My interview experiences with MDI Gurgaon

MDI Gurgaon, one of the top 10-15 management colleges (Also, the number 2 private management institute in the country), has this to say on its Wikipedia.

Pic courtesy: Official MDI Website

Management Development Institute (MDI) is one of the premier business schools in India. It was established in 1973 and is located in Gurgaon also known as Gurugram, a commercial hub near the Indian capital of New Delhi.

Here’s my interview experience of the same. (One of my best experiences in the year).

1. Some things here might be influenced by my opinion.
2. You may find some sentences being repeated in other posts, that’s just to make this post relevant as a standalone one.
3. Things may change this year (They have actually, weightage to cat is decreasing with every passing year), but the way they take interviews shouldn’t.
4. And lastly, a lot of tense confusion might be there since the actual post was written right after the interview.

Here we go:

My profile:

General /Engineer/ Male.

CAT score: 99.46

Work ex: 28 Months (I work for OFSS as a developer)

10/12/UG: 92/92/6.2 (The 6.2 translates to 62%)

I’m also a published writer and had a startup back in college.

Date: 4th March Morning slot, Gurgaon.

I reached around 9.10 AM, reporting time was 9. The document verification was done inside a room, all the students were divided into two panels. After 30 minutes we were asked to move to the interview rooms.

WAT Topic: Is bureaucracy a hindrance in the finance reforms in India. 15 Minutes. 150 words.

This was one of my not so good performances when it comes to WAT, given my experience in writing. I found the 150 words too less to create an introduction and conclusion for a topic like this. So I had to cut down on examples and kept a diplomatic approach. To make the matters worse, I spelt the world Bureaucracy wrong. But I guess many people did that, it’s not that easy to spell!

GD:  The same topic was to be discussed for 20 minutes post WAT. We were 12 candidates, I was, once again, the last candidate. But luckily the floor was open from the very first moment, so being last didn’t matter there. We literally had two teams fighting pro and against bureaucracy. Nobody won, the moderators got tired of the fish market and asked us to stop. No conclusion, nothing.


The panel had two people. P1: Female, in her late 30s. P2: Male, in his 50s. They were calling people randomly, so being last again didn’t matter, yay!

P2 began by asking me how I would rate my performance in the GD. I said 6/10. He then asked why, to which I said that I’m normally very good at GDs, but today it took me five minutes to even start speaking, but then I raised a few very good points.

He then asked me about the flip side of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. I told him how in many ways India isn’t ready for the investments right now with the poor infrastructure and how this could backfire on our whole global image policy. He told me that I was being too general and this wasn’t specific to ‘Make in India’, to which I gave another argument, which probably convinced him.

He asked me what would happen if a man travelling at the speed of light in a car switched on the headlight. Answered. Then he gave me another statement. “God made a spear that can penetrate anything and then God made a wall that cannot be penetrated. What do you think will happen if they meet?” I told him that this is the case of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, and then explained a bit more. Convinced. Then he asked me if I know what FDI means. Told. Then the difference between FDI and FII, told again. He interrupted me twice and I cracked a joke that I don’t remember, everybody laughed (Which normally doesn’t happen on my jokes!)

All this time, P1 is reading my form. Now she asks me about where I work and my job profile. Then something more about work. Then the most challenging thing I ever had to do in work. I told about a recent project I worked on. Then she asked me about what teamwork means and how would I tackle a non-performer in the team. (I believe this is because I had opted for IM course too.)

As soon as I was done answering this, they both told me I was done. I was a bit surprised that no one asked me anything about my low CGPA, so I asked if that was it. Both of them laughed and said yes.

In short, very chilled out experience unlike many other experiences I’d based my perception on. At no point did I feel stressed out. No questions about college, extra currics or anything close to that. Hardly a question or two that one may call technical.

I’m not sure how will this be rated. But I guess it was okay.


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