The Saas Bahu Saga of india.

Nahi… Nahi… Nahi…

And that’s a journey full of atrocities starts which makes you want to kill yourselves in the most brutal manner.
Yep, i am talking about the great Indian daily soaps. While I diss them, on the other hand, i wonder who is more courageous? Our soldiers or ladies who watch those daily soaps.

May it be their pavitra rishta with it or their balika vadhu instinct, but they have endless emotions and patience when it comes to watching ““Bart””. ““Bart”” means “Bad ART”, and that’s how I’ll refer the daily soaps in the rest of this article.

Here to suck your blood
Here to suck your blood!!

So what is with this ““Bart””. Why are they so popular in Indian women (general) and why are they so bloodsucking for Indian men (all). Here are some points that came to my mind.

  • They have a never-ending collection of jewelry and fancy clothing, even in a dull normal morning the brides in “Barts” are studded with jewels. Believe me, that gives even bappi da a complex. While women fall for them, men literally “fall” because of them.
  • The way they manipulate and make plans and traps, I wonder why didn’t al-quayda and taliban people recruit them for strategy handling.
  • While even the poorest of them will carry a blackberry and a car is necessary (i just wrote it to rhyme), their dining tables will always contain a well-organized and never-emptying fruit basket!
  • The biggest one, WHY THE HELL THEY NEVER DIE??? I mean you can never say it for sure that this person will not make a dramatic return. Oh wait, it IS a drama!

Some quick picks that i don’t understand about the “Barts” is.

  • Why is it that they always give expressions at different times one by one whenever a good or bad news comes in. (just curious!)
  • How a plastic surgery completely changes a person’s face and why don’t they become like brad pit and Jennifer Lopez then?
  • How marriages is just like having food for them, i mean do it every once in a while and dump the crap out of it.
  • And Why did my mom kept staring at me like she’s gonna kill me when i asked her to say something against “Barts”.

Apparently, these shows are the most hated and yet most watched and most commercialized over Indian television. (Declaring the women power yet again!)

To conclude, here’s what I have to say. Their never ending and tempting (read: time wasting) stories get the viewers glued somehow. So it becomes my moral duty to warn you that if you’re new with them, back off now. Or there’ll be a day when you’ll start falling for akshara or anandi and that my dear friend, is the time, when you should stop waiting for the doomsday!

16 thoughts on “The Saas Bahu Saga of india.

  1. Nice one buddy but you left some key points or better say USP of these serials like bringing focus from different angles or repetition of slap sequences or people sleeping with their party wear outfits… if you would have added these also then it would have been more awesome !!!!

  2. Agree with Shubam Khandelwal……nice observations..Even I m waiting for sum characters to die on daily soap. i liked it .

  3. Now thats what i call the great INDIAN television where everything is possible.The custom of 3 camera angles of the same expression seems like the TV has got erratic visuals. At times i even wonder do they ever pee? 😛

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