Making travel easier, the stayzilla way.

Disclaimer: This is a review post based on personal experiences.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

This quote by Saint Augustine is probably the best inspiration one can get to start travelling. I’m not much of a traveler, but I still love it when I get the opportunity to leave everything behind and experience the unexplored. And as I once said it in one of my previous posts, it isn’t only about travelling, you also should know what the attractions in the city you’re in are and most importantly, you need a place where you can crash in and give a perfect finishing touch to your travel experience. A good hotel stay is one of the most important and an often overlooked aspect of any holiday.

So what do you do to manage these hotel troubles? Reach the place and then look for one, or book one in advance and then reach the place? In any of the cases, there’s always a chance of ending up with a disaster. And while there are many solutions coming up every day in this ever-changing world of technology, we’re bound to like the ones that offer us the most options in the simplest ways possible.

Which brings me to StayZilla!

I came to know about StayZilla through the amazing BNLF program by Indiblogger, and haven’t been able to stop myself from appreciating them ever since. Stayzilla is essentially a one stop solution for all your stay needs. May you be a traveler who’d like the comforts and services of a multi star hotel or someone who loves the feeling of being at home, or you’re not a traveler but would like to help one by renting your place, StayZilla has got it covered for you.

What I liked the most about the app was the peppy interface, which is something many apps have tried recently, but very few manage to get it right.


Let’s say that you want to travel to Mumbai and need a perfect place to stay. All you need to do is to download the StayZilla App from here (Stayzilla on Google Play | Stayzilla on the App Store), choose what you want to do (Host or guest), enter the basic details and your location and voila… you have a plethora of options on your screen. And there are pictures and reviews to make your job easier too!


There is a chat option too, so if you’re facing any trouble, the customer care is right there; no need to dial any numbers and wait in queues.


Although there were a few things that I didn’t like, for instance, no clear option to go back and change my preference as a Host or a Guest once I logged in, no clear help available in the app apart from the customer care chat option and the absence of a make suggestion option, I believe that what is a good product without a scope of improvement. So let this blog post serve as a suggestive one too, rather than just being an appreciative account 🙂

To bring this to an end, let me show you this video:

Oh, and for all my readers who are already cursing me for not posting for so long, kindly bear with me for one more week. There’s a lot in store for the month of November 😀

So stay happy, keep travelling, and use stayzilla.

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