How to identify a Tharki in the crowd!

After a long time, another Co-Authored post. Yes people, the bug is back, with one of my most regular readers, Gargi Trehan as my co-author this time. Have a look at the awesome journey she’s had bearing and I’ve had listening about “Tharkis”!

“Hey wassup? I know that you’re tired of people saying, “hiii there, you are cute, you are pretty, i like your smile, i like your eyes and stuff”…. and i can imagine how irritating it can be when someone out of nowhere jumps up and says “DO you wanna be my friend, or can i be your friend” and you feel like, DO i know you. Hence i would definitely not do the same, neither would i ask you to be my friend. All i shall say is why don’t we start a conversation and let friendship develop on it’s on? Ciao!”

So that’s how they talk! Yes, I am talking about the underrated, poor souls commonly known as “Tharkis”(ठरकी) and the word is also called “Lampat” (लम्पट) and “Despo” or “Desperate”. Yes I wrote it in Hindi because it gives a funny feeling reading that 😛

With my experiences, conversations and meetings with girls, I came to know this very interesting fact, that they constantly face such people in life. No matter how good-looking or how sensible the girl is (Which is rare, no offence), tharki people won’t stop hitting on them.

Now the question is, while every guy, one or the other time hits on some girl, every guy has to propose someone in his life, every person can fall in love, then how to identify the Tharki people in the crowd?
Well feel good because the bug has an answer for you.

Please don’t take the image literally 😛
So here are a few points that we came up with to help you identify a tharki.

  • They are generally of 4 levels.
    Level 1: Sophisticated and shy, but will not leave a chance once he’s frank and spam you with texts. Will hit on you with indirect ways and if by accident you tell him you’re single, one proposal your way. 
    Level 2: Might be ill mannered, talks a lot and will create chances to talk. (They also spam)
    Level 3: good thing, they don’t spam. Bad thing, They call!! They might have any of the qualities mentioned above, but it takes them 3 meetings to start hitting on you officially!
    Level 4: Eve teasing, Desperation, Open statuses, and whatever bigger things you can expect, put it there.
  • Every person can fall in love, but that is actually “Love”. If it’s a feeling of “I should have a girlfriend so let’s propose her”, then it’s a Tharki.
  • Obviously you will someday propose someone, but try that on 3 girls every month, and welcome to the world of Tharkis. (even 3 every year is a sign of the same)
  • Instead of being genuine and loving the girl they know, Tharki people try their luck on every girl. Reason: They need a girl, no choices there!
    Say on Facebook, Tharkis send sort of mugged up love letters in addition to friend request to make it sound good (A letter with which I started was a real one)
  • The Facebook Tharkis have a unique feature,  if accidentally their friend request gets accepted, they will religiously like every status of that gal even if it says “I am gonna die soon” and they will also like every other girl’s comment on the same status.
  • Very rightly said, They follow the tagline “bas naam he kaafi h” In case of hitting like button on gals status.
  • They are hardcore fans of Charlie sheen, though Charlie sheen is a Casanova and not a tharki, deep inside his heart, every tharki thinks of himself as Charlie sheen. Not to forget names like barney Stinson and joey tribbiani follow suit!
  • The best thing about Tharki people is their confidence, I just wish every engineer was this confident while giving his placement interview!
    Statistically proving the confidence, a Tharki, on an average, won’t take more than 3.7 minutes to ask for a girl’s phone number in the first chat!

So I guess there were a lot of things to let you know about them, some quick points to test the person on a “Tharki” scale.

  • Make a fake profile with a girl’s name and send him the friend request. If accepted without question, “Tharki”, moreover, if the DP was of some celeb, “MAHATHARKI”
  •  Ask the guy to close his eyes and take the first name (of a girl) that comes to his mind. A waiting time of more than 10 seconds, “Tharki”. A minute, “MAHATHARKI”
    (because there is a whole slideshow running in his mind, the best thing, none of those girls actually is going to be with him!) 
  •  Chat with him with someone else’s number, use a girl’s name and start getting personal. If he takes interest in return, without asking much about you, “Tharki”
  •  For girls: Give him your phone number, “9876543210”. If he tries calling, “Tharki”, if he knows the trick, he’s been a victim, “MAHATHARKI” and if he realizes it in a while, consider it normal and run other tests.

In the end, here is a Gyan Tip:

Remember, every guy in the world is born with a quality, a factor of attraction towards the opposite gender. Now when he feels it’s scarcity around, a fear of remaining single, a doubt on his qualities, all other friends getting committed, and above all, if he’s an engineer, Chances are that he’ll either become a Tharki or a Writer. (Hence
I finish any chances of you calling me the former).

So that’s it, for now, I hope I could impart you some knowledge and make you find out the differences between a genuine guy, a confused guy, a casanova and a Tharki. Once again I thank my Co-Author Gargi Trehan, a talented writer, an awesome guitarist and an intelligent commerce student. She gave me the real time experiences she had with the Tharki class people, which were instrumental in the post. You might want to read her blog GuitarGuruji as well.

PS: i know you want to ask, “Can’t girls be Tharki?” Obviously they can be, we’ll talk about that later 😉

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75 thoughts on “How to identify a Tharki in the crowd!

  1. awesome and damn humorous …..hel! it reminds me of some bad experiences happnd with me arrgghh anyways u turn them into humor indeed hahaha grt….. 🙂

  2. I never knew that my actual experiences with the THARKI’s can make such a personified blog post!!
    the letter in the starting is a cherry on the cake…:D
    Shubham this is not the end its the beginning of as you said “Can girls be tharki’s??” :P:

  3. faB……. (” if the DP was of some celeb, “MAHATHARKI”) . ..LAMPAT…:O lmao!
    GAZAB H boss!;)
    if u want to know about THARKi girls il ll help u wid dat..lolz!

  4. i dnt knw who to trust. @.@

    nice one…but dese tests dnt wrk 😛 (sadly exp.)

    fun to read it was.!! 😀 ….oye der is one more range of tharki! 😛 textng u 😛

    p.s- u fit into d qualities..!! feel lucky to b spared!! 😛 😀

    1. Trust no one but yourself 😛
      tests do work, 100 %, if they failed, they weren’t executed properly 😛
      And thanks, i didn’t get any text 😛
      I feel lucky, i dont match a single one even if i weren’t a writer 😛

  5. tukdo mein idhar udhar se pta chalta rehta tha but ek hi jagah sab kuch hehehe completely hillarious !!! btw tharki bande ho gaya, bandiyan ho jaayega but don’t forget about tharki prof. that too should be accounted lolzzzz

  6. haan MNIT ki kahani toh I know but you know to make world aware of this great species of tharki prof. you have to make an effort like this one 😛

  7. It’s either Charlie Harper with Barney Stinson and Joey Tribbiani, or Charlie Sheen with Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Le Blanc. I guess you’d go with the former.

    1. Charlie sheen has been a Casanova in his real life as well, whereas matt le blanc was famous for being shy off screen and neil patrick harris is gay. Though i agree, former is better 🙂

    1. Sorry if i’ve not been able to come up to your expectations, the thing with this article was it came out directly from a girl’s heart and then structured by me. So i take the blame. 🙂
      Though i’d say this wasn’t a very general opinion.

  8. True, this is some real talk, and while reading i got confused on is it really true to call a person tharki in the first meeting like if he never talks just because he is afraid of being called a tharki, then how is he ever going to call for friendship , love i can’t say it never happens at first site as at first site it’s always lust.
    Due because of human nature we always tend to understand the prospective later about the person. so love might happen but not in all the cases.
    help me clear the doubt i would be motivated 😉

    1. One shall never be afraid of being called a tharki unless, well, he is one!
      The thing is, talk like you do, believe me, if you don’t have these characteristics, you won’t look like a tharki.
      The thing with such people is that every word, every message and every line they speak, the tharkipana comes along. 😛
      agreed with your thoughts on love, if feelings are genuine, expressing them never harms. Even in a rare case they do, who cares, you can clear it out later 😛

      1. Hahaha, sure you are right, i got in this thought as i saw a girl standing near my college bus stop i wanted to talk to her she looked nice, and i will not say it was love but if all went well wohoo it would be great, so i couldn’t talk to her cause i had this same thought somewhere back in my mind about being called a tharki 😛 so i gave it away and she took the bus and went away in the dark regions of matter 😀
        And then i read this article on your blog .. loved it 🙂

  9. o man..!! this is perfect..!! absolutely perfect buddy..!! gargi n shubham u both rock..!!
    n gargi i know a girl who is tharkeee(u know her too but i wont name;);).. just guess n inbox me on fb)

  10. Except it or except it not, there is a “tharki” in every one of us. Be it a girl or a boy. More or less it’s human nature to feel attracted to the opposite sex. People who end up making friends or cliques with those of opposite genders,somehow are able to hide their “tharkipana” in their friendships. There is always a certain level of flirting hidden in nearly all girl-boy friendships as well.

    1. Let me clarify. Attraction != tharki, Flirting != Tharki.. What the article says is precisely that. If we go to the technical meaning of the word, it’s kind of fine to be that. But going on the meaning the world sees, u have the article.

  11. Hi. This is a good post and well written but i m confused after reading it. i guess i don’t agree with u completely about the characteristic features u have mentioned. what if a guy likes a girl’s posts on FB coz he actually likes her or have a crush on her. whats the problem if the guy talks a lot but doesn’t misbehave or spam but creates chance to talk to the girl he actually likes. what about flirting being healthy as long as u don’t harm anyone wala concept? i personally feel this post of urs is little biased and sort of one sided story

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