The bedtime rituals.

You can never appreciate motherhood the way it deserves until you see what a mother has to go through everyday right in front of your eyes. That’s a sad but true fact. I’ve never failed to appreciate the women in my life though, but at the same time, I was yet to see a few miracles.

Now that I’ve intrigued you with the word miracle, let me tell you that I’ve been blessed with a baby nephew a few months back. As exciting as this news sounds, a few of us were also worried if my sister was ready to face all the troubles that come with being a mother. It wasn’t wrong to be worried either, this is the first time I was seeing a kid in my family and I had never imagined my sister doing anything that my mother used to do for us when we were kids. But as they say, it is a gift that is there in every woman and comes out alive when she sees her kid for the first time.

Much like other kids, my nephew loves to keep us all awake at nights. I kind of feel he would become a batman fan. He will shout, he will cry and if nothing works, he will use the strongest tool at his disposal and poop!  And night isn’t the only time when he does it. His bowels are as unpredictable as the weather in Mumbai! He’ll do it anytime and anywhere.

So what do you do when you have to do everything you used to do in your life, but only this time with a kid who needs you to be there for him 24×7. And not only he needs you, there is no chance in hell a mother would willingly go away from her kid even for some time anyway! From what I saw, there is a lot you need to learn when you have a kid. And to make sure he is clean, well fed and sleeps well are the most important requirements of all!

But our little devil is not the kind who’ll sleep just like that. It’s a whole hour-long (or sometimes two-three hour-long) program that you need to undergo. It begins with changing his diaper into a fresh one that is soft enough to make sure he likes it and is comfortable and at the same time, absorb the moisture and keep him smiling! Well thankfully after a few failed attempts, we found Pampers! So that’s one thing done. Next up is the music therapy. No! You don’t have to sing, he does all the singing. You just need to provide the background score. For that we have the “Old Macdonald Had A Farm” rhyme that he loves! You just play it on the phone and he will be lost in it and keep singing till it lasts. But every good thing has an end and so does the rhyme. So what do you do next? Here comes the good old fan for rescue. Now this is something very exclusive to my nephew, he’s a fan of fans! He loves them so much that he will watch a fan moving circularly with such a concentration that sometimes the fan will stop and blush (or maybe it’s the power cut, who knows!).

Now that I’ve given away a few secrets to what we do, I feel lucky that he can’t read them yet. Otherwise he’ll find new ways to not keep calm! Which is fine by me, I’m not the one who has to make him fall asleep, but my sister does. And lately she hasn’t been mean to me so I’ll try and do the same 😉

In case you too have a latest copy of a son or daughter, here is summary of the bedtime rituals I’d suggest from my observations.

  1. Diaper change. (Keep a few handy, you never know when you’ll need more!)
  2. Powder application. Because who doesn’t love the smell of baby powder!
  3. Singing a lullaby (Or playing one on your phone)
  4. Switching on the fan. Or you know, anything that works!

Two things will happen after reading this. Many people will go “Aww!” and others will laugh. I know, happens to me! To make sure to convert everything to the good old ‘aww!’, let me post a cute picture of the Protagonist of this post 🙂

PS: Now that I pretty vocally said the name Pampers, it would be mean if I don’t tell you about the place you can check out to know more about it. So check this out:

Also, take a look at this video, cute, Isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “The bedtime rituals.

  1. I just wrote a similar comment on a friends blog , I think I was born at wrong time .. now was the time when i shud have got born not so many years ago .. 🙂 he he he he

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