The new way to luck!

I’ve been a stock market enthusiast for a long time; can’t say the same for lotteries though.  So obviously it bugs me when people compare the two. For a layman the stock market does sound like a game of luck but I believe that one needs to appreciate the kind of hard work and calculations that go behind the art of investing. But this isn’t a tutorial on the stock markets, this is something different. This is about a new innovation that I came across thanks to Indiblogger and FatCat gaming app. This is something that will make people like me a fan of lotteries, because now even that can be won with a bit of logic (And well… a bit of luck.)

When I first heard about it, I was really intrigued. What is it? I asked myself. And here’s what I found out.

FatCat is a gaming app with two built in games, Lucky 6 and QuizApp. While QuizApp is a simple thing where you answer a question and if you’re lucky enough to make the cut, you win the ultimate prize, Lucky 6 is what got my attention more. It is a stock market based game where you have to select a list of six companies out of a given list. You need to make a smart choice by studying the markets properly because you win or not will depend on the performance of these companies. And if your selected companies end up being the top 6 of the markets, you win! Simple as that!

As per the app homepage:

Lucky 6: Combining the fun of games with life changing prizes
Playing games on your mobile is fun, but what if you could play a game AND potentially change your life?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Fat Cat app with an innovative lottery-style game called Lucky 6. It’s simple to play: just pick six of your favorite brands, and if their stocks see the highest gains on game day…you win! And here’s the best part: our prizes are things that can really make an impact in your life. We’re giving away everything from large cash prizes to luxury holidays.

This thing is quite a new concept; at least I am seeing it for the first time. And it has to mean something when I say it since I am the kind of person who loves playing phone games and stays connected to the internet almost all the time. As we Indians love new concepts, I think this app can be a good success in our country. Seeing the current flow of awesome reviews for this, I can say it is happening already.

If I had to say the best features of Fat Cat in a nutshell, I’d say it’s a simple app with a complex style. The usage is pretty easy. You log in, you select your favorite six companies and let the stock market open. If you do well, your name appears in the top scorers. If you win, you win! There’s more to it if you’re the sharing kind. All you need to do is to refer a friend of yours and tell him your username. When he creates his account he puts your name as the referrer and you get to win when he wins. Now that’s the easiest way of winning if you ask me!

This is a nice and innovative idea with a lot of potential. I’d suggest you definitely give it a try. Do check out for more.

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