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It’s been quite a long time I posted anything. And I am not proud of that. But I am happy that I have a lot of people noticing the same. While I could have written about the gangrape case, nirmal baba, indian cricket team, the army issue and a thousand other trending topics, I chose the republic day to be the topic for my return.

It’s quite surprising to see the turn of events. We used to say happy republic day in the past, now we have coined the terms ‘ghantatantra’, ‘peepublic’, and ‘the monarchy’ day. Believe me, facebook is full of creative minds.

I also share the views, where we mock our weak government, joke about the policies and condemn the decision makers. But at the same time I think, how does everyone get the right to speak on something they don’t even have a clue about?

Yummy republic day!

India is a republic, we have the right to speak. That everyone knows, but what about the things we can do? What about the part where you have to think and analyse what you speak.

Recently Rahul Gandhi was made the VP of Congress. I saw over a thousand tweets and a hundred Facebook statuses rejecting the motion. And ironically, most of them were by the people who have no interest in politics (visible from there Facebook info.)

No offence meant, but it includes even those who can’t even speak properly when the interviewer asks ‘tell me about yourself’, how can they decide if Rahul Gandhi is a good leader or not?

Not supporting him, infact to remove any misconception, he sucks, it was probably the worse decision of all times. But what I imply is, if you can’t ‘be’ the change, don’t mock the change.

A lot of people had been criticizing Dhoni for being a bad captain and losing throoughout. One century, one last ball six and they are his biggest fans. I wonder if Manmohan Singh announces an increament in Dearness allowance, will they become his fan too.

Lot of random talks, coming to the point. India is our country, the 1.2 billion people here are Indian and hence related to us. We have a lot of good things to be proud of. If you can’t help the country by going out and doing the right thing, you don’t get to decide what’s the right thing as well. If we’re here only to talk, why not talk good stuff and atleast let those who are doing that feel appreciated.

If Anna does a fast, we have an issue, Amir does Satyamev Jayate, we say it’s a propoganda. If Kejriwal says I’ll join politics, we say he is corrupt. If a girl gets gangraped, we make a fanpage of her!

India recently test fired it’s supersonic missile in november, not many people have an idea about that. In olympics, India won so much, all it could create was a facebook fanpage and a twitter trend. I won’t give stats, but just google the things like Mr. Godrej, TeachForIndia, The boson, agni V, top 10 women achievers, the oscars and the literary awards… You’ll get an idea what it is to be an Indian.

I don’t want you to rise up and make the change, fight the evil, do some devouring stuff. No no.. You’re good sitting there… Looking really sweet. But while you’re at it, munch some popcorns and tweet about the right stuff.

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It was the republic day parade, trying to show my knowledge, I said “You know we celebrate 26th jan because that is the day our constitution came into effect!”

“What is a constitution?” He asked.

“It’s sort of document, defining all our laws and regulations and other things” I tried making it as easy as i could.

He: “So is it like we have to follow rules to live?”

Me: “Yes, not like someone is dictating on us but still you live in a society and you have to care for everyone’s freedom right?”

He: “Oh.. So, about this constitution, Who checks if we’re following it or not?”

Me: “The government. We have different people to look towards different matters”

He: “So are we allowed by the constitution to give unfair advantages to people, take bribe and do corruption?”

Me: “No, and ideally government is supposed to take care of it. It’s hard for you to understand these things”

He: “I know I don’t know much, but then am I not supposed to know this?”

Me: “no, you are supposed to know that our constitution is the biggest in the world and we should be proud to be living in a country which is democratic and we have freedom of speech here” (i was hoping he doesn’t ask me the meaning of democracy)

He: “so we are allowed to say anything? Is that the reason why we see everyone abusing each other in parliaments?”

Me: “no, that’s something they shouldn’t do, similar is with bribe and corruption, it is not right. But look at other good things, don’t you read newspaper?”

He: “I do. So other right things mean? Are we talking about kasab being protected? I don’t know what he did and why people want him to be dead, but i think the constitution is protecting him.”

Me: “again, you’re looking the dark side. What about the education you get, the facilities we have, the things we see”

He: “yeah, you’re right. But yesterday you only were saying reservation sucks. And that india has the biggest requirement of new roads and infrastructure”

first I cursed myself for saying that, then i vehemently proceeded “there are pros and cons about everything, but we must be proud of our country and the constitution”

He: “We are.. But shouldn’t we be proud of our government and politics too?”

And hence, the 15-year-old sunny made me speechless.

happy republic day

happy republic day

Yes, he is going to decide india’s government in 3 years by vote, but what about us? We are doing it now. And i see we haven’t done a very good job.

Time to think and act. All the best.

PS: Happy Republic Day