Restarting the life.

Recently I’ve not been able to write too much in the field of my expertise, i.e., well… basically nothing. But what I have written is a post about how I began my life in Pune, the city of great weather as I like to call it. That came after I felt that I had written almost too much about my college life and how I planned everything from there, but almost nothing when it came to my life after that phase. Now I won’t be sharing the full post here again, you could always read it here, but I will share a few things that I really want to, things that helped me take the much awaited fresh start.

“Congratulations on the offer. Your job location will be Pune, Maharashtra.” Out of the numerous lines that my job offer at Oracle contained, this was the one I anticipated the most. The reason was simple, if it wasn’t going to be my hometown, I wanted it to be a place where I could feel like home.” This is how I began that post. But is that all that matters? Just a place that makes you feel like home wasn’t enough. Probably I never felt the gravity of the situation I was going to be in. It was going to be an all new life there, not the responsibility free phase like college but the career oriented war. So as the day of my joining to oracle came near, that thought of ‘will I be able to do it’ rushed to my mind. It was kind of obvious too, for someone who’s never lived away from home for more than a week, this was a giant leap. Unlike many of my hostler friends, this was going to be an all new kind of test for me. But if there’s one thing I’ve always believed in, it’s the fact that if your will is strong enough, you can do anything. And that’s what I did. Instead of thinking of it as a problem, I made it look like an opportunity to my mind. I know it won’t ever sound like an inspirational story to anyone but hey, add an introvert guy and a romantic angle and who knows I’ll be fighting for the Oscars… no…? Okay! But it’s true, I thought of this chance of going to pune and starting a new job as starting a new life. Transiting from the college life to professional life and restarting a whole phase. And it worked. Rest as they say, is history. Glad to say that Pune welcomed me and I welcomed this city to each other’s hearts. And did I mention how I fell in love with its weather? As I mention later in that same post, “Pune has been like a second home to me. In the last one and a half-year of my stay here, I’ve traveled a lot, made so many new friends, learned a lot of new computer languages while still struggling to learn Marathi and above all, gathered a confidence that no matter what happens, I’ll be able to deal with it.”

Thanks for reading. Now that you’ve reached this far, it would be a good time to tell that this post was inspired by the #StartANewLife theme that gave to me. In case you wonder how awesome these people are, take a look at this video:

I’m sure you took a new start at some point in your life as well. Do tell. We’ll talk about it over a cookie sometime! 😀

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