Solving the Food Fix.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ban on our very own Maggi noodles. Being the farsighted guy that I am, I’ve always had this habit of buying and storing stuff on the weekends. Now imagine this, you go for a movie late at night and come out of the theatre at 12, your stomach is craving for dinner more than Ronaldo for a penalty, you walk back home proudly knowing that you have a pack of Maggi waiting to be cooked at home. And only when you open the box you realize your favorite lifesaving noodles are gone. What do you do? It was the kind of hour when no shops in the vicinity would be open, and even my neighbor, who I’m pretty sure is a werewolf, is asleep!

The question I just left you with above is what you call, my friend, a Food-Fix. I moved to Pune 2 years back. We were 3 flat-mates, and owing to our amazing non-cooking skills and awe-inspiring laziness, not having a proper kitchen in our flat seemed an amazing idea back then. “We have so many places right outside the apartment, we’ll never have a problem eating out” was like a war-cry for us, repeating it every day. But little did we know that we’ll be facing so many of such ‘Food-fixes’ in the coming years. I’ve faced such situations many times, and I also remember sneaking into my flat-mates room and stealing a pack of cookies. But I was done with these things, (Also, my flatmate was out of cookies). So in this Maggi fiasco, I didn’t want to be the one to suffer.

So what did I do? I found out everything edible I had in my room and made my own recipe. I had an apple, two pouches of ketchup and two eggs. So I made an omelet. The only problem is that I didn’t know how to make an omelet, so what started off on the journey to become an omelet ended up being a beaten-down-poached-egg-with-a-little-shell-still-there. Since I managed to make something worth being waxed in madam Tussaud’s out of the two eggs that I could have just boiled, I had no option but to eat the sad and lonely apple and cry myself to sleep. And just so you know, apple with ketchup is not a good idea.

But that incident warned me for life. So the next morning I clicked on a link one of my friends had sent to me on WhatsApp. It was a referral link to the TinyOwl app. To be honest, I was not very hopeful, my past experiences with food ordering apps weren’t falling in the definition of pleasant, but as they say, a hungry man will do anything, and that includes installing an app. But here comes the big surprise, as soon as I opened the app, it felt like I was falling in love all over again. The interface, the smoothness, the easy to understand steps… everything made me want to order even more. And I did. Not only was my first order free, it was delivered on time without a single interaction with the customer care, which is a big deal. And I remember, I was so happy with the app that I put up a review on the playstore right away.

Tinyowl Review - Shubham

As you can see, I was a little too happy with the experience. I put this review up a few months back and since then I’ve placed over 30 orders from Tinyowl. I’ve been using online food ordering apps for quite some time now, and as I said in my review, nothing comes even close.

I was in another Food-Fix some time back. When I returned home with a friend at 11 only to find out all eating joints around my home closed. Being aware of my saucy apple and egg massacre, she was obviously in no mood of making me cook for her own good. And that’s when TinyOwl came to my rescue. Not only were there options available to order at midnight, there were discounts too! I’m not very proud of it that I still take all the credit for the late night Pav Bhaji she apparently loved, so thank you, TinyOwl!

This wasn’t an endorsement, but rather an experience and an account of how I’m loving not having a kitchen now! It fills me with pride when I see startups from our country doing this well and I’m sure that 5 years down the line, when people will talk about the game changers in the Indian startup culture, TinyOwl will be a front runner in the names.

And yes, if the tinyowl management is reading this, here’s my full review that I couldn’t post on the playstore.

Since June last year, I have placed over 150 online food orders. I have tried all the online stores and vendors out there and have tried all the apps. And let me tell you, none of them even comes close to what Tinyowl here has created.

This app is changing the online food ordering experience altogether and spoiling the customers at the same time, I mean I don’t see a reason why anyone would want to order through some other app after having the Tinyowl experience.

The referral programs lets you order your first meal almost for free and then there’s a plethora of offers to keep you going. Till now I haven’t received a single call from the customer care telling me that what I ordered isn’t available. The orders are delivered on time as well.

Coming to the app, the flow is crisp and the UI is the best in the segment. Even the app size isn’t too much for any phone to handle. And the best part is, no emails bothering you about your feedback or ratings or anything. Simply your invoice is what they mail you. Everything else is taken care of right from the app, which is great because it is the fastest way of reaching out if your food is late, which it mostly isn’t.

And now that the review is too long, I’ll end it by saying that you’re missing on a lot if you haven’t tried it yet. I just hope they make suggesting a restaurant easier in the next update, I got some of my favorites that aren’t there yet.

Happy meals 🙂


Damn, did I ramble on for too long again? I knew that was going to happen! Anyway, I’ll end this now, just make sure you have TinyOwl (Android and iOS) in your phone, so that you are never in a situation where you have to eat an apple with ketchup… ever…

4 thoughts on “Solving the Food Fix.

  1. “Since I managed to make something worth being waxed in madam Tussaud’s out of the two eggs that I could have just boiled” Brilliant! 😛

    1. Haha! You remind of a quote that was making rounds on the internet… “I will never be fully satisfied with the technology until I can download food.” 😀

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