In conversation with: The BBM Guy!

Hello people! I hope you’ve read In conversation with a married guy and In conversation with the relationship guy before.

This is yet another conversation, this time with the over obsessed and mostly ignored, BBM guy!

We’ve finally found him. The guy who got BBM on his android phone. Out of all who were too busy in updating their Facebook statuses, he gave us a little time from his busy schedule. Before we start talking to him, here’s a little snippet from what he said in his thank you note.

“I too have a BBM pin now. I can’t believe it finally happened. It’s like one of the biggest dreams of my life come true. My father always wanted me to become an IAS officer but I always believed in bigger things and today I have it.

I have so many people to thank. Starting with my sister who bought a blackberry when I was just 16 and always told me that someday even I’ll have it. I’d also thank my 2167 Facebook friends and the 77 girls I added who never accepted my friend requests. Specially Sunidhi, your update “add mah new BBM pin 789xyz.. xoxo :* ” was a reason I signed up for this.

My heartfelt gratitude to the makers of whatsapp, wechat and line.. Now I can brag on all these apps that they suck and I have BBM which is better. Although I have no idea why but that’s what the knowledgeable people on twitter said. They even made #WeLoveBBM a twitter trend!

Before I forget, I’d like to thank my college friend Kanhaiya who said “BBM is hawt and whatsapp sux”. It’s actually his words that gave the final push to me signing up for BBM.

When I got the clearance mail.. I was as happy as I was when I got a tatkal ticket on irctc website.”

 2011-05-16-bbm gen gap

Alright, so we have with us, Mr. BBM!! (Or that’s what everyone calls him now.)


Me: Hello Mr. BBM. First tell us, how does it feel to have it? Another chat client on your phone!

BBM: Hello. Thank you for calling me in this interview. Kidding, you should thank me, now that I have BBM!


Me: Umm.. yeah… why not! So tell us, how does it feel? What difference has it made in your life?

BBM: Everything seems much better now. There are so many girls who haven’t blocked me here. I’d get to see their statuses.


Me: Wow! How did you manage to get their pins?

BBM: In college that’s not a big deal. The bigger task was to chat with them anonymously!


Me: So how do you think this BBM would be different from Whatsapp and other chat clients?

BBM: It is blackberry! It definitely will be way better?


Me: I know! But how?

BBM: Well, people on twitter said that. People on facebook said that. It’s new! What else do you want from me!


Me: Ok Ok!! Calm down. Have some water. Now tell me what is the first thing you did when you got the BBM pin. And what after that.

BBM: I updated Facebook with my BBM pin so everyone knows I am cool.


Me: And then?

BBM: What else? Who am I? Bill gates!


Me: Didn’t you chat with anyone?

BBM: I did. I messaged a friend on Whatsapp to add me on BBM and then he emailed me that his BBM pin hasn’t arrived yet so he updated his Facebook status that he doesn’t give a damn to BBM and then he texted me to come online on Gtalk as his skype wasn’t working.


Me: Okay! Where does he live? Australia?

BBM: Oh no. We’re flatmates.


Me: I’d just pretend that didn’t happen. Moving on. What is the next thing you want this world to innovate?

BBM:  I don’t know. Hey! How about a chat client that doesn’t use Data or network to send your message. It just does it for free!


Me: We already have that mode of communication. It’s called a pigeon. Alright one last question Mr. BBM. What is one improvement that BBM service could do for you?

BBM: I’d love to order pizza and recharge my phone from the BBM window itself!


Me: I am kind of glad you didn’t ask for a handwash and coffee machine instead. Anyway, it was not so nice to have you on ABugInMyMind Mr. BBM. Would you like to tell something to our readers?

BBM: As Che Guevara said, Be the change you want to see. Peace out.


Me: That was actually said by… you know what… leave it.


So ladies and gentlemen, it is good to have BBM or Skype, Whatsapp and every other app that ever existed on your phone. But it is not so good to keep spamming other apps with the new one’s updates.

And those who are smiling because they updated anti BBM statuses, you were also adding to spam list only. Just like this blogpost… umm… wait… damn!



PS: DO NOT FORGET to like my official facebook page. I hear it’s kinda cool. ShubhamChoudhary

23 thoughts on “In conversation with: The BBM Guy!

  1. Hahaha really loved it! I am neutral to this but people’s statuses were just annoying! I mean who cares if you have BBM or whatsapp like who caresss :/ GoD!
    but truly well-put.. loved this esply
    Me: Okay! Where does he live? Australia?

    BBM: Oh no. We’re flatmates.

  2. hahaha awesome!! 😀 this was so cool! well not bad…i see your level of sarcasm has grown up pretty well! 😛 …good read it is dodo 🙂

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