And for those who plan to read my posts in future, I have some new kinds of posts in line. The very famous “In Conversation With” category… The “What to do if:” category and the all-time favorite “How to” guides. Plus I have been trying my hands in short story writing and 55-Fiction. Let’s see if you like that or not.

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Now let me go have my cake, you can have a virtual piece too 😀

The Delicious Cake 😀


PS: Those who couldn’t find their names in there, high time to start commenting 😛