One liners (or more)

So here’s the deal..  Below given are some one liners (hopefully witty).. Read them.. and laugh

I know its tough.. but try it.. feels good..

they aren’t necessarily mine.. but are original ones by my friends.. for my one liners and more , there are other pages on this blog right? 🙂

also, if you’re a friend of mine (of course you are otherwise how did u land up here), you’ll find most of them old.. but I don’t care.. read them and.. laugh.. got it.. now GO (down u smartypants, not on the other page)

1. Don’t fool yourself about anything. Someone might already be doing that

2. Girls are all about curves, but you gotta be straight to notice them

3. The Grade 10 (and Grade 12) CBSE board results are primarily meant to divide kids into two categories – those that get laid in college and those that become engineers!!

4. If I were to rate google plus out of ten, I’d give it a circle

5. Don’t feel sorry while presenting someone’s gift to somebody else. The chap who gave it to you didn’t feel sorry either.

6. How ironic it is that only the most “Unwanted” people are the topmost names on a “Wanted” list!

7. once a person said to me,”dude! you do not have a good STRUCTURE in your blog”.
me-“yeah i know, i have a CLASS”

8. Don’t blame UPA cabinet shuffles only, look Facebook chat is changing too and getting WORST.~Pee Chidambaram.

9. Be nice to wannabes. After all, all they are trying to become is you, come on!

5 thoughts on “One liners (or more)

  1. Ek aur hai pagal type one liner. Once when i was hanging out with my friends at GT, One of them spotted a very hot chick there, but soon, became disappointed to see her bf with her. Just to cheer us up one of my frnd said “MAAL KO DEKHO, MAAL KE MALIK KO NAHI” 😛

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