Getting rid of pimples, the simple way.

As soon as you hit the age of 13, you become a teenager and with that begins a never ending war between your age and your mind. As we grow up, in that phase of age there are multiple challenges that we face, the most common one being… board exams! I know, but here I am going to talk about something less difficult and more annoying; Pimples. They’re very common in that age and mostly go away with time, but sometimes when they don’t, they can be a real pain.

I remember how much pain my sister had to go through to get rid of the pimples. That constant pain, going to different doctors, trying hell knows how many home remedies, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and what not! It was like a maze with apparently no exit door. I was a kid when she went through all of that, so I couldn’t appreciate her efforts in that, but soon when I had to go through it myself, I could imagine how difficult it would have been on her.

Pimples just change your looks a bit, or at least that’s what it looks like, but to think about it, they can put down someone’s confidence and bring about a change in personality. Pimples, aren’t just spots on your face, they can also be painful and can sometimes make your life really hard. There’s so many remedies available that people on the internet won’t stop bragging about, Apricots, orange peels, Aloevera, wheat grass juice and thousands of different kinds of Facepacks and lotions… In my experience, or more correctly, in my sister’s experience, they all need something else with them to work, and that is strength. No orange peel or fruit is going to get them out overnight, what you need is a determination that will get you through that face and a will to do it yourself. I do remember seeing her prepare the different solutions and try those on her face, and jump happily when the marks got even a bit lighter. (I may be exaggerating a bit here, I am almost double that age now, can’t help it!)

The point here is, she managed to win it. So did many others. But I am sure they wish they had a better way of doing it which didn’t involve so much of work. Well, I can’t say I’ve used it myself, but from what I’ve heard from the one experienced person at my home, the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash seems to do it. The word pure neem reminds me of my own experience with these real life antagonists known as pimples. I was around 16 when I got a lot of them. Before they could become a permanent decoration of my face, my sister warned me to take care of them. But I couldn’t do all that she did! Not that I couldn’t handle it, I was just lazy. So my mom told me that Neem leaves are very good for blood purification, which is basically what we need to cure pimples. I didn’t think twice and started eating fresh neem leaves every morning. Yep! When every other 16 year old was having bed tea, I started my mornings with 5-10 bitter neem leaves. The surprising part is that went on for over a month till my pimples were almost gone (I don’t know that happened because of the leaves or with time, but I like to believe it was the leaves.), and I didn’t mind eating those; which also gave my parents a reason to believe that I was the soul of a devil.

Erm… coming back to the point, I’d not be endorsing something if I had a slight doubt that it wouldn’t be something right. But after listening to so many, I can safely say that this is definitely right. If you too have Pimples, you don’t need to make your face an experimental site or start your morning on a bitter note, just use Garnier Pure Active and you’ll be fine.

                                    Credits to AnimationExpress for the pic. Sunny paji for the win!

Also, check out this amazing blog where you get to know many things about skincare. Being a lazy ass that I am, I am not sure if I’ll be able to follow the workouts part, but knowing the female readers of the blog, I’m sure they’ll love that: ( )

Do tell me if you had any of such troublesome experiences, maybe we’ll complain about it together in the next post. And also, tell me your experience with Garnier Pure Active too if you’ve used it! 😀

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