Independence… Or well… maybe!

It’s definitely not my 66th blogpost, but I so wish it was. Anyway, this is going to be a long one so let’s switch to the subject straight away. This is my third (kinda) serious post after Daughter’s day: Time to rethink and Republic Day. Yes, I am serious on all special days (except for the valentine day when girls don’t take me seriously).

Here I am telling you a few things we do, which are wrong and how we can do simple things to help our country develop. Believe me, they are simple. Try, you won’t get bored.

So… Ever got caught speeding and paid a hundred bucks to save your license from being punched? Or did you buy a pirated movie CD because the movie wasn’t good enough to be watched in theatre. I am pretty sure all of us, one time or the other, threw a polybag right there on the middle of the road. And well, who waits for the green light when there is no traffic inspector around.
We’re not good at sticking to the rules; we suck at following simple things… I tell you what we’re good at, planning and blaming the system for not executing the plans.

Also, we’re great at showing how intellectual and thoughtful we are on the online platforms. (Guilty as charged, I am doing the same here). On Facebook and twitter, every person sounds intelligent. Everyone is a genius describing how selfish Aamir Khan is when he promotes Satyamev Jayate or what an utter failure Anna Hazare is.

But here’s what I think. At least they are DOING something. Which is way better than… well… not doing anything. I realize Aamir’s heavy preaching in a TV show with so many lights glowing up his thoughtful face isn’t a solution to casteism or honor killing. But sitting at home and cursing him isn’t either.

The question is, are we ready to bring the change? Is there a Bhagat singh within you struggling to come out? Well hold it there BubbleHead. I for one, most definitely know there isn’t. Yes, you are enraged now, as you have watched a patriotic movie, listened to many tracks that show the love to our nation, saw at least a thousand Facebook posts saluting our martyrs and maybe watched our president’s speech (Which was awesome by the way). But you also know, it’s been like that from past many years. Let the day get over, we’ll see how ‘patriotic’ you stay.

So, since we are not going to do anything ‘heroic’ to save the nation (as you can’t do it), and also I am not going to preach you in heavy words with an exceptional command over vocabulary (as I can’t do it), let me tell you what you and I can do. It might not bring some big change, but I am sure our country badly needs even a little effort from everyone.

  1. Do not litter. Seriously, would you like to see a banana peel near your pillow?
  2. Save: Electricity. Petrol. Water.
    I know it sounds like a cliché, but after seeing those power grid failures, I am bound to say we’re not doing it. Walk a little, switch off the fans and lights when you leave an otherwise empty room. And this goes for the public places and offices too. We all know we do it at home.
  3. The average time we spend texting, calling and on internet, please spend just twenty percent of it reading about the government policies. At least blame them with facts, don’t follow a trend. (This goes for everyone in my age circle, especially engineers, who open newspaper only when there’s a placement interview the same day.)
  4. Help someone. I don’t want you going to old age homes or orphanages, but there are a lot of homeless people you’ll see on your way, while you look at them; ask yourself, what exactly will you do with that 3 year old T-shirt of yours at home.
  5. While we are at it, believe me, you are not donating 1$ for every share on Facebook to the girl suffering from leukemia. You’re just proving that you’re dumb.
  6. Save some important numbers in your phone. The ones you can always use in case of you need help.
    108 is the one for any kind of emergencies.
    1098 is for Child Help. This number is NOT the one you call when you see leftover food and you want them to pick it up. It’s a hoax. But when you see a child in problem and need help, this is the number to call.
    There are a lot of such local numbers for organizations like ‘Help in suffering’, ‘india against corruption’ etc. Take out 10 minutes and search for them.
  7. Try to donate. It feels good. And you can always brag about it 😉
  8. Raise your voice. Against corruption, child abuse or maybe the illegal constructions near your house. With current levels of technology, even an anonymous call or just an email to the right place will do wonders. Experience speaking here (no more details please 😛 ).
photo courtesy: Google Images

We have over 1 lakh people, fighting for us on the borders, putting their lives at risks so we live safe. A man (not baba ramdev) is doing hunger strikes to ignite a fire within all of us, maybe it is overrated, maybe it is hyped, but I think maintaining this in headlines is better than watching Sunny Leone crying in her movie promos!
We do have bad policies and dirty politics going across, but at the same time there are people in the same field who live for the country and who want to see it prosper.

In the end, let me put it this way, I don’t care if the rest 1.2 billion people want to sit idle and blame the government for the country’s bad situation and people’s ideology, I am with those handful who want to do something to change it. I am not good enough to become an IAS, not bold enough to join Anna, not popular enough to start my own show, but I am strong enough to voice my opinion and do my duties as a citizen of India.

In case you have thoughts brimming and you feel like thrashing me with some of them, I’d welcome them. But do remember, it’s the effort that counts. 🙂

PS: I came across this initiative by Just go to the website and send a card to the army heroes. Spread a smile.
PPS: Watch this pic. Aren’t you proud of her ! 

20 thoughts on “Independence… Or well… maybe!

  1. wow, this is by far the best post i have seen written about india, it is so true that while people don’t get tired of criticizing (me included) they don’t think of practical solutions or even follow the rules that are there. I remember I was with someone and we were out and I had a plastic bag to be disposed off and they suggested to just throw it on the road, then the realization of ‘do your part’ hit me and I just waited until I got home.
    The most ironic places are the corners of the staircases where it’s explicitly written ”do not spit” and that sign itself is covered in it 😛
    About anna hazare, I supported him to a certain point but when I read more about his policies I backed that out, however I do agree that at least he is doing something while all I do is a weak effort to raise awareness. great post again. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, ‘best post’ is something everyone likes to hear, especially when i tried a different genre 🙂
      “The most ironic places are the corners of the staircases where it’s explicitly written ”do not spit” and that sign itself is covered in it” I knowwww, right?!!!
      Anyway, yes, anna hazare and satyamev jayate are two topics we can debate over, that’s why i haven’t expressed a personal opinion over them. But i am glad you understood what i wanted to convey. 🙂
      Thanks again 🙂

  2. Indeed true what you have said , We are more of TALK .. then WALK THE TALK people and blaming comes easy to us all ..

    I do hope people read this article ALL OF IT and do what simple steps you have mentioned .. It just takes a little bit from all of us to make the nation a beautiful place once more

  3. Great Post. Intriguing post. 😛 Okay enough of chaplusi.

    Piracy is something that I would not like to say anything about, not that I am a hard core pirate. Period.

    SMJ and Hazare Movement: DOING something is not important. What important is doing it strategically and effectively is.

    1. Litter- I carry all the wrappers in my pocket. One major problem is of Sanitization – I have had many moments of anxiety before I could get back to my house and release all the pressure.

    2. Electricity – I use mobile more than my laptop. Use laptop only to make comments like these on blogs like these. Petrol cant ride a bike, have to move about on my foot. #FML. Water – Don’t bathe everyday (Benefit of not stinking) 😛

    Sunny Leone cried?? What?

    More than the politicians and bureaucrats, i feel, we are to be blamed for the corruption. We need to follow small and unimportant rules like using the Foot over Bridge (FOB) at the stations, etc. only then we can expect them to be free from corruption.

    Great post.

    1. Thanks :p
      Well, why are you explaining yourself here? Chor ki dadhi me tinka?
      All i wanted was, read, realise and follow. In case you already do: Good. In case you don’t and dont want to: Well, amuse me with a reason.
      And yes, doing is better than not doing. Or blaming their strategies at home.
      Sunny leone cried, yes. Aww 😛
      And for the last part. Really? Great. Thanks 🙂

  4. good one…………its not poignancy but the simplicity of your expression that made me read dis one….a post befitting the 66th independence day

  5. everything.. so apt.. and the youth of our nation needs to follow ’em!!! and the 5th point… there are so many “DUMB ASSES” . . . . who will continue to do that.. even with message forwarding.. Small changes does count, it’s time for a REVOLUTION… like our battle for independence! though it is said “Boond-Boond se Ghada bharta hai” but …. i dont see any “BOOND” of hope..!! still hoping for the best.. people need to change there outlook, there perspective…. their THOUGHT!! indeed/… Jai Hind.. !!

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 you’re right, the ‘boond’ is nowhere to be seen, why not we drop the first one 🙂
      thoughts change and they change the actions. Hope to see that within you, me and all.
      Thanks again 🙂

  6. I think, by far, your best post! It may not have your signature sarcasm but it was extremely crisp and most importantly, covered all the topics that i wanted to write an article on 😉
    Seriously, good on shubham! 🙂

    1. wow.. thanks.. always feels great when someone says ‘the best’ 🙂
      Well.. signature sarcasm, it was avoided on purpose.. the blog is filled with that 🙂
      And i’d love to see your thoughts on the same..

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