England decides to gift the fourth test to India!!

According to not-so-trusted sources, it’s now widespread news that the English cricket board has decided to gift the fourth test match in the on-going series to the Indian cricket team.

The board president said “we have already won more than what we expected… while we are tired and all the players need some rest, we think Indian players have helped us in many ways to achieve this milestone and they also deserve a sympathy win”
He also expressed his wish of arranging a special test match for Sachin Tendulkar where they’ll allow underarm bowling and no more than 3 fielders will be there on the field at a time. He said “we really want Sachin to complete his 100th century… we’ve been talking to ICC to just grant him the 100th one in honour of his 99, but if that doesn’t happen then we’ll organize this test match for sure”

When asked that if there’s some other reason behind this gift, he told the media that they had observed signs of depression among the Indian players and they did not want them to just run away without playing as they still want to win the ODI series.

Acc. To the In-form bowler Broad, Indians really need some soothing and relaxing yoga sessions to realize their inner strengths. He said “I never had imagined that a person like Sehwag will refuse to face my bowls, and Raina would complain of chest pain as soon as he sees  me coming towards him”

On the same topic Cook also had an opinion… he said “I have always admired the way Indians have respected good batting. When I started playing well, they did not want to get me out. Gifting them the fourth test would be a nice way to show our gratitude”

Reports also say that one of the English players saw MS Dhoni crying in the bathroom while he was passing by.

When harbhajan was asked his opinion on all this, he said “I respect the decision of English board… personally I would say that they should gift us one of the ODI matches too since me and dhoni are not in very good terms and there are many chances that we’ll lose that anyways.”

While Raina refused to answer any of the questions on the matter, Sehwag said he could not hear us properly and even fainted once.

Acc to the same not-so-trusted sources, BCCI has reportedly agreed to the offer and has also decided to let them arrange a charity match with all indian players and stuart broad against them. The match has already gained fame in England with the tagline “how much time will they stay”

Now that only formalities are left, this is probably the only good thing that might come out of this tour.

Reporter shubham


6 thoughts on “England decides to gift the fourth test to India!!

  1. Well I read this at one of my friend’s status:
    India vs England – 1st Test – Lost by 196 runs aur mann mein tha ek sawaal, “Have they made it large?”
    India vs England – 2nd Test – Lost by 319 runs aur mann mein tha wahi sawaal, “Have they made it large?”
    India vs England – 3rd Test – Lost by an innings and 242 runs aur aaj bhi mann mein wahi sawaal, “Have they made it large?”
    *Friend’s status over* 😛 😛
    Now since they have taken the Royal Stag tagline “It’s ur life , make it large” damn seriously, so I thought Indian team will return without even playing so as to learn Gilli-Danda where they can peacefully remain champions, but now this gesture of England is appreciable , warna woh ghar aake kehte “Mummy, dekho dekho hum England se kya laaye, unke akhbaar mein kutto k saath chhapi hui photo ” 😀 😀

  2. I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful

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