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Writing a book isn’t easy. Well so isn’t eating a whole pack of caramel popcorn but yeah, people do that. So did I (umm… wrote a book, popcorn is still out of my scope).

I remember how a few years back I used to be that careless undisciplined and freaky guy who would always put personal interests and family over any other thing. Years have gone by, things have changed… and now I am… well… the same careless and freaky guy, just a little more undisciplined now.

If you assume that I am going to tell you a story of how “My EX Fell In Love” came into existence after one magical conversation I had with some genius who made me realize my inner writer, then sorry to disappoint you, this didn’t happen. I have always been a guy who loved to write. When the torture of write ups became too much for my school and college teachers to handle, I decided to convert that to a blog and irritate the rest of the world.

It wasn’t even a month since I had created “ABugInMyMind” when I started receiving some superb comments from my friends. And one day when one of my articles got published on some other website, similar response was seen from people I didn’t even know. I won’t say I wasn’t used to such responses since I had been writing one liners and small articles for some popular websites even before that, but to become a blogger and then being praised by people who are good at it was something different.

So the journey went on, and one day someone (yes, I am not going to say the name) randomly said to me “You should write a book!”. I am pretty sure that guy wasn’t in his senses when he said that, but even I wasn’t, so I took that seriously.

Unlike other engineers or many known Indian writers, I unfortunately didn’t have any story of my desperate attempt at a failed love or a heart wrenching breakup. So I made up one freakish tale of my own, took some inspiration from my friends and as they say, I could make them laugh with my poor jokes, so I mixed some of that in it. And when they told me you need a funny title, came “My EX Fell In Love”, the name, in my mind.

I used to ask my sisters about what kind of names would suit a guy who has this and that characteristics and she always used to give me some names along with a weird expression of what I was up to! So yes, Yatharth and Vikalp are my thoughts while Sanchita and Pratishtha is something I got from them. After writing a synopsis and 4 chapters, I told my family that I was writing a novel. And believe me, my mother didn’t faint! She actually praised me.

I kept on writing and a funny tale of Yatharth and Sanchita took shape.

After the basic story was done, I started taking help from one of the, well, only writers in my vicinity, Harsh. He told me how to approach a publisher and everything about it. I did the same, even before my manuscript was done. One day, when I was just doing the usual stuff, i.e., bunking college and sending out some letters my mom wrote to relatives, I got this email. “Congratulations, we have approved your story for final consideration; you can mail us the full manuscript.”

I didn’t jump out of ecstasy, but I did rush home to complete the rest of the novel which took me another month. But yes, I did get a publisher, I got a superb story and a few characters that I actually lived while I was writing them. I still remember how every chapter and scene I wrote used to make me laugh and how I used to speak those dialogues sometimes. Crying is something I never did, and I believe the readers who like the book won’t shed a tear as well, since there is no such instance in it (My bad!)

I wrote not because I wanted fame or money (Writers these days hardly get any). I wrote because I had realized writing was my passion. I could leave everything to write at peace. I wrote because I wanted to see how far I can go.  Will the world, which has always praised my articles when they read it online, like to pay to read what I wrote?

Apparently they did! And till now the reviews have been unbelievably good. So I’d say, though Indian writers have that stereotype image and so does campus love stories, but do not judge a book by its cover, unless it’s mine as my book’s cover is awesome! 😛

The Cover

The Cover

As one of the reviews said, “If you have a few hours and want a good laugh without exercising your brains much, do give “My EX Fell In Love” a try”

You can buy the book online here: ,

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And for more reviews:

And me, well I am always here:

Enough marketing 😛 Do tell me if you have any thing else you wanted to know (except for the question “is it your story?” 😛 )


Every day in the world has something special about it. But there are a few dates which are extremely special. So when I thought about making a blog, I had to decide a date to start it.
I did some brainstorming, some discussions, some reasoning, a little calculation and ultimately chose the date when I was free. 😛

It was 16th of July last year; a random thought of telling people what I think converted my Facebook statuses to a blog. I had been blogging for a year before that but that was for commercial and official purposes. This was MY blog. Something where I don’t have to worry what I post. Only after making the blog I realized the significance of the date.

16 July, a date when the Apollo 11 was launched with Neil Armstrong inside it. A date when Shaun Pollock, Katrina kaif, Aruna asaf ali and the Iraqi constitution was born!! Not at all bad huh!

The blog wasn’t named ABugInMyMind initially. It was first named NowThatsCrap. But then I shifted the word to its title and it became Crap REloaded!!! At first I posted nothing but my old jokes… for a month no one knew about the blog except for 1-2 people. But then through the blog, my first post at at Faking News forums and then NewsThatMattersNot got published.

Since then, the blog has come a long way.  I don’t give much importance to page views (21,000 Ahem 😛 ) but apart from that, statistically speaking:

51 posts, 45,000+ words, total of 350+ Facebook shares, 1000+ twitter mentions, over 4000 Facebook likes, exactly 100 WordPress likes, 50+ WordPress followers and over 250 total followers, daily 50+ Google search results and over 100 mentions on different websites are not bad.
The bug also won many awards in which most noticeable are the two Spicy Saturday picks by blogadda. Check this page out for more: Hall of Fame.

But above all this is what I got personally from this writing… Courage to tell the world what I feel, to be confident enough to write my own book and to finally have found my passion!

Special thanks to my friend Mona for designing this pic 🙂

So this is a thank you to all my readers for making this something I could be happy about.

The bug’s Fanpage has over 400 fans on Facebook. Plus the messages I keep receiving regarding it and the excitement and response I get when I ask for a co-authored blog post is uncanny.

If I start taking the names of people who have been with me in this journey, it will take ages to finish this post. But here are a few who have always shown their love via their comments. My blog’s top 5 comment makers: Smita Ojha, Tripti Goel, Gargi Trehan, Aayush Agarwal, Pragya Vedprakash.
I can’t describe the love I have received from the Indiblogger family in form of their indivine votes and comments. Few bloggers like Deepak, Saru, Pramod, Seena, Akshay, Debjyoti have been my inspiration, while I have always felt competition from the bloggers like Anil, Soumya and Rahul.

There are almost 50 more names that I could say who have always read my posts, shared their views, liked and sometimes criticized and have been the true readers… but I think all of them know their place and importance so I am confident it’s not going to make a difference. So I’d just thank my Co-Authors till date… Akanksha (My first co-author), Gargi Trehan, Anil Sharma, Ashish Jhanwar, Shubham Khandelwal, Shailesh Yadav. You can check all the posts here.

Oh my god did I just make it like an award acceptance speech for no reason? Well, that’s what happens to a person who has nothing better to do. So here’s one promise, I’ll keep writing. Crap as I say. And in case you don’t like it, feel free to make me better with your comments. It’s time to eat the cake I have bought.

And for those who plan to read my posts in future, I have some new kinds of posts in line. The very famous “In Conversation With” category… The “What to do if:” category and the all-time favorite “How to” guides. Plus I have been trying my hands in short story writing and 55-Fiction. Let’s see if you like that or not.

In the end, here are some interesting posts you might like:

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Now let me go have my cake, you can have a virtual piece too 😀

The Delicious Cake 😀


PS: Those who couldn’t find their names in there, high time to start commenting 😛

Hello… You all must be happy that I am back right? Well it took a lot of effort. Waking up in these winters is a task I tell you!

Anyway, this post is a little different. Not about my or your view or the usual senseless things I say, this is about an award. Yep, the “Versatile Blogger” award. I never knew about this until I got one.

Thanks to Seena, I feel honored to have received the “Versatile Blogger” award. Also, I am happy because now I know that there is one more person who reads my blog, which increases my readership to… well… 3!

Here is a little speech… “ Thanks… I would like to thank everyone… My parents who have no idea I run this blog, My friend who likes every post of mine with 15 fake profiles, My readers and critics (3 and 30 in number), the dog in my street that keeps barking while I write my posts hence providing me a background score, my extremely poor grades which inspire me to write and lastly, the reason behind this blog, Vellapan (also called faltupana).”

Moving on, since the rules of this prize giving thing are pretty clear, first let me state them.

1. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers

2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

3. Share 7 random things about yourself

4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you

5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post

Clever people eh! This way I’ll make sure these 15 people waste their 5 precious minute reading this. And hence I’ll get 15 readers for this post! 😛

So not making this blog post super long (like I always do) and super senseless (like I always do) and a laughter riot (like I never do)… let me get this straight.
PS: I am nominating only 10, this way I can make them feel more important 😛

First I nominate the 10 blogs I like to read by their owner names. (I read like a hundred blogs, so these 10 should send me chocolate boxes as a thanks)

In no particular order (most of them have no idea I am nominating them, it’s gonna be fun 😛 )

1. Dhanya
A senior and skilled blogger. Best when it comes to write personal posts.

2. Saru
Just go to the blog and you’ll automatically know why I said this.

3. Arti
When it comes to writing your experiences, I didn’t find anyone better!

4. Deb
And with this I am back to my favorite genre, comedy! Have fun reading that 😀

5. Snow leopard
My personal favorite. The man is In Fact, unpredictable and versatile.

6. Surya
Came across the blog through this nomination thing only. Found it awesome!

7. Sugandha
The blog is great and different, though I feel a little under rated. But as I know her better, the writing skills and the work she does is even more awesome.
Also check out NTMN to see some more of her (and my) work. (Which is in my blogroll too.)

8. Harsh
One of the best writers I met and personally knowing him is a pleasure. I can only say that if I ever publish a novel, his name would be there in the inspiration.  (Check out for more of our works)

9. Seena
I know she was waiting for this, that’s why didn’t do it in start 😛 But you deserve it.

10. The NRI
You can’t get a better blog to fit the definition of “versatile”!!

And yes, in the blogs that are too good to be mentioned here, I would name What ho, Whackk, and OuchMyToe.

And I would mention here, two more people, one who played a major role in the making of my blog, Ashish  and second, in making of whose blog, mine played a small role 😛 Soumya.
(I guess the total went to 15 anyway 😛 )

Oh, here is the pic of that “Versatile blog award” that I got. I hope these 10 people will also use this picture with my name in their blog (hence giving me a linkback). See, I am clever!

Now telling 7 random things about myself.

  1. I am much more senseless and pathetically funny then i sound in this blog.
  2. An engineer by mind and writer by heart, I like reading, dancing, singing, hacking, and all other things that can spare me from cramming useless formulas.
  3. I love pizza and I guess its high time for pizza hut to get me a share in their company.
  4. I love Manchester united, not like many wannabes, in fact so much that when we were kicked out of champions league, I didn’t let my cousin eat for two days!
  5. I am a Libra man, born on 21st October which is also the birth date of Alfred Nobel and the indian national army.
  6. A hard-core rock fan, AC-DC being my favorite. But that doesn’t stop me from listening to Mohd. Rafi and Kishor kumar who will always be the best.
  7. And yes, Barney Stinson and Chandler Bing. Two characters I am the biggest fan of, and its visible!!

Hmph… The post now comes to an end. I liked writing this one, and I hope you liked reading this one. Now go click on the links I have given and start reading. I know they are better than me, so here is an appeal like the Wikipedia guys do.

An appeal from the ABugInMyMind founder Shubham
Don’t forget me please… like my facebook page too” (and as the only alive receiver of Rajinikanth’s letter, I’d recommend doing that 😛 )