Campus Inter-no-view!

Hello everyone.. I know how long it has been since I last posted. Getting into a full time professional life brings a lot of changes in your lifestyle. My manager would soon realize I was an exception to this but yes, last few months have been pretty hectic for me.

But that’s not the only change that I saw in my life. I’ve been getting many queries everyday from my juniors regarding placements and in the college to office transition mode, I realized how useless and fake the campus recruitment… or now that we’re at it, all interviews are.

So as this thought occurred to me, I started thinking about what most freshers are asked in their personal interviews and how they answer every question, and what the actual answer would be, had they been speaking the truth.

Generally in the HR interview round, first question is “Tell me about yourself.” to which the candidate answers somewhat like this… “My name is XYZ, I am in Final year of ABC stream and I scored XX percent in my final year. My hobbies are…” that goes on for hell knows how many lines. Since the company wants intelligent people to work for them, wouldn’t an intelligent answer for that question be “It’s all there in the resume you’ve already read. Why don’t we skip to the good part?”


Moving on, some more questions, in no particular order, I’ve heard (and faced) are…

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

A possible ideal answer:

In a place where I can give my 100% to the organization I am in and prove my leadership abilities in a positive way.

A possible actual answer:

Who knows! If I could predict future, I’d already be earning enough to hire you as my assistant!


Q: Why this company? Why not any other firms that visit your campus?

A possible ideal answer:

Sir I’ve known this company for a long time and I know the kind of work environment and growth I’ll get here is not possible anywhere else.

A possible actual answer:

Because others won’t take me!


Q: How do you justify so less marks in this semester? (A question most engineers would face)

A possible ideal answer:

I was going through a bad phase in my life that time which made me miss many classes/ I had an accident / Family problem… blah blah..

The real answer:

Beer. Night outs. Bunks. Affair. Break up… and more beer..


Q: What benefit does my company get if we hire you?

A possible ideal answer:

I am a hard worker and my analytic qualities are unmatched. I’d prove to be a worthy employee…

A possible real answer:

You get the blessings of an otherwise unemployed person…! Isn’t that enough!


Q: Why should we recruit you?

This is the most tricky question. If you don’t answer this properly, they don’t hire you. And if you exaggerate, they’d put you in some shitty department that requires the use of some alien language you’ve never heard of!

What can be a good answer to this? Because I can do the Gangnam style and Harlem shake together at the same time!?

Another such question, and the WORST of all times is, “Describe yourself in one word.”

What do they expect? “I’m Batman”? Even that’s two words.


That’s not enough, there is more! In fact the list of such questions is endless. “What is your best quality?” “Your weakness” or “Your strong points”.

Although it is necessary for companies to know the person before hiring him/her, but seeing the results in campus recruitment, anyone would agree that such interviews won’t make much difference if there is a better way of judging students, more like, better questions to be asked in the interview.

That’s it for now. Now that I have some time, I’ll hopefully be coming up with more articles in some time. 🙂

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