Being human!

Hello, this is my 55th blog-post, and the tradition of experiments continue. Without saying much, here is a new kind of post for my blog, “55 Fiction”.  A 2 minute read. 🙂


“I hear that you are the best in the market. The ‘Ravan’s you make for dussehra are widely sold.”

“People say so, sir”

“What is it? Your knowledge of the religion or love for the festival?”

“Maybe that or maybe it’s my love for art and festivity”

“Oh.. And What’s your name young man?”



Yep, this is it. I hope you liked it.
PS: Happy Eid. I know none of my readers is a follower of racism or casteism or anything like that, but we can always spread the awareness 🙂

19 thoughts on “Being human!

  1. hmmm well its not about following racism or casteism.. its about practising it ..
    and it is very difficult to find a person who does not practise that especially in our nation.. where we are divided to the MOHALLA level too

    Happy eid to everyone ..

    1. Rightly said. And when i see people saying things like that, it kills me within. A person does not decide what religion to be born in, then why do people decide what he deserves based on his religion!?

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