See the language… Mr. …!!

 “Hello… I am older than all of you, I was born when people wanted to communicate. I am gentle, I am smooth, sophisticated and easy, above all. But people these days hate me. They cut me, play with me and kill me. It’s a humble request. Please don’t do that.”  Yours sincerely, English language. PS: … Continue reading See the language… Mr. …!!


Ra.One , Metallica and some other crap

Hi.. you must be wondering why I compared crap to Ra.One when we all know which is worse… and why I wrote metallica and the other two words in the same line… Reason is simple, I am a regular guy, or in this case, a not-so-regular guy who hasn’t seen both. A few weeks back, … Continue reading Ra.One , Metallica and some other crap