And that was you!


When i was born, i didn’t know much about life..
Just saw someone was there to support me and her wishes for me were rife..
and that was you..

I did not talk.. i could barely walk.. many times i fell on land..
But every time someone was there to hold my hand..
and that was you..

I went to school, i made some friends..
But there was only one who would do my homework with her hands..
and that was you..
Sometimes shined.. sometimes i was bad.
There was someone who never let me get sad..
and that was you..

Times were good and times were rough..
There was someone whoz love for me was never enough..
and that was you..

I grew up.. i learned a lot..
Someone taught me whatever the situation might be, give your best shot..
and that was you..

Now that we don’t see each other that much..
You must know the bond can’t get weak as such..
and if there is a girl i have ever loved more than myself..
well.. that would be mom and not you.. πŸ˜›

Now i know you’ll read this and laugh.. but my poetries do have a range..
Yes, i know it wasn’t that good.. and my rhymes were strange..

I got no more words for what i feel, so this is it..
also that it was getting a bit emotional, where i don’t fit..

just want to end up saying

I am lucky to have two sisters who love me a lot..
I know you care for me, whether i am with you or not..

so this is for you Reenu and Shilpi di..

I have always loved you this much.. just the ways change.. a few years back it was a chocolate.. last yr an email.. and this year this stupid poem..
Just hang on.. one day i might gift something better..

Happy Rakhi.. πŸ™‚

The first rakhiThe first rakhi

11 thoughts on “And that was you!

  1. arey yaar shuuuubhaaam tune us scare-crow cheej ko dil pe le liya kya pagle ?? πŸ˜›
    ab agar main ye bolo ki tu is green green shirt mein ekdum hara-hara maggarmucchh lagta hi to ye to understood hi haina tha i’m kidding πŸ™‚

    1. kya karu yr.. chal chhod.. ab to i know u’re kidding and actually u think that i am handsome and u like me a lot.. so i won’t believe anything u say other than this πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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