7 ways: How to know if it really is a date!

Disclaimer: All the things I have ever talked about on this blog, I really mean them. In case I have knowingly and on purpose hurt anyone’s feelings, I am really sorry for your poor luck and bad hairstyle (yeah I just felt like adding that.) Well hello people! You know today’s a special day now … Continue reading 7 ways: How to know if it really is a date!

The Gifto’logy

You… yes… you! I am talking to you bozo! Where do you think you are going? Just because I didn't write anything funny for a month, you think you can just unsubscribe! Not that easy buttercup. And because you had such a lame idea of moving away from this blog, not only I spammed you and brought … Continue reading The Gifto’logy

How To Ask a guy out: Some highly researched ways

Hello… I have been a little busy, evident from the frequency of my blog posts. So what I did was to ask for help on my fanpage and surprisingly, I got a huge response when I asked for a co-author for my next post. Seeing that, I decided something, the month of april is going … Continue reading How To Ask a guy out: Some highly researched ways

5 unique ways to ask her out

Hello everyone..  After the 9 step guide to dating was a hit, I was thinking of telling you all some more ways to get into the world of romance. And guess what, i couldn't think of any! But still, i have to keep the blog running right! So here I am going to tell you … Continue reading 5 unique ways to ask her out

5 Questions Guys Cannot Answer!!!

So this is an article about 5 questions that girls ask and guys can’t answer. This is the first time I have a co-author with me. So ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Akanksha Sharma. She was instrumental in helping me with the questions, and well, wherever I went overboard talking about girls 😛 … Continue reading 5 Questions Guys Cannot Answer!!!

Your 9 step guide to dating!

Hi all. Yes Yes.. I know you all have been waiting for me to give you the pearls of my knowledge on this topic. Believe me, I was more desperate than you to do the same, it's just that I had so much to write about our government, I didn’t get time for it. But … Continue reading Your 9 step guide to dating!