Cherry’s first love with Dabur Baby oil!

You guessed it right, this is yet another post for my little nephew and my recent gift to him. 🙂

I was told that when I was a kid, I loved massages, erm… I mean, unlike most babies, I didn’t cry my lungs out when it was massage time. I used to smile instead! And it was kind of similar sight when I saw my nephew getting his first massage. Enjoying like he was born for it. So when blogadda came up with the activity #FirstLove with Dabur Massage oil with olive and almonds, I just had to sign up for it. I wanted my nephew to get what’s been trusted by so many for over years.

So let me tell you first about the awesomeness that this new avatar of Dabur oil is, all experienced real close. 😀

One of the most trusted brands in India – Dabur has launched a new massage oil for babies that is designed to give the most benefits to the delicate skin of babies. The good news is that it is free from harmful parabens and paraffins which are detrimental to a baby’s health. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is enriched with the natural goodness of olive and almond oil. This oil nourishes the baby’s skin and regular massage with this oil is known to help develop the baby’s muscle fast and enhances quicker bone formation. The Oil has also been dermatologically tested for skin safety.”

And unlike many products that mention something and give something else, ahm ahm, I found out that every word in the above lines is true to the fact.

Let me first show you some of the pics where my neighbour’s little kid enjoyed the pampering with Dabur Oil And following that is my own nephew.




Aren’t they looking happy? And well, just so you know, this massage has such a lasting effect on the kids that he is happy all the time. Look at him.


Well that’s partly because he enjoys bathing too, unlike me. 😛

So how do I feel after doing this? Too good, I must say, after all I gave him something that will nourish him and help him grow into a smart and intelligent boy, kind of like his uncle. And that’s not it, this oil is actually better than anything else that we’d used for this purpose. It isn’t rough for his skin, he smiles even more now that he likes the light fragrance that is coming out of it and most of all, my sister likes it, and I guess a mother’s approval is the most important, isn’t it? So I’m happy that cherry is happy. And I want to thank Dabur and Blogadda for not only giving me this opportunity but giving me some extra bottles that I could gift to our neighbor too (Who, by the way, are also permanently switching to this oil now!)

This is it for now. In case you have a baby (Or planning to have one 😛 ), you know which is the best thing you can offer your child right after your love 🙂

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at

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